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  • Columbus Day Weekend Solo Trip


    So I figured I should write a TR for this trip, as it was definitely a Top 3 experience, which also happens to include my trip the month prior, which was my first solo experience. Since the trip in Oct, I’ve been to Vegas 3 times, but those TR’s will have to wait. I met adn232 on the JC forums a few months prior to this trip, and was going down for his birthday weekend.

    Also, this trip occurred a few days after the shooting at Mandalay Bay. There were a lot of mixed emotions about going so soon afterwards, but eventually I decided that it wasn’t going to stop me from going back to my second home.

    Wed Day/Night

    I decided to put in a full day’s worth of work on Wed, and left from work around 3pm to catch my flight to Vegas. Unfortunately I wasn’t flying out of JFK, and as much as I hate United, I guess I could live with it since I was flying first class out of Newark. I pretty much did no work all day, in anticipation, and excitement for the upcoming weekend, lol. I get a text from my driver around 2:45 that he’s here waiting to pick me up. Go out with my stuff, and head out in the Escalade to the airport. Get to the airport fairly quick around this time in the afternoon. This was my first try with TSA Pre-check, as I just got approved. Let me tell you guys, this thing is great. I fly at least 4-5x a month for work, and waiting in TSA lines simply sucks. Pre-check was totally worth it, and the amount of time it took to get from the front door/check-in to past the gate was < 5 minutes.

    Had about two hours to kill, so I decided to check out this pretty cool burger place that had a huge fire pit in the center. Newark airport terminal C has undergone some significant renovations, and is now in par with some of the best airports in the country. Get a turkey burger, and take down a couple beers in the time I had to kill. Get on board the plane when the time comes, and sit down in the first row. For some reason we were stuck on the tarmac for about an hour, but the flight attendant kept the drinks, and peanuts coming so that helped. I didn’t have anyone to talk to, as the seat next to mine was empty, so I got drunk on wine and passed out for the entire flight listening to my Vegas playlist.

    Land in Vegas a little before 9, and head out to grab my luggage. Meet my driver, grab my stuff and head out. Get into the stretch limo, and get the comp bottle of champagne. Also, I told the driver I wanted to do a drive up and down the strip, while stopping by the Vegas sign. Driving past Mandalay Bay area was pretty emotional. I end up downing the entire bottle of champagne, and tell my driver to get to the hotel. Arrive at Mandarin Oriental, and get greeted by the doormen. These guys know me well now, and were anticipating my arrival.

    Head up to get checked in, get to my room and get settled in for a few minutes. Go down then and walk around City Center area for a bit, and decide to hit a strip club. Call the driver at Palomino, and limo arrives within 10min at MO. Get in the party bus, and head over to Palomino. Got comped entry, and two free drinks. Tip the driver, and head in. I wasn’t really in the mood to get a dance or anything, just wanted to relax, plus I was already pretty drunk. Things get to a blur after some time here, but I somehow end up making it back to MO later in the night.

    Things get pretty exciting the next day, as the partying begins!!
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    Adn232's birthday weekend? Jeez, this should be crazy.
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      So here it goes. There is a good amount of time over the next few days where I can’t recall much due to the insane level on intoxication my body was in. I’ll try my best to include whatever I can remember, or heard from others.

      Thurs. Day/Night

      I wake up still feeling drunk from the strip club a few hours back around 6am. I am still working the entire day, but things are running on east coast time, 3hrs ahead lol. Head down to the gym at MO, which had just re-opened from some renovations, and while small, is still a nice “boutique” gym. Run through my routine while taking a few meetings from my wireless headphones, and laptop. Yeah, don’t judge me, I brought my laptop to the gym.

      After getting in a good workout, I head down to Mozen Bistro for my customary breakfast the morning after heavy drinking, huevos rancheros. I don’t know what it is about those over easy eggs, or rice/beans, but it sobers me up real quick, and pretty much eradicates any chance of a hangover. Go back up to the pool area and work till around 2pm. I think around noon-1pm, I had the waitress bring over the concierge, and he ran over to Aria to get me a cold-pressed juice from that place across Starbucks, and a crepe from JP.

      Head back up to my room around 3pm to finish up some last minute work items. I probably worked more on this trip, then I do on a normal day, lol. I decide to hit up a spa, and choose Aria. I don’t mind MO’s spa, it’s actually one of my top 2, however I wanted to relax in the outdoor area at Aria with the Jacuzzi. Head over to the spa, do the water circuits for a couple hours, and text adn232 while sitting outside by the Jacuzzi. He had just flown in, and was working out at the gym at Aria. I got ready, and headed out around 7pm, as I had yet to take another call for work. Head over to Mandarin Bar to take my call, and begin drinking as well. Finish that up, and finally get the night open. Get food over at Javier’s, usual margaritas, chips/salsa, and tacos. Walk around a bit, and get ready for the DF table I had setup at Tao.

      So adn232 had plans that night at HK for a stage table, but as much as I wanted to go, I had to have my ritual at Tao on a Thursday night, lol. I’ve had a lot of good memories/experiences there in the past, and their party on Thurs. nights can’t be beat, imo. Had a DF table setup with my host, no min, walk in with some girls my host managed to pull together, and take down a few drinks. At this point, I’m texting back and forth with adn232, and I’ve been at Tao for about 2 hours now. He wasn’t gonna walk into HK until past midnight, so I stayed at Tao until the bottles were finished, closed the tab, and head over to HK.

      Grab a taxi outside the V/P, let me just say, those valet guys need to step up their game. I was standing outside for about 10min., no valet came up to me once, and I ended up walking to a taxi I saw couple hundred feet away. I reach the taxi and the valet comes running behind me. He’s like I could’ve called one for you. I basically gave it to him, and he turned so red, speechless. Get in the taxi, and head over to MGM.

      Text a host at HK to get walked to the table. Wait a few mins, host comes, and he’s like “you ready for this”, I’m like “yeah, of course”. Little did I know what to expect, lol. We take the elevator up, go through some hallways, crevices, and a back pathway through the kitchen/backroom area where they store all the bottles, and the waitresses/busboys get their stuff together. We get to the stage table, and there’s adn232 standing up right on the stage with Lil Jon spraying the crowd with champagne. There was champagne, and girls everywhere. Everyone within soaking range was getting sprayed on, lol.

      Talk to few guys in the group, get a drink from the waitress, and I spot this pretty good-looking girl. Head up to her, start talking, and next thing you know she’s grabbing my crotch and begins grinding on me. This goes on for some time, everyone at the table is super intoxicated. A 3L bottle of Dom comes in some crazy egg/spaceship looking thing. Take a few shots, drink champagne, and go back to getting it on with this girl. Eventually, she starts kissing my neck. I feel her biting on, and I immediately realize what’s happening. She then moves on to the other side, and does the same thing. I was marked, lol. I let it keep going on though cause I was super drunk by this point, and it felt pretty good. She eventually leaves, but gives me her number.

      Take 1-2 more drinks, then head out with everyone to the party bus back to Aria. Get to Aria, have one of adn232’s friends help me out with the “scars” I had on my neck, haha. I was actually getting a little paranoid as I sobered up; I didn’t want anyone at work to see the outcome of this weekend, lol. I get ready to leave, and our host friend ends up making me sprint back to MO with him, lol. This sobered things up real quick. All in all, fun night, and best part is that I still remember most of it.

      Now the next day at XS, is a completely different story.
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        vtp10 - I've been a fan of your trip reports for a while. You Sir, do Vegas like I do Vegas in my dreams. Well played brother.
        "Alcohol is the cause and solution to many of life's problems" Homer Simpson

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          This is insane so far.
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            Fri. Day/Night

            I wake up the next morning around 8-9, actually feeling pretty refreshed, and not hungover for the first time, lol. I go in the bathroom, and first thing I notice as I turn the lights on are the two scars left on both sides of my neck. Fuck. I get ready, and head out to Sephora in the mall across the street to get something to cover it up. When I get there, the girl working their acts as if this wasnít even her first time seeing it. Sheís goes, ďoh yeah, this is pretty commonÖ. the sign of having an excellent nightĒ. Pickup a few things she recommended, and tried on me, and head out. I ended up not using it at all though, because the amount she applied on my neck to try out wouldnít wash away for the next day, idk what it was.

            Stop by Walgreens on the way back, grab some water, and Pedialyte. Heard some good things about it, and I wasnít really hungover or anything, but wanted to be 100% for XS later at night. I wasnít supposed to work today, but duty called, and I had to hop on a few calls until around 2-3pm. Hung out at the Mandarin pool/cafe area while I did this, and grabbed some food from the cafe for lunch. Headed back up to my room after, and got some things together that I had to mail out at the business center for work. Took care of that, and got ready to go to the gym.

            Went over to Aria, as I wanted to use the spa their again. Texted adn232 that I was there, and he came 10min later at the gym. Talked for a bit about the night before, and went on to doing our workout. Headed up to the spa then, and did my routine, and relaxed a bit on the heated stone chairs. I wish the gym I go to at home had a spa facility like this, I would workout every single day, lol. Left around 6, got back to my room, and got ready for the night.

            I donít recall what I ate exactly for dinner, but I think I stopped by China Poblano for a Tsingtao, my favorite beer, and some tacos. Walk around a bit more, and head over to Bellagio to the Rolex store. Huge fan of watches, and bought a couple timepieces from there in the past. Checked out the new arrivals, grabbed a gelato at the JP in Bellagio, and headed back through Cosmo/Aria, to MO. I think I got a slice of pizza from that pizza place/sports bar at Aria. Wanted to have something in me to soak up the alcohol I was about to consume.

            Got back to my room about 8-8:30, took a nap for about two hours, got ready, had my clothes waiting in the room service/butler box all dry cleaned, and pressed. Went down, got a car to Encore, and arrived around 11. Played blackjack for a bit, won some money, Iíve never left Wynn/Encore with a loss yet, lol. adn232, and his group were coming around 11:30, so I wait around XS area, meet up our host friend, and the host adn232 was using at XS.

            Everyone arrives, we get past security check, and walk in immediately through the front doors of XS. We had the ownerís table for the night, table 570. Walk in, and there are girls with lights, signs, and huge cutouts of adn232ís face, lol. There mightíve been drummers too, I donít recall. We walk to the table, things are still going on around us, and confetti comes down eventually.

            A magnum of Goose, and DJ 1942 arrive with mixers, and red bull. However, the craziest part is when these two enormous buckets filled with Fiji water show up. There mustíve been a couple hundred bottles of Fiji water. Start drinking, taking shots, and dancing. Get pretty drunk over the next hour, which was pretty fast for me. I hadnít eaten much over the day, so I was sure to be in for a rough night. The house/intro DJ XS has going before DJ Snake gets on is pretty good, and turns out to be better then DJ Snake. Eventually, I reach a point of intoxication where things get crazy, but Iím still lucid, at least for now.

            Things change rather quickly when an alarm goes off, the waitress comes dressed in a fireman costume, and behind her are several guys holding up this wooden structure thatís holding 20 bottles of luminous Dom. Yeah thatís right, twenty bottles of Dom. Everyone around us is going crazy even seeing these many bottles of Dom. A few bottles are opened up, take a glass or two, but eventually I was taking it down like water. Took an entire bottle, and began drinking right out of it. Got up on the ledge in front of us, and started dancing with the people below from the DF table.

            I had to go to the bathroom at one point, and I end up leaving the table with the Dom in hand. Had that thing better protected then most QBís in the NFL, haha. On my way there, I run into a host we know at XS, and heís like, ďyou canít be carrying that aroundĒ. I tell him which table Iím with, and he knows adn232, as they worked together in the past, so he offers to take the bottle back to the table, and I go take a piss.

            Come back, re-unite with Dom, and start dancing again. I see this group of girls on the other side of the walkway to the DF at XS. Table 570 is great due to the prime foot traffic thatís around the area. I call the security guard standing by them and ask him to bring them over. He goes over and talks to them. Comes back and tells me that the girlís mom is with them. They were all siblings, and the lady who maybe looked slightly older then the others, was in fact their mother. I still tell him to bring them over, but they smile, and politely decline.

            Eventually, I get to a point of intoxication where I start losing control, and begin to blackout. Last thing I clearly remember is dancing back up on the ledge above the DF table below us with Dom in hand. Now, I eventually get kicked out with another girl from our group for being insanely drunk. Iím standing outside XS, trying to get back in lol. I text someone I know who works at XS, but he texts me back saying heís not working that night. Fuck. I honestly donít remember anything after this point. I still wonder to this day how I got back to MO. I only had a couple bills in my wallet, and when I checked the next day, nothing was missing. Also, I scrubbed through my credit card transactions, and Uber/Lyft app, and found nothing. I donít know how I got back to MO that night, but I woke up next day safe and sound, but near death.

            If you guys think this was insane, tomorrow night at Omnia is simply beyond belief.
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              My goodness.
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                Sat Day/Night

                Iím basically dead after XS. I think I wake up the next morning around 3-4pm, feeling like complete shit, and donít have the energy to do anything really. Check my phone, get up, put on some clothes, and decide that I need to get some fluids in me, and some food. Head over to the mall across the street, stop by Walgreens on the way and grab a Pedialyte. See a Panda Express nearby, and get some food from there. Eat orange chicken, and drink Pedialyte in the mall food court, and head back to MO.

                Decide to hit the spa. Go down to the spa at MO, set things up, and walk in. MOís spa is one of the best spaís in Vegas, and the attention, and service you receive makes things a lot better when youíre hungover, and not really functioning at your peak, lol. The attendant basically followed me around the entire spa, and satisfied every ask. I take a nap in this quiet room they have that overlooks the Vegas strip. Spectacular views throughout the entire spa. Thereís no other spa in Vegas where you can get in the Jacuzzi while overlooking the entire Vegas strip. Do the water circuits for a bit, nap on the heated stone chairs again, and get ready. Itís around 7pm by the time I leave the spa, so Iím feeling a bit hungry.

                Head up, get my clothes sent down for rush dry clean, and pressing service. Encore tower suites free pressing service has me spoiled; I spend whatever it costs anywhere I go now to get my clothes pressed. I didnít want to go to far to get something to eat, as I wanted to get in another quick nap prior to Omnia. I wanted to get some sushi, so head over to Zuma at the Cosmo. Grab a seat at the bar, get some sparkling water, as I wanted to refrain from alcohol, and order a bunch of rolls, appís, soup, and an espresso to cap things off. Walk around a bit at Cosmo, and head back to MO shortly after to nap. Wake up around 10 to get ready. Get ready, and head out. Decided that I wanted to walk from MO to Caesars.

                Walking to Caesars from MO on a Sat night took about 15min, and arrived around 10:30. Got there a bit early, so hit the BJ tables again, and unlike Wynn/Encore, I had absolutely no luck with Caesars. Get a text from adn232 that heís over at Nobu, so head over to meet him/rest of the group. Leave from Nobu around 11:30 to get to Omnia. Armin van Burren was playing that night. Never seen him before, and this was also my first time at Omnia, surprisingly. I attempted to go to Omnia once before with some friends, but we hadnít booked a table, and this was also my first trip to Vegas. We hadnít done pre-sales, and expected to purchase tickets at the door. We all know how that usually works out, especially for a group of guys. Luckily, we ended up getting a good last minute deal on a Tier 2 table at Marquee that night.

                The group gets past security, and they had also stopped letting people into Omnia at this point. They have all the doors closed, and after a few moments, the doors open up only for our group, and there are a few drummers on either side of the walkway in. They escort us in. As we approach the table, there are these huge banners, 2-3 of them, of adn232ís face hanging down from the ceiling at Omnia. Everyone at the club knew who he was at that point. We begin to approach DF table 14, and thereís girls with lights, signs, and more drummers. This goes on for a decent amount of time, and the entire club is pretty much looking at our table for a while.

                Everyone getís settled in, waitress comes around asking what we all want to drink. There was a magnum or two, of Goose, and a magnum of DJ 1942 with water, and red bulls. I refuse to take in alcohol first time around, and chug down a water instead. Next time around though, I get pressured to take alcohol, so ended up caving in, and there goes the night, lol. Spent some time looking around the club as it was my first time, and that freaking chandelier is insane to look at, especially when youíre piss drunk, or in any other state besides being sane, haha. Start taking in drinks, there was a fair amount of people at the table so it was kind of difficult to move around, but made the best of it while enjoying the atmosphere. Eventually, the insanity begins.

                Out of nowhere, a 3L bottle of either PJ or Dom, donít really recall, gets dropped down from the ceiling. Everyone in the club was looking at us yet again. Drink some champagne, dance, drink some more. Thereís this pair of girls dancing right across from our table, so I make an attempt to bring ask them to join us at the table. First attempt fails, so I keep going at it in my drunken state. Eventually, another guy from our group starts trying to get them to join us as well. It was almost like they wanted to get physically picked up, and brought over. I go over and grab the rope that had secluded the DF from our table, lift it up, and usher them to come in. They still refused to come. I could tell that they wanted to come, but couldnít figure what it would take. Also, another 3L bottle of either PJ or Dom ends up getting delivered to us from the ceiling again, and I witness the entire execution of this delicate procedure this time around. adn232's host also ends up bringing out this huge pie of pizza that could easily feed 20+.

                Shortly after, adn232 orders 10 bottles of PJ champagne, for showering the crowd lol. Everyone grabs a bottle, and I took the bottle, shook the hell out of it, and sprayed those girls that I was trying to get back to the table, along with the other guy from our table. They actually loved it, but this security guard, who really seemed like he had something stuck up his ass, and this constipated looking face, came running up to me, and grabbed the bottle out of my hand before it was all finished. Oh well, talk to those girls for a bit, and they eventually end up leaving cause they didnít like having sticky champagne all over them.

                adn232 and some of the group leave shortly after this, and I stay back with a few other guys from our group. Now this is where things start to get very interesting. I am starting to black out, and donít remember anything for about 2-3hrs. However, this changes very quickly, and the night will go on, stay tuned!!
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                  Stay tuned?!?!?!?!?!?!? Of course we will.
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                    Holy crap this is awesome!!!!