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Redemption Weekend. July 27 - 31

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  • Redemption Weekend. July 27 - 31

    Just arrived back home after my red eye out of Vegas last night. So this trip probably tops them all. My bank account would seem to agree with me haha. When you put 3 guys together who don't really have a "budget," it becomes dangerous. Let's just say we completely smashed our mins every night. For those of you on here who are also friends with me on IG, you know what I mean lol.

    Going to take my sweet time writing up this TR, so bare with me!

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    Oh. This will be awesome.
    Previous Vegas Trips:
    MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
    4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
    International Fight Week 2015 (Vdara)


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      As many of you guys on here know... I've more or less been through an emotional roller coaster ride the past 4 weeks. The girl in my last TR really fucked with my inner peace. So much shit unraveled and I didn't know how to deal with it. To the point it consumed my every thought. For an entire week, when I went to sleep, she even was in my dreams. I would wake up at 3am and say to myself WTF!? Even talking to my friends didn't help. I was ignoring all of their advice. It got to the point where I said to myself, I need to head back to Vegas ASAP. I booked my flights and room at the Encore Tower Suites about a week out. Some of my friends were concerned for me and questioned what exactly I was trying to prove by heading out to Vegas and going wild. I gave an open invite to my partying friends, but since it was such short notice only a few came out...



      So I arrive in Vegas around 9am. I'm so used to getting into Vegas around 10pm, so this was a change up for me. Made my way to the Encore, but when I checked-in they said a room wasn't available yet, so they told me they would text me once it was done. Figured I would head to Terrace Pointe Cafe to get some brunch. They told me my room would be ready by noon, but I got that text about 45 minutes later. The housekeeping in the Tower Suites are some ninjas haha.
      I had actually sat next to this guy on the plane, late 40's, big guy on Wall Street. Turns out he's all about partying and the side chick life. So him and I shared some Vegas stories and said we should hangout later because his Vegas girl wasn't flying in until later in the evening. We made plans to hangout later in the afternoon once we were all settled into our rooms.

      I do the usual routine of heading to the mall across the street to hit up GNC to get some preworkout and protein shakes. Then I came back, hit the gym, showered, and took a nap for a few hours. I gave my new friend a call, and we decided to go hangout at La Cave on the Wynn side to get some drinks. I can't remember how much we drank and ate, but it was a lot. I think I did a few flights of wine. I really can't remember haha. As we closed the check, my friend goes... "It's only 6pm, let's go find some bitches and get into trouble." He wanted young, so I said let's hit up Cosmo.

      We make our way to Cosmo and the talent around the Chandelier Bar was lacking. He decides to go up to STK to scout that area, and I would try different levels of the bar. Turns out hcrx311 was at the Chanedlier Bar with his wife and he was joining up with me on Friday night at my table at XS. Took a while to find him on the 2nd floor because I always think of Level 1.5 as the 2nd floor, but that's just me haha. I probably hung out there with them for an hour just drunk laughing it up. Found out they partied with one of my big spenders one time, and were looking forward to an absolutely insane night.

      I decided to take an uber back to Encore to nap. One of my friend's who lives in Vegas wanted to have a late dinner so I figured why not. Since it was a Thursday night, and not the weekend we forgot Andrea's closes an hour earlier, so we decided to head to Allegro. We end up talking about my girl problem for 2 hours, but it was nice to get some insight from someone who is playing life at the same level I am. Hearing about his experiences and his view on my entire situation gave me some closure. He understood completely where I was coming from. My friend's back at home, many of them don't exactly have the lifestyle I do. And while I appreciate all the advice they've given me and the fact that I know they truly care about my wellbeing... they just aren't able to understand the type of lifestyle I have, and why I am into certain type of girls.

      Nothing really happened the rest of the night. Both of us were tired since he had work all day, and I was up since 4am...
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        Friday (7/28)

        I wake up around 7am... wide awake. It's 10am on the East Coast, so I was starving. I called up my friend and we agree to hit up Jardin for some breakfast. I talk him into getting the lobster egg benedict haha. I opted for scrambled eggs, coffee, OJ, and fruit. My friend said he can see why I usually get it. We make our way to the mall across the street so that my friend could get some workout clothes. I told him I was going to go lift with or without him, so for the sake of looking ripped at the club, might as well go lift with me.

        After getting a nice lift session in, we decided to hit the European pool at the hotel. I decided to get a cabana since I didn't want to roast in the sun. I'm a princess like that lol. Nothing much happened from this point to clubbing so I'll fast forward a bit. I did have dinner at Morimoto over at MGM with one of my clubbing buddies who lives in Vegas. The omakase there is pretty good. Highly recommended.

        So we meet up with with another couple on JC. I'm too lazy to go back to the previous post to find his username, but it's the same couple I hung out with at Cosmo the day before. My one boy from SF was running late, so he would meet us later on in the night. **** meets up with us and we walk in. Ended up with Table 560 since it was a small group. Although looking back on it now, probably should have locked into 570 anyways. XS surprised me with a walk-in presentation. Had the girls standing there greeting me with the name cards that read, "HES HERE" Since there were only 4 of us who walked in... our waitress asked my friend, "is that all for you guys?" And my friend told her pretty much. I started with a magnum of vodka and DJ 1942 with red bulls and water, per usual.

        An hour goes by, and Mike Bardo walks in my boy from SF. It's been over a year since I last partied with him, so we had to make up on lost time. When it comes to my close friends of partying, I don't really care about money or what they throw in. He said he would buy a bottle for the table, but that was an understatement. He opened up a side tab, and got creative. $2k in water bottles, 2 magnums of belvedere, and a magnum of PJ Rose. Yes, you read that right. $2k in fiji water bottles. It's basically 2 buckets full of water. Roughly 200 bottles of water haha. The guys in the back room throwing the bottles in probably got lazy, so there were 6 packs still in the plastic in the buckets haha. Next thing I know, he orders 3 bottles of Dom. Our table was packed with girls. I want to say we had 16 girls in there for 4 guys. Not a bad ratio, but one of the guys was married with his wife. So more like a 15 girl to 3 guy ratio.

        The Chainsmokers came on and I was fully aware this time lol. They throw a pretty good set at a club, not going to lie. I'm not really a fan of their songs, but they know how to keep a party atmosphere rocking. My friend in his drunk state of mine decided to take a bottle of Dom and sprayed it gently on the girls. The girls screamed and absolutely loved it, except these 50 year old guys below us on the lower dance floor table were so pissed. Their independent host/promoter hopped into our booth and told us to cut that shit out. We had no idea who he was, but it was a converted Nightswim night, and we all know XS hosts are in t-shirts and shorts on a Nightswim night. This fuck was wearing a three piece suit. **** immediately walked over to talk to him. Me being drunk and not fearing anyone, I stuck my nose in. I told the guy I was sorry and it wouldn't happen again.

        So my one other big spender decides to open his own side tab as well. He orders two or three bottles of Dom and two bottles of Cristal. The bottle presentation with his name on cards and the Dom shields come out. I'm completely hammered by this point dancing with girls, and having a good time. So I take a bottle of Dom and shake the shit out of it, and sprayed it on the girls again. We had some fun girls because they loved it. But those old guys, were beyond annoyed. They started bitching at us, and their independent host came into our booth and got in my face. Now I'm a born Jersey guy... I don't take shit from people when I'm drunk... I basically mock him and ask him... "are you some shit promoter or something?" And he tells me he's a host and he'll have my table shut down. I tell him well he's not my host, so I would get the fuck out my table before I beat the shit out of him. At this point **** gets in between us and a security guard and one of my friends who stopped by are holding me down on the couch, telling me to calm down. (Side note: tip your security guard a few hundred dollars, they become your best friend and it's totally worth it). I turn my attention to one other old guy who was staring at me, and I guess I started mouthing him off. I was too drunk to realize what I was saying, but **** kept telling me to calm down haha.

        At this point, I look over to my big boy and he's mouthing off back and forth with one of the old guys. I could hear him say, "I'll walk over there and snap your neck." The truth is, he's over 200+ pounds of solid muscle. He could probably do it. Next thing I know, there's a wall of security in between the two tables on the ledge, and about 4-5 security guards behind my table. Shit got intense. My other ballin friend was recovering from a broken collarbone, so he wasn't yelling like the two of us. Then he came out of no where and goes... "How much is it to buy out their table? Here's my card." He pulls out his black AMEX. Yeah he's that filthy rich haha. My XS host said it's too late in the night to move that group of guys somewhere else. Oh man it would have been so baller to have bought out another dance floor table.

        So for good measure because I'm an asshole and like to piss people off when I'm drunk. I ordered two more bottles of Dom with the shields. When the presentation came out, the old guys were cursing us off because they thought we were about to spray them. Honestly, I was thirsty and my girls needed more alcohol... We aren't that bad of troublemakers hehe.

        I turn my attention to this girl who had been dancing on me from behind. She seemed cute. So we face each other and start grinding and then make out. Then I do my signature pick up the girl by the legs, and let her sit on the couch while I go in for a serious make out session. Things were going well until some random girl came out of no where and starts slapping the hell out of me. Then she proceeds to shove me off the girl. Security picked that girl up and threw her out of the table. Probably out of the club too, because that was the last I saw of her. Supposedly the girl I was making out with was married, and her friend thought I was taking advantage of a drunk girl. I mean how was I supposed to know? Not like it would have stopped me either way haha.

        Eventually 4am or so hits, and some of the guys decided to head to Rhino... I clearly was in no shape to make the after hours trip, so **** and whoever else at XS made sure security would escort me out of the club back to my room at Encore. Not sure if they were afraid I wouldn't make it back, or if I bumped into those old guys outside of the club then something could happen? Security even packed up the leftover alcohol and water and brought it up with me. Not going to lie, it felt badass walking with two private security guards dressed in black by my side. No one was going to fuck with me haha. We make it back to my room and I tip them both generously. So I had drunk text my girl from last trip while walking back to my room, and she was up surprisingly. So we face timed for 20 mins. I was too drunk to give a shit. Pretty sure she face timed me to see if I was with a girl or not. I think at some point I passed out because I don't remember saying goodnight to her.

        Overall... a great first night. We killed our min between 3 guys. But if you guys think this night was crazy... Omnia tomorrow night absolutely makes this night seem really chill.
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          Jeez, you're a lot richer than me. This is already a crazy trip.

          My God... $2000 just on water bottles. You're saying the trip gets crazier from here... Man, on the one hand, I'd love to be there, but I couldn't afford it at this time in my life.
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          Previous Vegas Trips:
          MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
          4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
          International Fight Week 2015 (Vdara)


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            Saturday (7/29)

            I wake up around 10am completely hungover... I felt like death. I don't even know how I rolled out of bed to order room service for brunch. So on the table in my room there's a mountain of Fiji water (about 40 bottles), a bunch of red bull cans, and a magnum of Belvedere. That was what security took with them when they escorted me back to my room at Encore hahaha. The bottle basically just sat there for the rest of the weekend.

            I start texting people on my phone to make sure everyone was still alive and to sort of recap the previous night. Everyone was safe! Some guys went to Rhino while another guy hit up Drais After Hours.

            This weekend happened to be a birthday weekend of one of my close friend's best friend. He did his own tables and everything all weekend. They were at the bungalow at Wet for the day, so I told her I would be there once I feel human again haha. I text Marcio Hassan over at Wet to walk me to the bungalow. The bday boy had a good group. I met him and all his friends. All good guys. I had actually partied with one of the guys in his group back during my June trip. I don't really like smooching off of other people's alcohol, so I asked the bday boy if I could throw down and he told me no. They had the PJ champagne pong table too, like from my last trip. Honestly if they didn't have that out yet, I would have ordered it as my gift to him lol. I'm a sucker for that table.

            My friend from SF finally arrived and had the stage table. I made a quick stop to say hi, but I desperately needed sleep, so I left immediately after to head back to Encore. Big mistake... He met these cheerleaders and had them at his table. Looking back on the pictures, I should have downed a red bull and stayed because they were all hot. I think I fell asleep for a few hours, woke up, went downstairs to Jardin to get something quick to eat. Then I got dressed and left for Omnia.

            Since Zedd at Omnia tonight was really the only good headliner at all the clubs, it was packed. Almost as bad as a Calvin night. We met up with everyone at 11:30pm and walked-in. The table check-in area was so packed. My Omnia host, Robby Divsalar, basically moved the barriers on the side and told us to go through there. So we walked in and the club was already packed to the max. Robby put us at Dance Floor table 14 and assigned a security guard to us for the night. He probably heard about our previous nights shenanigans lol. Once we settled down, I covered the tab myself and ordered a magnum of Belvedere, magnum of DJ 1942, three bottles of Dom, and a bunch of red bull and water. They decided to do bottle presentations by each order with cards that would say Round 1, Round 2, etc... We joked and wanted to know if we would make it to Round 5 haha.

            My SF boy who had met those cheerleaders from Virginia at Wet, invited them to our table tonight. And then I was still texting with one girl from the night before and told her to stop by with her friends. One of my girl friends also flew in for Saturday and Sunday night as well to party with me and my group. So then I see my SF boy and my other baller pull their credit cards out and they tell me they opened up a side tab and just ordered a 3L bottle of Dom to be delivered from the ceiling. We watched as the production crew put one guy behind our table to prepare for the drop. Then our names appeared on screen. It stayed up there for a really long time. We're talking like 5-7 minutes. All of a sudden, from the ceiling, confetti was dropping from above and The Joker was being lowered to deliver us our Dom. All eyes on us, but mostly The Joker haha.

            So a girl from our table the night before at XS text me and asked where my table was. I told her and her friends to come on by. There had to be about 6 of them, but we like to pack our tables with girls, so no big deal. I noticed the girl I made out with last night. Turns out they were all in the same group. Here's the best part... My one friend notices the girl who slapped the shit out of me was in their group. I had no idea what the girl looked like, nor did I know who's group she was in. My friend goes, "Yo that's the bitch who slapped you!" And I was like, "Wait!? Where? You sure?!" And he goes, "Yeah that's her!" We ask **** to confirm and he said, "Yup that's her." Then I go up to the girl who I was texting and asked her... "Is that your friend who slapped me for no reason last night?" And she goes, "Yeah... she thought you were taking advantage of her friend since she's married. But she talked about it with her friend and realized it was a misunderstanding." So then I was like fuck it... let's see if this bitch is going to apologize to me... I'm going to say something to her. I hop up on the couch and tap her on the shoulder and said, "You're the one who slapped me last night?" And instead of any apology... she points to the girl I made out with and tells me, "She's married!" I then gave her the finger and told her to "fuck off." From that point on... that girl basically hopped into the table next to ours and hung out at their table. But her friend who I was texting... she was cool, so we told her she could party with us.

            Sometime goes by, and I grab my host to do shots. He told me he was done for the night and was going to party with us. I ask him if we can do a champagne shower in the club. He said "fuck yeah you can! Do whatever you want!" The waitress was a bit reluctant to do the order, but my host tells her to do it. So he turns around and points 10 fingers in the air telling me to order 10 bottles. I said sure no problem. I take my credit card out, let them charge it, and sign. My credit card charges are synced with my iPhone live so I looked at it and saw a charge that contained 5 digits. I looked at my two friends, not sure what I just purchased lol. Minutes later... the club was carrying 10 bottles of Dom on a tray like cleopatra style. Two guys carrying it on their shoulders. There's sparklers everywhere. I think to myself, wtf did I just agree to? But oh well... you only live once. The waitresses starts to uncork the Dom, and we handed a bottle to every guy. Since there were only 7 guys at the table including my Omnia host and ****, we saved some bottles to actually drink. We have videos taken by the girls from like 4 different angles. It's classic.

            We countdown... 3, 2, 1... And started shaking the shit out of the bottles and begin to spray everyone on the dance floor. I actually turned to the side and sprayed people in the walkway as well. No one was safe haha. I highly doubt people were too thrilled being sprayed in champagne while wearing club attire, but who cares. Then I thought to myself... do people think we're ballers for spraying Dom P at a club, or did we look like complete idiots? Probably a little bit of both haha. Hands down, 15 seconds in my life I will never forget.

            Since I'm covered in Dom, soaked... (people poured whatever was left in their bottle on me), I used fiji water to sort of rinse off haha. Then I see my boy from SF take out a menu again and him and my other baller friend order another 3L bottle of Dom to be dropped from the ceiling. Minutes later there's drummers and one of those Chinese New Years dragon dancers. Then from the ceiling comes a wizard holding our Dom. People just kept staring at us lol. My friend and I were plastered by this point and actually grabbed the drum sticks from the drummers and started pounding on the drums ourselves.

            We had way too much alcohol at our table, so we started stacking glasses of champagne. We got up to 4 glasses stacked, and stopped because it wasn't looking good.

            So at some point Zedd came on, and he threw a really good set. There was so much madness going on at our table, I kept forgetting he was on lol. Everyone was dancing with girls, and I tried making out with one, but I think she was a lesbian so my signature move didn't work on her. Then my one girl friend starts to give me a back massage at some point during the night... She might have been rollin, but we start to make out a bit. The cheerleaders at our table were really hot, like extremely hot. I somehow got 2 of their numbers. Which makes me wonder wtf I say to girls when I'm drunk, because I get numbers easily. Would be really helpful for my sober situations.

            Once Zedd finished up his set, my friend who was at the bday boy's table told me to gather up my friends and she'll meet me outside of Omnia for an after party. The bday boy had booked the Hugh Hefner Suite at the Palms for the weekend. You know the one with an infinity pool that extends over the building... We all take a party bus there, and eventually get there.

            So up in the suite, people dove into the pool. Others were making out on chairs and couches. And then other people were sitting at the bar having more drinks since the bday boy had hired a bartender for after hours. I won't go into more detail since some of it is probably frowned upon and/or illegal. But it was a good end to the madness on the night.

            So tonight we completely shattered our own record on table spend. It was an $8k min spend on the table... Let's just say we probably could have had multiple dance floor tables with what we spent...
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              Hell yes!!! Savage


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                The weekend went from fighting on Friday to madness/chaos on Saturday and then Sunday was basically ratchet... you'll see lol


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                  Sunday 7/30 (Day)

                  This day is pretty long so I'll break it into two posts.

                  I wake up and turn to my side only to find a girl laying next to me in bed. I don't really remember how this happened, nor do I remember much from the night before. She wakes up and doesn't seem surprised, so we just lay there in bed for a little bit talking. What hilarious... the girls boyfriend calls her and she turns to me to tell me to keep silent. She tells her bf everything was fine, she was by herself in her room, and had a lot of fun the night before. Then she tells him she needs to get ready, find some food to eat, and then head to the dayclub. The moment she hangs up with him, she cuddles next to me again haha.

                  Finally we get up since I told Marcio I would be at Wet by 1pm. We head down to Jardin to grab a quick bite. The wait was a little long being a Sunday around 11:30am, but not terrible. Of course I went with the lobster egg Benedict while the girl went with the french toast. I needed to eat somewhat healthy so I told them to put the hollandaise on the side. I mean I still had one more pool party to go through. Got to keep them abs haha.

                  Once we finish up brunch, we head to the girl's hotel so that she can change. Then we make our way to Wet and meet up with Marcio. Since some of my other guys were in different hotels, I gave them Marcio's number to have them walked in. While Marcio was printing out the ticket for my table, another host Carlos was there. They told me they heard about our champagne shower at Omnia last night, and supposedly my Omnia host Robby got in trouble hahaha. My SF boy was already there with his crew who were in Vegas for 24 hours. They were all cool guys. Definitely down to party. Just not on the retard uncontrollable level I'm on lol. So my SF boy had one half of the stage table and I had the other half to myself. We basically figured we would combine parties and go wild. We were both on a $1 min spend, but we go over what the min would have been anyways, so kind of pointless lol. We basically do the usual magnum of vodka, red bull, and vodka. Basically guys just kept bringing in girls. Pretty sure some of them were rollin, because this got pretty wild and ratchet. We went Team Filthy on the stage table. Some soft porn action happened between me and my girl.

                  We wanted to keep the champagne showers going, so we each ordered 10 bottles of cheap house champagne for $1k each. It was like an arsenal of bottle sprays that went on for a minute. That's probably the one enjoyment about having the Stage table. Otherwise I like the bungalow better.. you get away with more shit in there haha. Cash Cash comes on and everyone is either dancing, grinding, doing some freaky shit, or making out. I remember picking up my girl and sitting her on the ledge to make out with her, but security told me to take her down because the glass ledge wasn't sturdy to hold up people. So then I picked her up and threw her down on the couch which was actually between my SF boy's legs while he was sitting on top of the backrest. Yeah... her and I made out between his legs hahaha.

                  The best visual from the day... watching my girl and one of my girl friends grind and hump the shit out of each other. Oh we took video of it. Let's just say we now know how my friend would look like if we put a strap-on dildo on her and watched her go doggy on another girl lol.

                  At some point, these Asian bottle rats came into our stage table and they kept taking the bottle to take it in front of the DJ booth. Security kept telling them to put the bottle down, but they must have been retarded because they kept doing it. I got pretty annoyed so I told security to just throw them out.

                  Now my one friend from Europe who joined up with us this weekend, some reason he kept drinking out of the bottle. I knew he was going to get fucked up at some point, but he insisted he was going strong. You'll see... haha

                  Eventually my group get's hungry and we decide to get some pho. We ended up at Jenni Pho. I wanted to hit up District One for the Lobster Pho. I've heard a lot about it from other friends, but it was sort of out of the way. So I figured most people in my group have had pho in their lives since most were from Cali and had Viet friends. But nope, their first time. I wasn't expecting the European friend to ever have it, but he was soooo fucked up once we made it to the restaurant. He basically looked like a zombie and couldn't touch any food in front of him. Eventually he makes his way into the bathroom and just stays there for a half hour. We were somewhat worried, but he made noises when we asked if he was alright, so at least he wasn't dead.

                  Once we were done eating, we make our way back to the Encore to rest up. My one friend actually wanted to get a lift in before Nightswim, just to look ripped. Since I had one bottle of C4 left, I said sure why not. Turns out the fitness center was closed at 8pm, so we missed that. We ended up taking a nap and woke up to get ready for Nightswim.
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                    Sunday 7/30 (Night)

                    Make my way down to the casino at Encore to meet my one friend. He was playing some blackjack to kill time. We head over to XS to meet up with my SF boy. As we are waiting in line to go through security, my XS host Mike had some girls he knew, who were conveniently there at 11:30pm, which was my walk-in time. He asked if they could walk-in with us? I look at the group of girls and they seemed pretty enough, so I said sure and that they can party with us. The girls say thank you and the boys start chatting up with them.

                    It was Sunday Nightswim, so we obviously went with a Daybed table. I had the choice of DB1 or DB42 tonight since we were probably the highest spending table on Friday night. I opted with DB1 since the flow there is better due to the bar being on that side of the pool. As we're walked in, I see some letters on cards. Mike surprised me with girls holding cards spelling NO _ _ _. It was a joke saying my girl wasn't wanted there. For those who got the joke, we cracked up so hard. Then another girl was holding up the sign, "The Champ is Here." It was a fitting walk-in presentation to a great weekend.

                    We ended up having the same waitress as Friday. She was really nice and held down the fort, so I didn't mind. As I'm about to take my credit card out to authorize the min spend, my friend tells me he'll put his card down, since I did some retarded spending last night at Omnia. Either way, I knew one of us would have a side tab going anyways. We started with a magnum of belvedere, magnum of DJ 1942, and some red bulls, and waters.

                    Oh, so when we walked in... the security guard they assigned to my table on Friday night was also there. They told me he was off that night and was going to hang with my group for fun. He was in street clothes. He kept standing by the entrance to our table, and I told him... "It's your night off, have a drink with us." I figured he was just used to his job, naturally he stood there. Then when I went to the bathroom, he went with me. I told him it's okay, but he told me they wanted him to go with me. At that moment, I started thinking... maybe he's working tonight? When I came back to my table, I noticed my SF boy had a huge security guard a few feet away from him. For the rest of the night, he had a shadow haha.

                    So I really don't know what happened since I got drunk really fast, but my SF boy starts looking over the menu and tells me, "Bro let's order this! It comes with champagne bottles to spray! It only costs $_,_ _ _." Since money didn't really mean much to me this weekend, I took out my CC and put it on my card. It was a good chunk of change, but not as bad as my stupid 10 bottle champagne shower the night before at Omnia. I had no idea wtf I ordered, nor did I really care.

                    Moments later, a siren sounds and XS rolls out a boat with our waitress sitting on the nose of the boat dressed as a mermaid holding a magnum of Dom, and two other girls standing on the boat holding the Dom with sparklers attached to it. Turns out I bought 3 magnums of Dom lol. Then they had other girls holding the fire emoji cards around the boat. I guess it was a sinking ship? So me being drunk and not giving a shit, I climbed the boat, not asking anyone. I just climbed up it like I owned the fucking thing. Then I tell my SF boy and other friend to get up there. Along with our mermaid and some other helpful XS waitresses, we started to spray in all directions haha. We sprayed the people at our table, people in GA, just about anyone in a good 10 foot radius of the boat haha.

                    My SF boy has sciatica, but that didn't prevent him from climbing the tree like a monkey to place an inflatable shark on the top where the bushes stop. That and he was just hanging off the try like a koala bear dancing along to the music. Oh we have videos...

                    I was a little preoccupied with my girl. She came late and walked in by herself. She was rollin so she sat and stared at the lights. Occasionally I would come over to ask for a kiss so that the fucks in general admission hitting on her would get the message.

                    What's interesting is the one girl who walked in with us, she was pretty hot. My problem was I was working my girl all weekend. So you go with the sure thing right? My one friend said he even noticed the hot girl would eye me, and every time I went to get more alcohol, she would conveniently make her way over there. Likewise, my best girl friend said she saw when I was dancing on the top of the couch facing the DJ booth, the hot girl and my XS host were talking and she whispered something in his ear. Then he started to shove her in my direction. I think I had small talk with her every now and then. My memory the entire night was a bit hazy.

                    Luckily, even though my memory wasn't all there on Sunday, my friends still took videos of the soft porn sessions I had with my girl. My security guard was just chilling right above me while me and my girl were going at it haha. Turns out the hot girl wasn't too impressed with my actions with the other girl, but she still gave me her number later on in the night. FYI, we've been texting a lot after the trip.

                    If you haven't seen Marshmello at a music festival or at a club, definitely do it. It's so high energy. When you're drunk, it's awesome music to dance to, even if it's by yourself. I climbed the couch and did my own thing for the majority of his set.

                    Eventually my XS host makes his way to the table since he was done for the night to hangout with us. He tells us if we spend over $_ _, _ _ _.... then we could throw him and our waitress into the pool. It was a no brainer at the time considering how heavily intoxicated we were. When does an opportunity like that ever happen right? My boy who had the main tab told the waitress to order whatever she wanted that'll put us over that amount. Next thing I know, there's a bunch of bottles coming out. 2 magnums of Dom, a bottle of goose, and a bottle of DJ 1942. They brought out the cards GET WET with sparklers on every bottle and an army of waitresses with spray bottles. They decided to spray me and my two other friends along with my XS host, and our waitress. After they sprayed us, I totally forgot we were throwing my XS host in the pool. And with how champagne stings in the eye, I did a cannonball into the pool.

                    After I got out the pool I grabbed **** and tried to throw him in, actually 4 of us tried, but when my SF boy went Hulk and came out of no where and picked him up, and threw him into the pool. I also threw my XS host in another time if I remember correctly. And I picked up my best girl friend and walked into the pool with her. She was so mad since she said people pee and have sex in that pool all the time, it's disgusting. I mean she's right, but I was so drunk I didn't care.

                    Later on, the hot girl and her friends left. And then my girl and I decide to call it a night and head out. My security guard walked us out back into Encore through the casino. I told him it's alright, I could manage getting back to my room. Gave him a nice tip and went on my way to the room.
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                      Well done sir!


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                        Bro you're insane!!!


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                          Your bank level, and your confidence level is just out of this world.
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                            Monday 7/31

                            So my girl wakes up next to me. I was texting the guys to make sure they were alive and we were sending each other photos and videos from Nightswim. My girl's bf calls her, and because I'm laying there watching videos, she had to run to the bathroom to close the door to tell him that she was alone haha. She runs back and jumps ontop of me. I guess she was ready for another round? Some time passes by and she has to head out because she has a flight at noon. We kiss and say goodbye.

                            The best part, I wasn't sad like the previous month when that other girl walked out of my life. I had no emotional feeling what so ever. I knew I would be okay this time around.

                            My best girl friend was staying at Wynn the previous night and since she had noon checkout, while I had late 4pm checkout; she brought herself and her luggage over to my room to hangout and nap until her late flight. I ordered some room service for brunch since I didn't really want to leave. My friend joked how I was a completely different person this time around. Last month at Nightswim, I sat and kept to myself because I was so upset about that girl leaving. However, last night... I was a complete degenerate.

                            1pm came around and it was time for me to head down to the spa for my aromatherapy massage. Honestly it sucked. It wasn't relaxing at all. My masseuse only added pain to my body, but I was so hungover, I was barely responsive haha. I did feel sleepy afterwards, so I guess it somewhat worked.

                            I head back upstairs to pack. Remember how last month I was crying my eyes out when I packed? Nope! Not this time. Not one tear. Smooth, quick packing. And you want to know what's impressive. I didn't even text the girl from last month all of Sunday or Monday. I felt like I was cured.

                            Me and my other two guy friends decide we would have dinner at Cosmo that night since two of us had late PM flights. While I'm getting ready to check out... I look at my phone and notice I had a girl's name in my phone call list, who I didn't remember. My girl friend said it was the hot girl from last night... then it hit me... I have her number! So I text her and asked her how her number ended up in my phone. And she flirted back and said, "I put my digits in there." With a smiley face. I asked her if she wanted to get dinner with me and my friends tonight if she wasn't doing anything. She said she couldn't because her friends from out of town were still there and they were going to have dinner together. I tell my one guy friend this, and he suggests to invite out all of them dinner. Because we can haha. I tell the hot girl that, but she says that they're actually having a girls night cooking in and watching a movie. Bummer.

                            My girl friend and I make our way to Cosmo. We hit some table games to kill time before dinner. I like to play roulette to get free drinks and kill time. Hilarious how I drop thousands on bottles at a club without any second thoughts, but I'm still all about the free drinks at the casino lol. What's funny... I doubled my money on dumb luck. So I cashed out when I realized this and made my way over to BJ. I lost about half of my winnings and called it a day since it was getting close to dinner time at Zuma. I text my SF boy to see if he's on his way. Turns out he got too fucked up at TopGolf's pool deck, and he was in no condition to move. He was so intrigued by the unicorn floaties and pizza. No big deal though.

                            My other friend was running late, so my girl friend and I sit down and order the omakase. Solid choice there if anyone is pondering about ordering it. My friend eventually makes it. We just sat there laughing about the entire weekend. Also talked about the retarded spending that we did. My girl friend's flight was 2 hours earlier than mine, so she took a cab to the airport and I just hung out with my friend.

                            I told him how I thought this entire weekend cured me. My every thought wasn't consumed by this girl anymore. Yeah it was retarded spending (I could have purchased an M3/M4 in cash with what I spent), but the fact that I no longer felt strung by this other girl... well worth it. He told me he was glad he could be part of my healing. Redemption weekend was a success!
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                              Damn, damn, damn.
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