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    Originally posted by tomm0 View Post
    This trip report makes me emabaressed to be English.
    Every single mistake made under the sun. Dear me.
    Type that again without crying and spell better.


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      Originally posted by Monty_carlos View Post
      Mate, first off thanks for putting your experience into words. I’ve thought about writing reports but honestly just can’t be arsed.

      Secondly, fair play to you for going back to Vegas after your first experience panning out like that. I guess each to their own and different people head to Vegas for different reasons but you didn’t even get to a nightclub?!?!

      Every year I go it tops the previous year and you learn something different. This newly acquired knowledge usually consists of things that you will definitely not do again and things you definitely will do again but better! I’m heading out in June and cannot f**cking wait!!!
      To be honest mate we prefer going out in the day even back home, canít stand the crowd and Iíd rather eat glass than listen to edm music all night. So like you said each to their own and it was a learning curve but why WOULDNT I go back? Fell in love with the place


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        Glad to hear that. As what everyone hopes what their Vegas experience will be differs I was just implying that my idea of doing Vegas is somewhat different. For instance I donít think Iíve ever placed a bet in a casino as yet!!!

        All the best with the upcoming trip


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          Interesting trip reports and something different! I'm doing 6 nights and indirect flights from London, will try and shake the jet lag off early on, if not I could be in trouble further down the line haha! I do some gambling when I'm out there but mainly into the clubs, each to their own if you don't like EDM etc but think all the day parties and nights we've planned will be those ones! Only 2 months until I go myself and pretty excited!


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            The ďlearning curveĒ trips are always interesting! They could be good or bad, but so much knowledge is gained


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              Great read!
              I've found that I need to start the trip off in the best shape possible because I know what I'm in for. I almost never drink in the airport or on the plane...

              I know my whole trip is going to be packed with dayclub, nightclub, dayclub, nightclub etc so its eat, party, sleep, repeat
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