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8-2 Trip Report

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  • 8-2 Trip Report

    Just the Wife and I this trip so
    Arrived around noon Thursday 8-2 at Encore. Checked in, dropped our stuff in the room and hit Liquid. Shout out to Darren Berg
    (330-221-8327) for the nice bed hook up with reasonable spend. Played a few games then saw Absinthe, which was great. Super raunchy, just the way I like it.

    Friday was Tao Beach which was packed with good music. Thanks to Craig DiPetro for the bed connect there. Man it was fuckin hot but worth it. Dinner somewhere then changed for Jewl and Lil John. Another thanks to Darren for getting us a good table with a 1 bottle min. Show was good and the wife liked having a place to crash.

    Saturday was supposed to be EBC for Major Lazer but after the Friday of consuming almost 2 bottles we looked at each other then went back to bed. Night was Galantis at XS which was a super show. We could not stomach excessive alcohol but would be casual drinking so no point in a table or spending a ridiculous amount on tickets when you have the resources. Super thanks to Chris Traer and Bryan (chris@nightclubbandit.com, 702-510-5286) Bryan (301-602-9993) for the walk in. The lines were long. Some of you may know these guys as they were hosts who ventured out to start their own host company. They are great at their job and if you're looking for some help, get with them, you won't be sorry!

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