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  • The King has returned. June 22 - 26.

    I just made it back home yesterday, and I know a lot of JC guys are anxiously awaiting for a TR. I'll try and draft the first night tonight and hopefully post it by tomorrow. The best way to describe this trip was INSANE on every single level. If you were in town this past weekend and you were in the same clubs I happened to be in, you would have felt/seen my presence. This isn't a joke... I had a walk-in presentation at every night club I attended this past weekend. Probably didn't take long to realize it's the same guy haha.

    Hope you guys enjoy!
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    Can't wait to read about! I am sure it will get me even more ready for my trip next week!


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      Can't wait to read it! "Daddy's Home" was epic!


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        Can't wait.
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          So I let my walls down this past weekend... and it's come around to hurt me. I'll still try and complete this TR for you guys, but it might take longer. I don't know if I'll put the emotional stuff in there, but we'll see.


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            Whoop! I love your TRs. You're my hero. And put the emo stuff in! Makes for a well-rounded story if I do say so myself

            It's taken me nearly a month to get through my TR, so now worries about how long it takes to get yours done.


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              Day 1 (Thursday)

              I decided to work for half the day and then take an evening trip cross country. My expected arrival time was late in the evening, but my other friend was getting in late so we didn't really have anything planned for the night. After I boarded the plane, I took my seat next to this man probably in his late 40's, early 50's. If it's one thing about me... I like to sit in first class on my way to Vegas. I like to feel relaxed and pampered for that cross country flight. The return flight, I usually could careless because I sleep through most of it anyways.

              So we strike up a conversation, ask what each of us was heading to Vegas for... Turns out this guy is FILTHY loaded. And when I say FILTHY... it makes me look like a beggar haha. He owns an entire floor at the MO private residence in Vegas, gambles about $500k each time he's there for a weekend. He was comped at The Mansion for this past weekend. Oh yeah, and this past NYE... they comped him a $50k min stage table at Hakkasan. So you can only imagine the money he's throwing down at the casino.

              Before this trip... I decided to let this girl (who I will refer to as 'my girl' for the rest of the TR) join up with me for the weekend. For everyone who knows me well enough, you know that money isn't an issue for me and I don't charge girls when it comes to partying, so I figured the more the merrier. From pictures I saw of her, she was pretty. So we kept in touch leading up.

              My girl and my friend's gf actually arrived in Vegas hours earlier than the two of us, so we let them exchange numbers to hangout. Figured, no harm right? I mean we'd all be partying for the rest of the weekend anyways. Why not let them become the best of friends.

              Originally, my girl and I planned on meeting face to face for the first time Thursday night, maybe for some drinks, but my flight arrived a half hour late, and my girl decided to fall asleep. Not a problem though, I figured we would meet up the next day anyways.

              Once I landed, my Uber driver took me on the long haul. Not even the highway... she took me local, then "missed" the street to turn into the Encore, and took the highway entrance instead. We basically made one big circle, but I sent Uber a letter to correct the fare, and they did. I check into Encore, 58th floor facing the strip. I couldn't complain. My other friend arrived, checked-in and we hit up the cafe at the Wynn since it was the only thing open around 1am. Once that was finished. We decided to call it a night since it was a long day for both of us.


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                Whoa, you sat next to a whale on the flight.
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                MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
                4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
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                  Originally posted by adn232 View Post
                  So I let my walls down this past weekend... and it's come around to hurt me. I'll still try and complete this TR for you guys, but it might take longer. I don't know if I'll put the emotional stuff in there, but we'll see.
                  Don't be afraid to post the "feels" in a TR; we've ALL been there, we all understand! DreamGirl went there in her TR and it's by far one of the best I've ever read. And those that are new to this NEED to read and understand EVERYTHING that a righteous Vegas trip entails, including the emotional roller coaster
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                    I agree with the others who say you post the emotional shit. I have a Vegas trip from two years ago that I've wanted to post, but would require me to open myself to ridicule.

                    I hope you'll open up to us just as Dreamgirl did. We'll understand.
                    Previous Vegas Trips:
                    MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
                    4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
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                      Day 2 (Friday)

                      I wake up to a text from my girl seeing if I want to get coffee. She's staying at Encore as well. We agreed to meet downstairs in 10 minutes. Quickly showered and got ready. When I came downstairs... and saw her... wow she was so pretty! I wasn't sure if she fell asleep with her makeup on, or if she can put her makeup on really fast, but for 6am... I don't think I've seen anything prettier than that. We end up getting some coffee in the lobby bar and talked for over a half hour. I would say the initial conversation went well. We both had some work related things to do in the morning, so we both went to each of our rooms and agreed to meet up later.

                      A hour or so later, my friend and his gf asked me if I wanted to go to Jardin for some breakfast, so I figured why not. I'm a sucker for the lobster egg benedict. It was the first time I was meeting the gf, so I was on my best behavior haha. The gf asked me what I thought about my girl. I told her I thought she was really pretty and seemed nice, but we'll see. I usually put up a wall when it comes to girls in Vegas. For the countless number of times I've been in this city, I've done pretty well not falling in love with someone after I leave.

                      I decide to hit the gym to burn off the calories I just ate and also to get a nice pump for later in the night. Towards the end of my workout, my girl texts me and asks me where I'm at. I told her to text my friend and his gf since they're at the pool and I would meet up with her later. Once I was done with my lift, I came out to 105+ degree heat. I've never felt concrete hotter than that before in my life. Even my phone would shut off from overheating. My girl's room key melted. It was THAT hot.

                      I had two friend's from back at home who were in Vegas the same weekend. With it being their first time in Vegas, I told them I would show them around. I told my girl about it and told her I would see her later. My one friend was so obsessed about seeing Taco Bell La Catina. Nothing really impressive imo. Btw it's near the walgreen by Planet Hollywood. We had some troubles finding it haha. I met up with Benni4 there as well since his group was joining up with me later that night at XS.

                      Since the rest of the day was sober up until XS, I'll fast forward haha. I head downstairs to meet my girl. She actually had asked me if I wanted to get dinner beforehand, but I had already ate. It also flirts with the opportunity of letting my guard down and getting attached... When I saw her, omg, was she gorgeous. I was standing in awe. We walked together to XS to meet up with everyone. Once I meet up with **** and Mike Lombardo, they walked us into XS...

                      I had locked-in to table 570 (the largest and most centered upper dance floor table.) It was a pretty hefty min, but for the Chainsmokers, I figured why not. We made the walk up the main stairs and as I looked at our table I noticed name cards and drummers. XS decided to show me the love and greeted me with a walk-in presentation. It felt badass, not going to lie. The girls had my name on cards, holding glow sticks, while four drummers were playing along to the DJs beat. We made the royal march to the table. Once we arrived, all eyes were on us in the club. I was the man of the hour. I put my card down to authorize the entire payment, and I would figure out the splits later.

                      We started out with the magnum of vodka, red bulls, waters. We probably killed that in a half hour. Oh so, my group also consisted of some professional soccer players from Europe. No not Cristiano Ronaldo haha. I told them they better bring some girls to the table, otherwise I would be going HAM with them, and since I had my eyes on my girl, I didn't really want to do that lol. Next thing I know, I ordered another magnum of vodka, bottle of Don Julio 1942, and a magnum of PJ Fleur. Our table was packed.. I have no idea where all the girls came from... So me being me... I like to make sure everyone is having a good time, and people like to talk to me on the side. I didn't realize I wasn't paying attention to my girl, but when I looked up at one point. She wasn't there. I asked my friends gf... "where'd she go?" And my friend's gf said she's at another table because you weren't paying attention to her. I was jealous, I'm not going to lie. And this doesn't happen to me in Vegas. I put that fucking wall up to prevent things like this. So I asked my friend's gf to take me there. She was at a 4Tops table by the backwall. I pulled on my girl's arm and she didn't really acknowledge me. My friend's gf told me not to do that because girl's apparently hate that shit. So I hold my girl by the waist and tell her I'm sorry and to come back. My friend's gf gets her to turn around and walk back to my table. The guys at the 4Tops trying to keep her there were like... "Oh you don't need to go, you can stay here."

                      I'm a dick when I'm drunk and pissed off, so I let those guys have it. I'm far from it in real life just to let you guys know. I told them... "Let's be honest here, you are 4-5 guys at a 4Tops table... a $2k min... You really think my girl would really stay here when I'm throwing down a $12k min at THE prime upper dance floor table. Maybe you should go for some C or D level girls with that budget... Because me ordering a magnum of Dom probably buys out your table. Just saying." I turned around and walked away praying that I wouldn't get jumped haha. When I came back to the table, I immediately focused all my attention on her. I apologized repeatedly and told her not to leave me again.

                      Next thing I know... I'm ordering another magnum of vodka and PJ Fleur. Everyone is hammered. I grabbed my girl and kissed her. For the next half hour... possibly 1 hour... maybe even 2 hours... her and I were making out. Time really goes quickly when you're drunk as fuck. I didn't even know when the Chainsmokers came on. My friend tells me it was probably when we were in the bathroom. The energy for Chainsmokers is really high, for those who are on the edge about paying the mins to see them at XS, I highly recommend it.

                      So my girl tells me... "I think you're drunk and someone should take you back..." I look at her and said... "Do you mean you?"... She nods her head up and down and smiles. You don't have to tell me twice! Haha. So I turn to my waitress and tell her to close out my tab. The one thing I don't like about XS is they auto refill water and red bulls without you asking. So they had actually brought a case of water... like four 6packs. I grabbed my girls hand and we head out for the night. (I ended up going $2-$3k over the minimum, not sure how that happened. Looking at the itemized receipt my host sent me, we killed 6 magnums of Belvedere, 2 magnums of PJ Fleur, 1 bottle of Jameson, and 1 bottle of Don Julio 1942. Plus about $1k in Red bull and water lol. Oh well)
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                        Day 3 (Saturday Day)

                        I wake up in my girl's room probably around 7am or so. We just laid there talking and cuddling. Usually I don't mind the small talk because I'm good at filtering out my own personal emotional stuff. Except this time, I slipped a few times while talking to her. What was going on with me? I tried to keep my composure, because this wall was not crumbling. She shared some personal things about her life as well. Maybe that's why I felt at ease talking to her? Since we both were hungry, we decided to get breakfast, but first both of us needed to shower and get dressed. This morning... I was the one making the walk of shame back to my room lol. While I'm in my room showering and getting ready, my friend calls me and asked if we're alive and also if we wanted to get breakfast. I told him me and my girl were going to get breakfast, but yeah we'll join up with him and his gf.

                        So with my OCD planning before Vegas, I had actually made a reservation for 4 around the same time at Jardin. Maybe it was fate? I'm kidding. My friend and I both ordered our lobster egg benedicts for breakfast and the girls ordered a bagel with smoked salmon. We all sort of recapped the previous night. None of us could recall when The Chainsmokers came on, but we all agreed it was a good night.

                        We all go upstairs to get ready because dayclubbing was at Wet Republic today. I locked-in to the bungalow since it was over 105 degrees in Vegas that week, so I knew I would want to avoid the sun and have some shade. Plus having a private pool was a plus. You know because the pools tend to become the #1 restroom at a dayclub. We make our way to Wet and I text Marcio Hassan. He comes out, and gets another guy to walk us through every line. No wait what so ever. We ended up with Bungalow 12. It's on the new strip of bungalows at Wet. I told him beforehand I wouldn't take the old strip of bungalows. They basically have their own zip code haha.

                        We start with a magnum of vodka, some beers, red bulls, water, and platters of food. You know... take it easy from the night before. About an hour or so goes by and randomly I remembered seeing photos of the Perrier Jouet champagne pong table at Wet from a few weeks ago. I had to have it! I didn't care what it would cost me. You guys all know I'm a sucker for the Dom Perignon shield that glows in the dark at the club, so this obviously was a no brainer. My waitress told me I would have to either do a 3L bottle of PJ Fleur or 3 magnums of PJ Fleur. For the bang for the buck, the 3 magnums of PJ Fleur was a no brainer as well. It costs the same and you get another 1.5L of champagne. A few minutes went by and all of a sudden, the siren goes off, the drums are banging, and they bring out the champagne pong table with 2 girls sitting on the table holding the bottles in the air. Oh yeah... and they decided to throw in 10 champagne bottle sprays in the presentation as well. Since I've taken part in a champagne spray in the past, I had no desire. I told them to spray everyone in the pool, but one other guy in the group wanted to look like the man of the hour and get the champagne shower himself. I was like whatever. Once they set up the champagne table, I used my smarts and decided... let's do a couples match! Me and my girl vs my friend and his gf. So it was really fun at first, but after a while the champagne starts to warm up in the sun, and it's actually pretty disgusting. It was worth it looking like a boss playing champagne pong on the elevated bungalow platform overlooking the entire club. Like who does that? Haha.

                        I'm pretty sure me and my girl lost that game, and I volunteered to drink whatever she didn't want. I'm such a gentleman... So most of the dayclub was a bit hazy. Heat and alcohol does that to you. I remember Tiesto coming on at some point. Me and my girl kept sharing whatever she put her vodka with. And boy were they strong. So at one point... it just got pretty ratchet in my bungalow between me and my girl. I picked her up by the ass onto the wet bar in the bungalow and we made out. If you guys could only see the photos that everyone took of us, it's like straight out of a magazine. I have photos from different angles too haha. So then I laid down on the couch... and she got on top straddling me. It was hot. More pictures were taken as well lol. Shamelessly making out for a half hour. As my one friend puts it, it was basically a live sex session. When I got up, the other girls in the cabana were like, "your head is black!" Basically all my girl's makeup was on me, but I didn't care. Neither did she haha. In my drunken state of mind, I decided to order a magnum of PJ Fleur so that my girl could get her name on the cards. They came out and her shock and excitement was priceless. Everyone was telling me the look and smile on her face definitely made her so happy.

                        So my European professional soccer players. Boy do they like girls... One guy was holding two girls in the pool making out with both of them at the same time. Switching up on them grinding on him. That right there is hero status. I swear they were going to have a threesome. Not sure if that actually materialized or not. I'll have to ask him.

                        Me, my girl, my friend, and his gf decide to head out around 4pm since we were all drained from the Vegas sun. Once we made it back, everyone parted to their rooms. I'm not sure why I didn't invite my girl back to my room to cuddle and sleep. Stupid me. I ended up falling asleep immediately in bed and had THE best 4 hour power nap ever.
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                          Awesome trip report man!! The first time I ever met up with people from Jack Colton was during MDW of this year. When we all met up all we kept talking about was "Daddy's Home"!!


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                            Day 3 (Saturday Night)

                            After I wake up from the greatest nap of my life, I decided to text my girl to see if she wanted to get something to eat downstairs. No response, so I assumed she was still asleep. Oh btw, when I woke up... I was still drunk lol. Not a problem though, because I know the Wynn/Encore property like I know the back of my hand. It happens when you stay there enough times. I decided to eat at the cafe at the Wynn since all I needed was some fuel in my body to make it through the night. My girl eventually texts me and tells me she just woke up, and that she needs to get ready to go out tonight.

                            I go back to my room, lay in bed to watch some tv, and eventually shower and get dressed. My girl and I meet up downstairs, and she's looking stunning once again. You ever get that dumbfounded smile to yourself? It happened a few times this weekend to me. We decide to cab it over to Caesars to get to Omnia. Since my girl and I are divas, we knew it would be best to meet everyone else there and not wait for us. When we arrived around the Omnia check-in area, it was PACKED. Almost like a Calvin night. I meet up with **** and we walk in. They actually moved things along pretty efficiently for my group. Didn't have to wait long at all. I held my girl's hand the entire time through the check-in line up to the table so that she wouldn't get lost. Also because I look like the man with her around my arm walking into Omnia haha.

                            We make the walk into the hallway at Omnia and into the main room. I knew we were already getting Dance Floor table 17 for the night. From the distance, I saw these purple drummers with girls holding name cards. You had to be shitting me right? Omnia decided to show me the love as well with a walk-in presentation. That royal walk to the table was the highlight of my life. It takes about 3 minutes to get to the table, and everyone is just staring at your table. As you move closer, you can hear the beat from the snare drums get louder. My girl was in awe, and so was the entire group. Once we finally made it to the table, they shot the confetti and all around Omnia on the screens they had, "Omnia welcomes ______ ______." They even put my last name on the screen! If that isn't baller treatment, then I don't know what is.

                            We start out with my routine of magnum of vodka, red bull, and waters. We went through that bottle pretty fast, so I ordered another one a half hour later. Since I knew my girl was a bit annoyed with me not speaking to her the previous night, I tried to allocate more attention towards her. Maybe it wasn't enough? I make my rounds talking to everyone, and the waitress starts to talk to me. She was asking how I'm enjoying my weekend so far and what I did the previous night? Then my girl walks over and tells the waitress to make her a drink. I didn't know until the next morning when my girl told me, but she purposely told the waitress to make me a drink so that the waitress would stop talking to me. Then on another instance that night, another waitress came up to me to make small talk. My girl immediately asks the waitress to take a photo of us so that the conversation would end there (My girl also admitted to purposely doing that as well).

                            Once I was somewhat drunk, I HAD to order my Dom Perignon so that I would get the Dom Shield presentation. It's an obsession I have. **** can attest to that. Next thing I know, four green lighted drummers appear out of no where wearing swat vests, two girls with light sticks dressed in batman costumes are there, and two other girls are holding up the two Dom bottles I ordered in the glorious shields. What a presentation.

                            Sooner or later, we start ordering more magnums of vodka and everyone was beyond drunk. Hardwell came on at some point, but honestly the music sounds the same, so it made no difference to me haha. My girl and I were passionately making out the rest of the night. She even gave me a hickey haha. There was grabbing and pulling on each others end. Then I look around and there were girls making out with girls. My one friend had 5 strippers join our table... There was one point, 3 girls were making out with each other. Oh we have videos... don't you worry haha.

                            So as my girl and I kept making out. One random girl behind us from the Tier 2 tables said to us, "Omg you guys are the cutest couple. I've been watching you guys all night." My girl and I both smiled and then my girl scoots over closely to talk to that random girl. I turn my head for one second and look back, my girl is making out with her! Thankfully that didn't last very long, and then she came back to me so that we could resume our thing lol.

                            For all you guys who have a dance floor table, a quick tip is to ask the security guards on the dance floor to take you and/or your girl to the private restroom. There's virtually no wait, and you can't lose your girl.

                            My girl and I were really into each other so we decided to head out. I had the security guard escort us out of the club. Otherwise in our drunken state and with how packed it was, it might have taken quite some time.

                            Once my girl and I were in the cab, she put her head down on my lap to rest. She says to me, "Anytime you're in Vegas, let me know and I'll come, and I'll be your Vegas gf." I thought it was really adorable at the time. I said to her, "okay." So we get to Encore, and I piggy back her up to the lobby because her feet were hurting. Yes I am actually a really nice and caring guy.

                            We head back to her room, get undressed, and all of a sudden she tells me she isn't feeling well. I knew things were about to go down south. She rushed to the bathroom to vomit. I walked over to hold up her hair and help wash her mouth. We walked back to the bed, I grabbed a trash can and a bottle of water, and decided the right thing to do was to take care of her for the rest of the night. I wasn't really bummed because my MO in Vegas isn't really about sleeping with girls. Yes, I'm a guy and if it happens... great, but I go to Vegas for myself to let loose, get fucked up, and have a good time with the people around me. I kind of laid there the rest of the night playing with my phone, just to make sure she wouldn't roll over on her back and vomit.
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                              Day 4 (Sunday Morning)

                              This is where things get a little emotional for me. So I'll make a post just for the morning.

                              My girl eventually wakes up and she seems like she's doing better. I tell her to drink some water. She tells me that she still has a bit of a headache. Don't think that it didn't cross my mind about doing a quickie before getting up. But the fact she told me her head still hurt a bit, I wasn't going to push it. She just laid on my chest, holding hands. We talked a bit about things here and there, and at that moment I felt my heart drop. Was it possible? Did this girl really break down that wall that's never failed on me? I turned to her and asked her if she really had to head back home in a few hours. She told me that she had to. I even offered to pay to change her flight and said she can stay in my room, or I can extend her stay another night if she wanted. Unfortunately, she needed to get home since she had some obligations to tend to.

                              We finally got out of bed, and I told her I would take her to Tableau since I kind of wanted a change of scenery from Jardin. While we walked to the elevator, she noticed the hickey she gave me from last night. I just prayed it would go away by the time I head back into work in a few days. While we made the walk to Tableau (which is one hell of a walk from Encore btw), I put my arm around her, and she put her hand in my waistband. I can't explain the feeling, because it's not love, but when you fall for someone in Vegas, it really fucks with your mind. We finally make it to Tableau, but since my girl was wearing a midriff, they wouldn't let us dine inside. It was still early in the morning, so it wasn't hot out yet. While sitting down, we started talking about personal things in each others lives. And I couldn't help but listen attentively. I had my iPhone down the entire breakfast, and for me that never happens. I am usually texting back and forth throughout a meal service. We share food, and btw the Belgian waffles are splendid there.

                              Once we finished breakfast, I walked her back to her room to help her pack. While we made the walk back, I put my arm around her again, and she put her hand in my waistband. I asked her if she would come visit me? And she said of course. I told her I can always fly her out for a weekend. Or we could always go somewhere else to get away. Eventually, we make it back to her room, and I help her pack everything. I asked her one more time if she wanted to change her flight to the next day, but she tells me as much as she wants to stay for another night, she couldn't. I walked her out to the Uber/Lyft area once she checked out. While waiting for the Uber, I leaned against the garbage can, and she put her arms around me. We sort of just looked at each other, kissed, and I told her I had a really fun time this weekend. The uber ends up arriving and I help load her luggage into the trunk, and then I finally give her one last kiss goodbye. I watched as her car drove off. I turned around and walked back into the hotel and up to my room.

                              The feeling was so empty. I went back into my room, and just laid in bed. I didn't really want to talk to anyone. My friends were texting me if I wanted to go to EBC since they got a lower cabana for a really low minimum. I told them I was going to pass, that I wasn't in the mood, but if I changed my mind, then I would let them know. I didn't really tell them why I was passing on EBC, because to everyone else... this playboy parties until he dies, and I didn't want the world to know that I had become so vulnerable and for the first time ever I felt something while in Vegas. I decided to pull the sheets over my head and try to get some sleep. I kept my phone next to me to see if my girl would call or text me. I remember right before she left... she asked me, "Are you going to me miss?" And I said, "Of course, I've probably dropped over $??k this weekend, but it was worth it if it meant I got to meet you." And then I asked her if she's going to miss me? And she told me, "I'll know once I get to the airport." When she finally did get to the airport to text me that she passed security, I asked her if she decided if she missed me yet? And she said, "Actually yeah I do..."
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