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First solo trip 9/8-9/12, table splitting, 5 star service, and insane experienceÖ

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  • First solo trip 9/8-9/12, table splitting, 5 star service, and insane experienceÖ

    So Iíve been to Vegas at least 7 times this year so far. This trip was by far the craziest Iíve experienced, especially since I was travelling solo.

    Preface & Friday

    Thursday rolls around and Iím sitting at work completely stressed out with both work, and personal things, so decide to do Vegas for the weekend to unwind, plus helps since Iíll be traveling to San Fran for work the following week. Also, just got a pretty nice bonus at work, so was ready to have some fun. When I got promoted back in June, the trip I took that following week is probably the most memorable, and quite possibly the most amount of money Iíve spent in a single weekend, but thatís a whole other story, for another TR (possibly).

    So I book my flights, car service, and hotel. Leave work early around 7pm to get home to pack, and get some rest. Wake up around 3am to catch my flight out of NY; have my driver waiting outside with the Escalade. Get to the airport, stop by Admirals Lounge at JFK; recently re-done, and I must say, this is the nicest domestic lounge Iíve been too. Top shelf liquor, self-serve, and sit-down food service. Spend two hours there, since my driver got me to the airport in 40min, while it would usually take over an hour. Board the plane, always go first class for these long haul trips, and turns out Iím sitting next to a guy I used to work with, so had some good company for the fairly long 6hr cross-country trip to Vegas.

    Land in Vegas, and make plans with my old co-worker to get dinner/drinks later somewhere. Go over to baggage claim, and have the Wynn/Encore driver standing there with my name sign. Go over, grab my bags, and get in the car to head over to Encore Tower Suites. I landed in Vegas around 10AM, so I couldnít get my room for a while. Give my bags to bell desk, and walk over to Jardin for Grandmaís Chicken Meatballs, and blood orange mimosa. Feeling really tired, and sick almost at this point since I mustíve slept a total of 20hrs the past week, including the 3hrs the night prior. Head over to CVS across the street to get some medicine, water, and cough drops. Come back to tower suites lobby to check if room is ready around 1:30pm, and still not ready. I was ready to pass out so decided to head over to the spa. Iíve probably been to every single five star spa on the strip, and I personally think the one at the Encore is one of the best. Get a day pass, walk in, and get greeted by the usual guys working there. Relax in the tranquility room; sleep for a bit, then hit the water circuits for a few rounds. At this point I am ready to crash, and it turns out to be 5pm now, so go back to finally get my room keys. Head up to the room, get changed, and pass out for an hour.

    Felt amazing, and ready for HK 2nd tier table splits I had setup with some people from JC. Cleaned up a bit, put some clothes on, and got a car to go to the Mandarin Bar at Mandarin Oriental. Insane views, and best collection of super fine liquors. Get greeted by the usual bartender, and get poured out an insanely strong drink, and food brought out without me even having to place my order. Met up with my old co-worker here, and got a bottle of wine for us to split, along with some sliders, and skewers. Spent a good amount of time catching up, and planning out what we had in store for the weekend. He was going to meet up with some friends for a bachelor party, so we couldnít do much, but it was great to catch up with him.

    After a while, I was craving Javierís over at Aria, so walk over with my friend, and got some drinks at the bar, along with chips/salsa, and tacos to share. Iím pretty full at this point, and exhausted, so decide to go back and nap for a few hrs. before I need to leave to go to HK. Taxi back to Encore, and sleep till 10. Wake up, get ready, and head out to MGM. Text the guys Iím doing splits with, and meetup outside VIP line. Settle splits, and walk in right away, to table 64. Pretty great sightlines, plus added bonus of having the raised platform for dancing above the DF tables. Drinks start getting poured, and I begin dancing on top of the platform with some other guys from the group. This one group I did splits with that night, ended up becoming great friends with them, and did splits all weekend with them; more on that to come.

    Girls start coming to the table, and begin dancing with a few; however Iím really just looking to dance, and have fun tonight, so donít really make an effort to get with anyone in particular. Best thing to do at any nightclub in Vegas, tip your security guy $100 when you get in, and heíll take care of you all night, trust me. My guy walked me to and from the bathroom multiple times, and even brought over girls according to my taste to the table area. Ended up tipping around $200, but totally worth it. Drinks started going down like water at some point, Aoki came on and I went insane for a while. Donít really remember his set too much, but it was a great time. Some how make it back to Encore around 4:30am. Turns out I had taken a limo from MGM to go back to Encore, since I had a receipt from ODS in my pocket, and the security guard texted me the next morning asking if I was all good, and that he had setup the car.

    What a lifesaver!!

    Next day, Saturday Wet DF table & XS Tier 3Ö..

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    Once again proof that a very good tip goes a long way in Vegas.
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      Fuck. I've been tipping these security guys way too much. You're going to be in charge of tipping in October haha.


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        Well this is getting really good. Bring on the rest at your convenience.
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          Saturday Day & Night

          So I wake up the next morning around 10 from HK the night before feeling great that I got some rest, but almost like I was going to die because of the night before. I still wasnít going to bail on the plans I had setup for Wet. So I got ready, and went down to Uber over to MGM. Get to MGM and meet up with some people from the night before, and shortly after, this group from the UK arrives, and we head in line. Get assigned dance floor table 303. We had a pretty hefty min to reach for that day, but we begin by getting some vodka, water, and red bulls. I get a drink from our waitress, and it goes down like fire. I decide to take it easy at this point. Start chugging down Fiji waters for the next few hours. Also, the sun was killing my eyes, and I ended up spending $50 on sunglasses, that probably cost $5 on the strip, oh well.

          Get some platters of food around noon, and begin feeling a little better after eating. Get a drink from the waitress, and begin exploring Wet for a bit. Some guy literally took down a whole bottle of vodka in 5min., and security was in the bathroom with the medic trying to make him throw it up. Insane! Made my way back to the table, and still didnít feel too great, so quit the alcohol, and had the busboy bring over coconut water. I donít know what happened that day, but Iím thinking itís the combination of a lack of sleep, and excessive alcohol consumption from the night before. So I take things easy, as I want to be ready for XS later tonight. Aoki comes on again, and I actually get to enjoy his set this time around, and begin dancing atop the couches by the table, and have a good time with some people around our table. We still had a $500 min left over towards the end, and we get a bottle of Moet. I decide to begin drinking, and take down two glasses. Went down great this time around, and was feeling ready for XS later that night as I made my way over to get a taxi back to Encore.

          Get back to Encore, go up to the room feeling great, and shower, and get ready to go down and get some food. Head over to Andreaís, and get a glass of wine, soup, calamari, and a wagyu steak. Feeling good at this point, so decided to head back up to nap for a few hours to be sure that Iím 100% for XS tonight. So I had my own plans for a back wall table that night, but really wasnít feeling like footing the table myself, or just the location in general, so ended up joining the group from HK the night before at their Tier 3 table. Meet up outside XS with the other group, settle splits, talk about the fun we had the night before, and get walked in immediately by our host. As we walk in, I see girls with lights around the table I think we are getting, and sure enough, thatís for us. End up at table 480, good size, and pretty good foot traffic.

          We order two bottles of vodka, waters, and red bulls, and start taking down drinks. Some of the guys in the other group are still struggling from their day activities, but Iím ready to go all in. I take down probably 4-5 drinks in a half hour, and feel amazing at this point. I start dancing on the back couch at our table, and when I turn around, I literally see at least 10 girls grinding on each other, making out, all trying to get my attention. One girl starts running her hand up my leg, another smacks me in the ass. These girls are pretty good looking also, but this isnít my first rodeo. I know what theyíre after. One girl asks me if she can get up on the ledge behind our table, and I only agree because she was probably the best looking out of all of them. She starts dancing up there, trying to get my attention, but I make sure to not notice, or pay attention too much. Did end up giving her a drink though since she was really hot, and wasnít too pushy.

          So the security guard assigned to our table, first time around I hand him a $20 to walk over to the bathroom. Next time around, he says its not enough, so I give him the usual $100, and weíre all set for the rest of the night. I go in the bathroom, and meet the bathroom attendant in there. He and I have become pretty good friends over time, and he has certainly come in good use in the past. We chat for a bit, but Iím ready to head back to my table at this point. When I get back, I see one of the girls from behind our table sitting smack in the middle, and I turn to our guard and get her thrown out right away. After this incident, I make my way to the dance floor, and meet some pretty good-looking girls from the NYC area as well. They seemed cool, so I bring them back to the table. Drinks get poured out, and we start dancing. Guetta comes on now, and honestly I was good enough to remember his set, and let me just say, it sucked. I have no idea what he played that night, but it was a mess. The house DJ they had going before him was way better.

          So Iím dancing on the backside of the table again with the girls I met, and these two Asian girls, pretty good looking, ask to join us at the table. These were the same girls who had a soft-core porn session going on a few hrs ago. I was smart enough, and lucid enough to recognize what they were after and flat out said ďNoĒ. After this, everything cleared out the backside of our table, and we began enjoying ourselves again, and more ďgenuineĒ girls had come over to the table at this point as well. Guetta leaves, and we begin to plan our next move. We decide to head over to the other groupís wrap-around suite over at the Cosmo. Take a limo over, and on the way to the limo, we pickup two more girls to join us.

          Arrive at the Cosmo, and some of the other guys rounded up 10-15 girls in total. Blast music, get drinks going, and take part in some other added fun. The rest of the time was a blur, but wake up next morning on the couch in the suite with another guy sleeping by my legs, and two girls on the floor, half-dressed. Get up, piss, put myself together, and take one last walk around the balcony of the wrap-around.

          What a view!


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            After party at Cosmo.. well played.

            I recommend IV... Push or Reviv at MGM... it will make you feel a million bucks after a big night...


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              Sunday Day & Night

              This day is pretty low-key, but gets interesting towards the end.

              So I leave the Cosmo and take a car back to Encore. Go up to the room, shower, and change into some decent clothes. Decided to head over to Caesar’s Palace for the Bacchanal Buffet. Now I usually don’t do buffet’s, but my friends rave about it all the time, and I decided to try it out since I was pretty hungry. Head over, and see that the wait time is almost 3hrs. I was given the option to skip the line for $30, so that was a no brainer for me. End up spending over 2 hrs. eating pretty much everything, and anything imaginable. It was great, but certainly ruined my fitness routine, and took a few days after this trip to recover back to my old physique.

              Leave the buffet, and decide to head over to the Wynn Sports Book since it was week 1 of NFL season. Go over, and decide to get a VIP couch with a $200 min spend; turns out you get a special rate for tower suites guests, otherwise they were asking for $500-$1k. End up getting drinks, and more food later in the afternoon while I watch the games on the screens, and place several bets. Really had a great time, and this was my first time watching NFL in a Vegas sports book. Also, the Wynn recently remodeled its sports book, and it is top tier, just like everything else on the property.

              Decide to go back up to my room around 5, and I slowly realize that I need to head home the next day, Monday afternoon. The guys I had been doing splits with all weekend were planning to do Marquee on Monday night, and were keen on getting a great location. I fall into a state of depression, and begin contemplating extending my stay. Decide to walk around the strip a bit, and spend some time watching the dancing fountains outside the Wynn. Boy do I love this city. Head to Parasol Down, and get a table outside by the waterfall. Get a few drinks, and at this point I decide to extend my stay. Book a room at the Encore Tower Suites for another night, and change flights for Tuesday afternoon.

              The rest of the night is pretty uneventful besides doing some pricey shopping, getting a late night dinner at Wazuzu, and falling asleep at 11.

              Monday day & night gets pretty interesting; stay tuned!
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                Monday Day & Night

                So I wake up early around 8 AM, and was ready to get the most out of my last day in Vegas. Also for some reason, I felt a lot more confidence in myself, and was pretty much ready to do whatever it takes to have fun. So I had to go down to the tower suites front desk to get new room keys, since my extension for the last night was a separate reservation. I start talking with the girl at the front desk, she looks pretty good, and along with most of the other people they hire to staff the Tower Suites check in desk. We start talking about why Iím extending my stay, and tell her that Iím going be at Marquee that night. She looks at me and is like, ďOh, I love Marquee, I go there all the time with my friendsĒ. I say, ďYou should come by, I have a pretty good table for tonightĒ. She says sheís not sure yet what she has planned for the night, and tells me to not have too much fun. Oh well, worth a shot.

                Head over to the BJ table for a bit, and leave with almost double the original amount I started with. Head over to the gym to get in a lift, and cardio to try and reduce some of the damage Iíve done so far to my body. Grab some coffee, and head over to the pool with work stuff to get some things done. Around noon, I decide to head over to Terrace Pointe Cafť for a quick salad, and soup. Decide to go over to the spa for a few hours after this, and spend time texting the group Iím doing splits with tonight to confirm the table at Marquee. So we got a B2G1 deal from our good old friend Cliff, with a 2nd tier location for the night. Sounds good to us.

                Head back to my room around 4 to get changed, and head over to the Wynn Sports Book to watch MNF. They had two games going that day, so it was pretty exciting, and won both bets I had put down. Get a few drinks during this time, and head over to Allegro afterwards for some quick food. One of my friendís was actually flying in for a conference that evening, and was staying at the Wynn Tower Suites. He wasnít going to be able to join us at Marquee though. We decided to meet up at the Tower Suites bar and spent time talking, and drinking for a few hours. Head back up to my room around 8 to get some rest.

                Wake up around 10 hearing the knock from the bellboy with my shirt I had sent down to get ironed. Get ready, and take a car over to the Cosmo. Got there a little early, so head over to the chandelier bar for an espresso martini since I was still in sleep mode. Boy did that wake me up. Meet up with the group outside Marquee around 1045, text Cliff, and get walked into the club. Ended up with table 33, but about an hour later Cliff comes by and bumps us up to DF table 50.

                So the tower suites front desk girl, and some of her friends end up finding me, probably because I was standing pretty high up on the ledge of the table dancing, I give them a drink, and we talk for a bit. They were a cool group, and had a table with some other friends, so no harm done when they said they wanted to leave.

                I had tipped our security guy well, and this guy was super chill. He brought over some amazing girls at first, but they werenít into the group, so they left. Next, he brings over this amazing, 8-9, Latina girl, and her average looking friend. Iím dancing up on the couch, and the moment I see the Latina girl, I reach out, and hold out my hand for her to get up and dance with me. She has trouble getting up, so I bend down, and basically put my arm around her waist and pick her up and get her standing on the couch.

                This girl was smoking hot. Model material. We start dancing, and Iím a pretty good dancer, especially when it comes to dancing with girls. She starts complementing the way I dance, and tells me Iím sexy, and I reply back with a pretty sexually explicit statement. She loved it. We start talking about where we are from, and what she does for work. She was a waitress at some restaurant over at the Palazzo, and was still in school. She starts feeling me up, and I move closer, and start making my move. Begin grinding on her from the front, and she loves it. We do this for about an hour or so, get a couple drinks, and several shots; I keep telling our waitress to make shots for my girl and I. This goes on for some time, but eventually I turn around and there is this girl dancing at our table who was probably an 8-9 as well, but I instantly felt my heart drop when I saw her. I had to have her.

                I get down from the couch, away from my girl, and immediately begin making my move towards this girl. She was extremely receptive to my moves, and eventually we end up locking hands, me grinding on her from the back, and taking breaks in between to make out. We were like two passionate lovers out in the open. This goes on for an hour or two, and she whispers something in my ear. First time around, I donít know what she said. Then second time around, she says, ďLetís get out of hereĒ. So we make our way out, and I basically stop every 10-15sec., pin her up against the wall and make out for a good 5 min. The walk out from Marquee to the Uber area at the Cosmo probably took an hour because of this, haha!

                We get in the car, and I tell the driver to take us to Encore Tower Suites. The girl goes, ďOh wow, I love EncoreĒ. We get to Encore, and head up to my room, make out for about 5-10min, and soon afterwards, she turns around and says, ďOk, if you want me for the night, its going to be $500Ē. I turn to her and sayĒ What!Ē She says, ďYes honey, itís going to be $500 for the night, I whispered it in your ear at the club, and you agreed to itĒ. At this point I sobered up so quick, and blood was rushing to my head. However, I decided not to overreact, and told her I need to go down to the ATM. We walk down, and I have her sit down on the couch in the lobby. I walk out the doors of the tower suites entrance, and make a gesture to the doorman to follow me to the ATM. I tell him to call security ASAP. Few secondsí later two guards come over, and I tell them the situation, and they say theyíll take care of it.

                We all walk into the tower suites entrance together, and the look of horror on the girlís face was priceless. The guards ask her for ID, turns out she had a pretty bad fake, and when she opens up her handbag wrist thing, they find some unwanted things inside. They end up detaining her for sometime, and eventually kick her out. At this point Iím done with Vegas for the night, and this trip, and have a guard escort me up to my room. Get up to my room, take two shots from the mini bar fridge, and fall asleep.


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                  Oh wow!!! Dodged that bullet


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                    Damn, good thing security was prompt and receptive.


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                      Wonder how it would've ended up IF you stuck with the first girl at your table?


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                        Originally posted by Funkycold View Post
                        Wonder how it would've ended up IF you stuck with the first girl at your table?
                        Haha, I still bang my head against the wall occasionally thinking the same thing !!


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                          Tuesday Day

                          So I wake up the next morning trying not to think about the night before. I originally planned on getting an Uber to go to the airport, but at this point I just walk up to the entrance and tell the bell hop to bring over a car. Take a Wynn Escalade to the airport, check in bags, spend time eating at CPK, and go over texts/pictures of the past weekend. Actually get some sleep on the flight to SF, and get ready work for work the next day.


                          This trip was definitely exciting, different from my prior trips since it was my first solo experience, first time doing splits, and partying with people from JC. Definitely looking forward to doing more in the future, and have a trip coming up next week for Columbus Day. Should be an exciting weekend!!
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                            Great report!


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                              Really $500 a night... wow... the hookers are getting really good... had a similar situation nearly happen to my mate... until i was able to cotton on that she was a hooker...

                              Interested to know what she had in her bag?

                              Remember to keep the $$ in the safe boys.