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  • Birthday / Columbus Day Weekend 2017

    Since vtp10 wrote his TR on Columbus Day Weekend, I figured I would write a TR with my POV even though vtp10 pretty much summed up the trip haha. Going to have to dig deep in the memory bank for this one since I've actually been to Vegas for a weekend once a month since this weekend... I know, I clearly have a problem lol.

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    Day 1 (Thursday)

    After a 5 hour flight cross country, I finally arrive at LAS. Since I was staying at Aria Sky Suites this weekend, Aria sent a complimentary limo to pick me up at the airport to bring me to Aria. As I was being driven to Aria, we passed Mandalay Bay on the highway. The feeling was a bit somber since it was only days after the shooting. Some of my friends asked me if I was still going to go with everything that had happened, but I have the... life goes on mentality, so I was still going to party with my friends. We finally pull up into the Sky Suites entrance and an Aria check-in member walks me into the lobby to check me in. Since it was my birthday weekend, I decided to book the 2 Bedroom Penthouse at Aria. My close friend who happens to live in Vegas said he would just stay in the 2nd bedroom all weekend so that he wouldn't have to worry about getting home drunk at night haha.
    I grabbed my stuff and made my way to the room. This was the first time ever staying in the 2BR PH at the Sky Suites and boy was it worth it. I want to say the suite is close to 2000 square feet. There was a dining area, living room, bar area, powder room, and two bedrooms/bathrooms. We had planned to use the place to host after parties throughout the weekend. It was only 3pm when I checked in and my friend was still at work, so I decided to hit the gym and get a workout in because I knew by the end of the weekend, there was no way I would be hitting the gym. After my workout, my friend finally made it to Aria and I bumped into him in the elevator bank of the Sky Suite with the bellhop. My friend had stopped by a liquor shop and purchased some alcohol for the weekend. The nice thing about our suite was it had a mini refrigerator to store drinks. So we were able to store water, mixers, and alcohol in there.

    We had plans to go to Morimoto at MGM with some girls for dinner and then hit up Hakkasan afterwards. I think every single time I have been at Morimoto, I have only ordered the omakase with the entire table. The courses haven't changed at all. It's still a solid omakase though. Once we finished dinner, we made our way to HK to meet up with **** and my HK host. There was some host drama earlier in the day because one of my other hosts at another HK Group club wanted to lock-in my table at HK that night, and when I told him I was using my HK host, he wasn't too thrilled. Honestly, I could careless since it doesn't save me a dollar either way haha. We head into the elevator, get up to the club floor and make our way through the hallway into the main area. I had locked in Stage Table 2 that night, which is right next to the DJ booth. (The DJ actually has to walk through Stage Table 2 to get into the booth. It was Lil Jon playing that night, and I wasn't too sure how the night would go, but that guy is fun.) As we walk towards the Stage Table, I saw the main screen above display the sign "Hakkasan kicks off ______'s Birthday Weekend #Goodbye Liver." Then along the back wall behind the Stage Tables and DJ booth was a sports ticker that read, "29 and Fine Like Wine." Finally, we made our way to our table and there were girls with light sticks and drummers welcoming us. Not going to lie, one of the best walk-in presentations I've been greeted with.

    Once we were all settled. I ordered a magnum of goose, magnum of 1942, and magnum of Dom. I ended up telling our waitress to do a bottle presentation for my close friend. They ended up bringing out name cards, drummers, and our waitress dressed up in the TED bear costume. The night starts to get hazy since we start drinking and some guys I knew stopped by the table to wish me Happy Birthday, so we would all do shots. Next thing I know, my friend orders two magnums of Dom and had a bottle presentation for one of the girls. They brought out the name cards with the flares on the magnums. I was pretty drunk at this point, and I asked my HK host if we could spray champagne. He told me he already had it covered. He had arranged for us to spray champagne with Lil Jon during his set. I ordered 10 bottles of Veuve Cliquot (No more Dom sprays... we have evolved since July haha) Eventually the security guard tells us to move to the ledge in front of the DJ booth and we all start spraying the crowd. Lil Jon then gives me his bottle to finish spraying whatever was left.

    Vtp10 had made his way there and he joined us on the drinking. I remember a bunch of HK hosts stopping by to say hi here and there, but by this point, I was close to blackout. What's nice about the Stage Table is that they are huge and offer a bit of privacy from the main dance floor. The dancing by our friends probably would not have been allowed in most if not all the clubs in Vegas lol. All of a sudden, they roll out a huge replica bottle of Dom. It had to have been 4 feet high. My friend shouts over to me and said, "I told them to give you the biggest bottle they got." He only ordered a 3L of Dom for that presentation. By this point, everyone at the table was beyond drunk. I don't remember a single thing after this moment other than leaving. It had to have been close to 4am, so we took off to head back to Aria. I had my host call for a limo to bring us back, so we made our way through the HK Valet door entry from the casino and out the building.

    Once we get back to Aria, I realized vtp10 and a few other straddlers had come along with us. We all ended up just hanging out in the bathroom. There's a lot of space in the bathroom of the suite, don't you worry guys lol. Vtp10 had a hickey on his neck, so my friend took her chapstick and smeared it since she said it would help reduce the appearance. Eventually the straddlers all leave and we call it a night.


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      Stage table at Hakk is the BEST! I usually do Stage Table 3! I like the idea of the welcoming party drummers etc...


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        Long time luker, made an account to tell you that your trip reports are everything I dream. For Vegas trips to be. Keep living my friend. Cant wait to hear more


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          Day 2 (Friday)
          Apparently, around 6am-7am the night before, we had drunk Facetimed two of my friends. One from SF and my good girl friend from NYC. We ended up booking flights for them to head to Vegas for the next day hahaha.

          So I wake up pretty hungover. Omg it's only the second day here haha. My friend and his lady friend wake up and we hangout in the living room area recapping the night before. We all feel like shit. My friend had to head to work so he showered and took off. His lady friend and I decided to get some lunch downstairs at JP Patisserie. After a quick bite, she took off to go grab some clothes since she said she would stay the weekend in our suite. Since I was somewhat functioning, I decided to go to the gym. Low and behold, there was vtp10 doing some cardio there. We talked about the night before and I told him when to meet later at XS. I get through my workout pretty efficiently and head back to the suite to shower and do some work on my laptop.

          My friend eventually arrives back from work around 6pm, and then my friend from back at home gets there shortly after. We ended taking a nap and then getting dinner at Bar Masa. Didn't really want to leave the Aria Resort and also wanted to eat relatively healthy, so sushi it was. After dinner, we head upstairs to change and head over to Encore for XS. DJ Snake was playing that night, and while I had never seen him play before... I know all his hits, so worked for me.

          We meet up with the group, ****, and my XS host outside by Jardin. Then we walk in through the main doors, up the stairs and a slight left... They had formed a Guard of Honor... Which is basically girls on opposite sides leading a trail to our table (Table 570). The girls had fatheads of me and my two friends, light sticks, and confetti poppers. At the table, there were more fatheads, and a girl was waving the XS flag. Oh yeah... we had requested a walk-in song ahead of time, so the DJ switched it over to Run This Town by Jay-Z, Kanye, and Rihanna. It felt like the Cleveland Cavs championship walk-in from a few years ago, not going to lie. Our cocktail waitress was one of my friends. She had ordered a birthday cake for me with my face on it. What a nice surprise! She also got one of her friends to make an official XS Snapchat Geo filter for that night. Pretty awesome.

          We started with the standard magnum of goose, magnum of 1942, and for old times sake... $1k in water and $1k in red bull. The water and red bull basically filled up 3 huge wells. So my friend from back at home, she is amazing at pulling girls off the dance floor who are fun and like to dance. We usually just let her roam around for a few minutes, and she comes back hand in hand with girls who like to get down. While our table was packed, I noticed anytime an attractive asian girl would walk down the main stairs, some promoter would grab her and her friends and bring them to our table.

          My good friend decides to order the Double Down package. This package comes with 20 bottles of Dom assembled in a ladder that's carried out by 3-4 guys. It also comes with two bottles of goose and two bottles of 1942 as well. The bottle presentation for this was insane though. Our waitress comes out in a very sexy firefighter dress on top of someone's shoulders, while the Dom ladder followed behind her and name cards displaying my name. Somehow we ran through 13 of the 20 bottles of Dom that night. I ended up asking my XS host if they could just store 7 bottles for us for EBC on Sunday. He said no problem.

          Let's just say DJ Snake absolutely sucks live. The dance floor cleared out by 2am.

          Eventually me and my two friends decided to head back to Aria since XS was kind of dead by then. To this day, we actually have no clue how we made it back to Aria. There was no Uber receipt on anyones phone, nor a charge for a cab. And never had we ever been taken home in a limo from XS lol.


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            You my friend are a legend! I would love to party with you. Are you by any chance going to be in Vegas May 5th weekend?


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              Unreal report, nicely done
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                Day 3 (Saturday)

                We all wake up absolutely hungover. My close friend had to head to work for a few hours, so I took my two other friends to Herringbone weekend brunch buffet. This might be the highest quality brunch buffet in Vegas. Screw Bacchanal and Wicked Spoon. Honestly all I remember was eating the tuna poke and some ceviche. After devouring a few plates of food, my one friend went down to the pool to relax and my other friend had to head back to her house to run some quick errands.

                I decided to nap in my room while waiting for my SF friend and his buddy to fly in. Eventually my close friend gets back from work and we hit up Julian Serrano for some tapas since we had a late dinner reservation at Nobu in Caesars. Paella...... thatís really all that needs to be said there haha. Shortly after, my other friend comes back with some detox shots. Might singehandedly been the most disgusting 3 shots I have ever taken in my life haha.

                Shortly after, my SF friend and his buddy arrive at Aria, check-in to their rooms and we make our way to Caesars. So my stomach wasnít feeling too well after the shots, and I ended up having the shits. TMI? I tried to recover ASAP. Took Tums and then Imodium. Then every 20 mins or so at Nobu, I would go to the bathroom. There was no way I was going to miss Omnia tonight! Thank God my stomach settled when we started to make the short walk to Omnia.

                We make our way to the Table rope and my Omnia host queues us in the security line. Once we all cleared, he told us to stand right there. They stopped letting people in through the Table door entrance and closed the doors shut. Then the doors open up and there were two drummers greeting us. We all make the walk towards DF14. Once passed the hallway and into the main room, we look up and see a photo of my face being projected on three screens over the dance floor. When we arrived to the table, there were more drummers waiting for us, girls holding cards with my name...

                So I started with the customary, magnum of goose, magnum of 1942, and some Red Bull and vodka. Whatís hilarious... they actually brought out the magnum of goose before even asking for my card. It was a no min table for us that night, so they just took out their EMV device for each other and charged our cards every round. Pain in the ass for them, but I like it better than an open tab lol. I looked at my host and asked him if that magnum was a comp bottle? He told me no, they just brought it out to get the drinks going and he knew that we were good for the money haha.

                Our table that night was PACKED. My group had about 8-10 guys and girls, but they had to have brought over 15-20 girls. Girls were standing wherever there was space. My close friend orders a 3L bottle of PJ and they end up carrying it out along with fatheads of me and two of my friends. The flare attached to the nose of the bottle has to have lasted a good minute.

                Eventually things get a bit wild and things get a bit hazy here, so thank God for vtp10ís TR. I recall taking my CC out to order more magnums of goose. My CC statement seems to agree as well lol. Then my SF friend orders a 3L of Dom to be dropped from the ceiling. Out comes cocktail waitresses with the TED bear hats and panda masks, drummers, and dropped down from the ceiling was an acrobat holding the 3L bottle. A few of us grabbed the hats and put it on ourselves.

                Shortly after, I guess I ordered 10 bottles of PJ to spray. Sooo I guess my group has developed a reputation at Omnia for doing this (my SF friend also did it back in August when he was there). One of the hosts grabbed some of the girls he brought to my table and told them heíll take them to another table because we were about to spray champagne. We sprayed the dance floor. Kind of stinks no one took a video of it.

                Eventually we order a 3L bottle of PJ to be dropped from the ceiling again. Hahaha so my SF friend being a strong ass kid. Since he had blacked out sometime before entering Omnia... he actually grabbed an empty 3L bottle and tried to throw it onto the dance floor. The moment we saw this about to happen, my host, security guard and two other guys jumped in to grab his arm and bottle. Yeah... a bit wreckless, not going to lie.

                It had to have been close to 3 or 4am and I was dead tired, so I gathered a few friends to head back to Aria. These two girls my friend had been dancing wanted to come back with us, but my friend had his girl coming to meet us at Aria once she got off work. So while walking through the casino to get to the valet area, my friend makes a quick 50 yard sprint haha. Our security guard starts to chase after him, but I told him I would get my friend and for him to look after the girls. Eventually I catch up to my friend, and he told me he was trying to get away from those two girls. So Iím not entirely sure what happened, but those two girls did not end up in our limo heading back to Aria. I have a feeling we told our security guard that they were not allowed in the limo with us lol.

                We all get back to Aria and hangout a bit as an after party. All I know is I ended up in my room passed out at some point...


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                  Wow! Just wow!!!


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                    You are indeed the king of Vegas bottle service, sir. You made me get my hopes up when you came into our Super Bowl Weekend groupme chat. You need to come on out the weekend immediately following the 4th of July, and join us.
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                      I'll try and finish up this TR in the next few days. Actually went to Vegas this past weekend for Omnia's 3 year anniversary. Can probably make a TR out of that one as well lol.


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                        Oh for pete's sake.
                        Previous Vegas Trips:
                        MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
                        4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
                        International Fight Week 2015 (Vdara)


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                          Crazy TR so far. You sir are a legend. Would love to hear about the recent trip.


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                            Sunday (Day 4) - Daytime

                            I wake up and feel like absolute shit. 3 straight nights of partying finally hit me. There was only one more day left of partying, so I was determined to pull myself through. As I turn to my side, one of the girls from the night before was laying in bed with me. I don't think anything happened, but I don't remember much after making it back to Aria, so who knows? We decided to head down to Bardot to grab some brunch and talk to get to know one another. Since we were heading to EBC today, and the girl didn't have a bathing suit, we did some shopping at Aria. Luckily she found something haha.

                            When we get back to the room, my close friend was up, and my SF friend and my NYC friend somehow ended up in our room. The two of them actually came back from some house party that was going on in the morning lol. Finally, my two friends from Australia flew in and made their way over to Aria from Cosmo. We all changed and headed over to EBC.

                            We probably didn't arrive at EBC until 1pm or so. Late start to the day, but my EBC host said it was a bit dead early on, so not a problem. After getting my daily colonoscopy done by EBC security at check-in, we were greeted by 2 EBC girls with umbrellas. They lead the way to escort us to Bungalow 3. We had requested "Niggas in Paris" to be our walk-in song. The lyrics actually resemble mine, my close friend, and my SF friend's life haha. We make our way through the gaming pavilion and over to Bungalow 3. Waiting for us was every EBC girl standing there with my name on cards, fatheads, and girls standing on the lifeguard bottle presentation ladder and jack-in-the-box presentation box. Probably the best walk-in at EBC I have ever seen.
                            My EBC host had also set up a beer pong table inside the bungalow, and a ping pong table next to where the daybed is located. We started off with a magnum of goose and magnum of 1942. They brought out our 7 bottles of Dom from XS on Friday night and stored it in an ice bath shaped as a golden tub. Eventually my SF friend and I play 1942 shot pong with two other EBC/XS hosts we know. It ended up going down to the last cup for both sides, which we won, but all 4 of us were pretty fucked up. Next thing I know, my SF friend throws a chair into the bungalow pool and tells me to help him throw the daybed mattress in. We get about 1/4 of it in the pool until security stops us.

                            Once we're all pretty fucked up, our waitress tries to upsell us and of course it works. We end up ordering a 6L bottle of Dom. They came out in the helicopter holding the 6L bottle, and behind it was the firetruck with girls holding champagne bottles to spray. So in my intoxicated own little world, I actually decided to climb on top the helicopter. Pretty sure they were going to throw me out, but thank God they didn't. I kind of just sat on the top and waved at everyone. Shortly after this spectacle, my SF friend takes the 6L bottle and starts to shake it to spray on people in the bungalow. Funny thing is, when there is 6L worth of champagne in a bottle, it's actually a lot. So there was still 2/3 of champagne left after he sprayed.

                            So somehow, my SF friend takes the elevator up to the 2nd floor bungalows and tries to jump off the railing into the bungalow pool on the 1st floor. Security and the guys in the XS upper bungalow had to hold him down haha. Crazy right?! This isn't the first time he's attempted this lol.

                            The Chainsmokers were playing that day, but I've seen them a few times already this past year, so I didn't really care for them. We all kind of had our own party and did our own thing. Eventually we leave and head back to Aria to rest up for dinner and then Hakkasan for our final night...


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                              Sunday (Day 4) - Nighttime

                              After a solid nap, I wake up still drunk. I seriously have no clue how I would be able to make it to HK a few hours later. Since we were having dinner with some girls we knew, I had to get dressed, which was an absolute struggle. We head downstairs to Javier's and meet up with the girls. My head was absolutely hurting, so I ordered whatever I could make out on the menu since most of it was in Spanish... I think. Ended up with the chicken mole enchiladas. Solid from what I recall.
                              We make our way back to the Sky Suites lobby entrance to take our limo to HK. The ride there was hilarious. My SF boy was definitely still drunk and possibly had some other stuff in him. So he blasted music and started singing along. It was a quality 15 mins of entertainment on our way to MGM. We pull up at the HK VIP Valet entrance. My HK host along with a few security guards meet us outside. They walk us in, up the elevator to the casino level, and we make our way into HK. Once we cleared security and took the HK elevator up to the main room and through the hallway. We saw a photo of me, my close friend, and SF friend. We had to make the walk to Stage Table 2 once again. From a distance, I could see my name and my SF friend's name on name cards with light sticks. Since there wasn't enough space on the couch in the Stage table area, they actually had my close friend's name on cards but facing inwards from the railing. The best part though... the DJ did a shoutout for a good minute. "_____, _____, ____ are in the fucking house now. It's time to start the fucking party." When we finally arrived to the table, turns out my HK host had EVERY single waitress there that night at our table for the walk-in presentation to hold up our name cards. Probably THE best walk-in I have ever had.

                              We started with the customary magnum of goose, magnum of 1942, and magnum of Dom. Eventually everyone starts pounding drinks. Next thing I know, my close friend orders two magnums of Ace of Spades. They had 5 inflatable dinosaurs attack our table with the two magnums for our bottle presentation. Absolutely hilarious. Shortly after, my two Australian friends arrive and they ordered two magnums of Dom. The bottles came out in a multicolored globe.

                              Since the stage table has a long walk to the bathrooms, security escorts you through the kitchen where all the bottles are stored. As I made my way back from the bathroom through the kitchen, I saw my waitress and told her I wanted to order $1k in water. And told her I wanted a presentation with it. So she takes me by the hand to the costume closet. I ended up picking the polar bear outfit and dressed up. We came marching in with name cards spelling out H2O, water in buckets, and me dancing my drunken ass off. Eventually my SF friend takes my bear's head off and notices it was me. The smiles and laughs on everyone's faces was priceless.

                              They gave us some black garbage bags to take some of the water bottles with us. Then we somehow make our way back to Aria and pass out...