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"Are you f*cking kidding me?!" - girls trip, April 21 2-4

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    Ok, so I wish you guys could have seen this. All around us people were going wild, splashing in the water as the beats were dropping, but the people in the immediate vicinity were watching all of this go down like it was the Mayweather and Pacquiao rematch. It. Was. Riveting. I could hear people’s running commentary, “Oooooooooh. Shiiiiiiiiit. What she gonna do now? BAHAHAHAHAHA. She’s taking more L’s than meek mills.”

    Annabelle had let go of the brunette’s arm and was laughing so hard, she was doubled over, her face in the water. I thought she was going to drown herself laughing. Imagine going like that? I hopped into the pool with Alyssa and we pulled her to the side, still laughing ourselves.

    Annabelle looked over at the girls and through her laughter said to them, “Oh em gee. I can’t. I literally can’t. Have you had enough?” They jumped up, grabbed their belongings and scurried away. The security guy came over, wanting to “"eject"” Annabelle (who actually says eject?). The boys took care of it and security turned to her, trying not to laugh and said, '“Ma’'am, please don’t throw things into the pool” anymore' and gave Annabelle a pound.

    I climbed back onto the daybed and started munching on the remainder of my chicken fingers and helped myself to some salad. I was starving, and drunk shoveling food into my mouth. Drunk eating is a favourite past time of mine. I had my eyes closed and was dancing on my butt because I was really enjoying my food when I felt a hand on my leg. Opened my eyes and there was Nate laughing at me. I had a piece of salad dangling out of my mouth and dressing smeared on my chin and a half eaten chicken finger in one hand and a glass of vodka cran in the other. So embarrassing. He reached to wipe my chin but I deeked him and proceeded to spill my entire icy drink on his boy. He jumped up screamed and I gasped, which allowed some of the food to fall out of my mouth. Oh my god.

    I apologized profusely and cleaned up the gross mess.

    Nate asked me why I was being like that. I let out a big sigh and told him that I was serious about having to keep things PG. I was waving my fists in the air at him with frustration. He smirked and laughed and didn’t say anything, pulled out his phone and turned the front-facing camera on and handed it to me.

    I had dressing on my chin still and a piece of lettuce on my boob. Lovely. I swear I take after the twins with their messiness.

    He picked me up and hopped into the pool.

    Ughhhhh, not a good idea. First of all, it was close to 4:30 and the pool was gross. Second of all, we were both wearing minimal clothing. So this was a bad idea all around. I desperately looked at the girls and made neck slicing movements with my hands. They just smiled at me.

    I wriggled out of his arms and doggy paddled away and he followed me and we sat on the ledge by the stairs.

    Nate: “You’re serious huh?”
    Me: “Yeah…”
    Nate: “Well this fucking sucks”
    Me: “Yeah…”
    Nate: “There’s something here”
    Me: “Yeah…”
    Nate: “But we’re married”
    Me: “Yeah…”
    Nate: “So what changed?”
    Me: “Everything…”
    Nate: “How bout just the tip?”
    Me: “LOL, you’re a piece of shit”
    Nate: “LOL, just kidding”
    Me: “Yeah okkkkk…”
    Nate: “'Maybe again one day'
    Me: .......

    I laid my head on his shoulder for a few seconds and hopped into the pool and walked back to our friends. The girls were watching me closely. I got out of the pool and Alanna announced, “It’s nap time. Leggo”.

    We grabbed all of our stuff and said bye to the boys. Nate had come back to the daybeds and was lounging watching me struggle to get my wedges on. Fuck! I hate wearing wedges to the pool. But it just looks so hot, so I do it.

    I sat beside him, gave him a hug and whispered, “'Don’t ever change. You’re kinda the shit”'. He laughed and said, '“Yeah, I’m alright. Probably not gonna see each other again huh?”' I shook my head. He gave me a sad smile and said, '“Be good. Hit me if you get divorced”'. I laughed. That motherfucker. SIGH…

    I trailed behind the girls and walked toward the exit and looked back. Ugh, bad idea. NEVER look back. Some of the boys were consoling Nate and giving him pats on the back and a few were chirping him. Poor guy. I wanted to go back.

    Alanna turned to me and said, “'You know, I didn’t think you’d actually do it. Good for you girl. Let’s go eat those fucking feelings. You need some chocolate. And maybe a J. Yeah, yeah….Let’s get liftedddddddd. Even though you’re sad we’re in vegasssssssssss”'. My girl!!!
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      tiesto was at wet on april 22nd
      ​not sure why you said calvin


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        Thanks artedm. Mom brain plus it was a rough return weekend lol. The struggle is real. I mixed up trips. I'll edit it after. I can't seem to edit that post from my phone.


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          Ok dunno what's happening but just tried to upload the rest of Sat. Not working from my phone. Bah! I'll repost from my computer later this wknd. Sad face.


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            Damn! We need the rest!!!!


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              This is absolutely incredible. Thanks for sharing. Don't get me wrong, I also appreciate a good "I went to Vegas for three days and nailed everything under the sun" trip report, but this is some real stuff. Well done. And way to have will power (at least through this far, hahah).


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                I gotta agree with Coolwake, you don't see too many ladies posting the other perspective. definitely a good read, thank you bottle unicorn!


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                  Much love gentleman for the nice words. Sorry for the delay in posting.

                  I was sad but Alanna was right. What better place let go of your shit then in than the city of sin lol. So I rallied and didn’t mope.

                  We had wanted to go out for dinner with just the girls that night but it wasn’t looking very promising. We were all pretty drunk on champagne, vodka and sun, plus we all had to wash our hair. That’s the thing about Vegas. Because we like to party so much, it doesn’t leave much time for anything else. Eat, sleep, rave, repeat. I don’t remember a lot from that afternoon after 2:30 pm besides the watch and saying deuces to Nate. I don’t remember the uber ride. But I do remember getting out of a car and eating chocolate. We had stopped at the chocolate lounge close to PH in the miracle mile. I remember leaving MM but I don’t remember getting back to Encore or showering. But someone how we managed.

                  We ended up waking from our naps at around 8:30 to get ready for the night. I woke up missing my 24 year old body. My head was buzzing and my joints were sore. I contemplated for a second time taking it easy for the night. Lol. But the girls wouldn’t hear it. We ordered room service again. I had a pizza and salad. Pretty delicious. Should be for $60 smh.

                  I still really wasn’t feeling very well and wanted to stay in. I wanted to save my energy for Sunday. I was determined to go hard on Sun. Guetta at EBC annnnnnnnnd Redman and Methodman at Drai’s. If there’s a house DJ that I still have love and respect for, it’s David Guetta. OMG. Classic. I’m so happy that he’s still around and made it big. I remember sneaking in to see him using a fake ID when I was a kid. And, Red & Meth?! If you’ve read this far, then you know that I love hip hop. And these two east coast legends in my favorite town?! Sunday was gonna be bananas, so I wanted to rest and recharge.

                  Again, the girls weren’t having it. They accused me of making excuses to hang out with Nate. Not gonna lie, the thought crossed my mind plenty of times. But no, I had cut that part of my past life free. Not looking back I reminded myself.

                  So I started getting ready while eating left over truffles from the chocolate lounge. Man, they’re delicious. So rich and decadent. It was a great little pick me up.

                  We left Encore around 11pm because we’ve been to Omnia before and it’s always a zoo outside so we left a tiny bit earlier. If there’s anything worse than Hak’s outside situation, it has to be Omnia. I always see a line snaking out Caesar’s.

                  I love Omnia. I’m so glad they closed Pure and opened Omnia. I love that both the main room and the hip room are always bumping. As wounded as I was feeling, I was happy that my girls forced me to stop moping and come out.

                  We again were on guest list. And again the guest list line was packed full of women. We hovered as close to the entrance as possible while we waited for our guy to come and save us. We ended up waiting close to ten minutes. But Alanna and Annabelle made friends with some guys who had a table. They were about to be walked to their table and invited us to join them.

                  It turned out their table was in the “hip hop” room. I forget what that room is called. We went in with the boys but agreed that if they or the music were whack, we’d go to the main room. For once I was excited to see the headliner. I’ve never seen Zedd before and I like a lot of his songs. He’s such a good producer. I hoped he was going to be as good a DJ.

                  We followed the guys into the hip hop room. They had the table right in the corner by the ramp. It was a good vibe in there. The guys were fun, old college friends, from all over the country for a 40th birthday and a mini-reunion. I talked and danced with an aeronautical engineer. I learned such interesting things from him. Such as, flights today are on average anywhere from 15-25% longer in flying time today compared to decades ago because the planes use less fuel and don’t fly as high. I’m pretty sure he said something like that, but also I was happily enjoying their vodka, so some of that may be made up by me.

                  Around 1ish I told the girls that I was going to check out the main room just to see. It was rammed and Zedd wasn’t on yet so I decided to head back to the hip hop room after stopping at the ladies room. I met a bunch of girls from Vancouver, Canada. Oh my gosh, Canadians are so nice and polite. I’ve always thought so and meeting new ones in Vegas always re-affirms it for me. Seriously. We were laughing together because in Canada they say “zee” instead of “zed”. As in “WXY and zee” and they kept saying, “I can’t wait to see Zee” And I thought to myself, “damn these girls are dumb AF”. And I told them, “Ummm actually, it’s Zedd. The guy actually spells his name out, Z-E-D-D. It’s not just the letter Z”. They laughed and said they were just being silly and making fun of themselves and apologized for confusing me. They apologized! LOL. The girls were mad cute.

                  I went back to the hip hop room and told the girls that I wanted to see Zedd and they all agreed and we said goodbye to our friends, thanked them for the drinks and went into the main room. Alanna took one of the guy’s numbers for Sunday. They were planning on going to EBC as well. Cool!

                  We definitely should’ve made movements way earlier. The main room was packed. We were like sardines all smushed together trying to move in the same direction. We slowly made our way along the back wall towards the left side of the club. Alanna had been texting our new Florida GFs and they were at a table second row from the dancefloor and invited us to join them.

                  We edged our way there but the security wouldn’t let us pass through. We had to get one of the girls to get one of the guys to bring us in. Score! The Florida girls had met these guys that had come all the way from the UK for a “lads trip”. Oh my god, their accents were too much. So swoon worthy. I felt like I was a sexy bond chick anytime I spoke with one of those guys. A few were in town for a convention earlier in the week and the rest had just arrived the day before.

                  Men for the UK can drink. Men in general are pretty impressive in their alcohol consumption, but UK guys blow American guys out of the water. Sorry, but it’s true. They ordered bottle after bottle of hard liquor. Vodka, Henessy, Whiskey. They were throwing it back like water.

                  So this booth I think was the perfect spot. I find that the ones that are directly adjacent to the dancefloor, get too much interference from people on the dancefloor. And the booths along the back adjacent to the walkways get overflow from those people. The middle row is just perfect.

                  When Zedd came on I was shocked at how young he is. He’s so adorable! He looks like my kid neighbor that I used to babysit when I was in high school. He played all his bangers and other’s people’s music too. People were going wild; singing to all the songs, arms in the air, smiles on everyone’s faces, confetti falling all around us, so many lit up champagne bottle orders around the club. It was magic and what keeps me coming back to Vegas.

                  What I really love about Omnia is that moving light installation that drops down from the ceiling. It is just so awe-inspiring. It reminds of that Will Smith movie Independence Day without the city destruction and death and aliens.

                  The acoustics and sound in Omnia is incredible. Absolute perfection. I think this is one of the reasons that I enjoy nightclubs more than pool parties. I love feeling the bass in my body and I just don’t get that same feeling in the open air of a pool party.

                  Anyway, we danced our hearts out until Zedd went off. I’m not even sure what time that was. While waiting for our uber, I called ahead for room service to have more delicious pizza and salads sent to our room. Absolute perfection.

                  I was on cloud nine that night. My favorite city, my favorite people, my favorite food, enjoying my favorite past times (dancing & drunk eating lol). A couple of the girls left to meet friends. I hopped into the shower and went straight to bed to get my beauty rest because Sunday was gonna be a biiiiiiig day. I went to sleep feeling pretty proud of myself. I didn't message or see Nate and I didn't puke or walk around barefoot


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                    No puking? No "feels" msg? Good way to end the night!


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                      Sounds perfect! Has me juiced for my weekend in sin city at the end of the month!!!

                      Hate the hook you left us with here...


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                        Once again being real and honest in your TR. Props to you regarding your decision with Nate. Must admit the tip comment was classic. And thank you for informing me what a cake face clue on my end plus I'm married and in my 40's so exposure to this has become limited.

                        "Only one way and that's my way....Grim Reaper calling, Judgement Day"

                        Looking forward to Sunday.

                        Happily sponsoring the Las Vegas economy since July 1996


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                          Where is the biiiiiiig day!!!!


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                            Waiting patiently for the rest of this story. It's great.
                            Previous Vegas Trips:
                            MDW 2011 (Signature @ MGM)
                            4th of July 2012 (Monte Carlo)
                            International Fight Week 2015 (Vdara)


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                              Nobody? Fine I'll say it. Poor Nate. A moment of silence for the fallen soldier. Much love to you and your TR, but you blueballed the fuck out of this lad.


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                                Originally posted by empire55 View Post
                                Nobody? Fine I'll say it. Poor Nate. A moment of silence for the fallen soldier. Much love to you and your TR, but you blueballed the fuck out of this lad.
                                It's Vegas... There's girls everywhere, he'll be fine.