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"Are you f*cking kidding me?!" - girls trip, April 21 2-4

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  • "Are you f*cking kidding me?!" - girls trip, April 21 2-4

    Where are all the TRs at?! In honour of my upcoming trip in August for a bach and to get hype, here's my TR from April of this year

    This past trip was my first visit in a long time. Three damn years (well, almost) to be exact. I’ve had my first and last two children, twins no less (no idea how people with more than 2 kids do it. I salute you). People without kids, enjoy your freedom. Holy hell, what a game changer they are. Life and circumstances these days are a bit different to say the least.

    So needless to say, Mommy’s been very busy the last two years and in dire need of some stress release.

    April 21 – 24, Encore

    Me – 31
    Annabelle – 31
    Alyssa – 29
    Alanna – 30

    The girls had no plans other than to party and let loose. We’ve all been to Vegas several times (see my last two TRs for the dirty deets) so we didn’t HAVE to do or see anything.

    Since having my twins, I’ve had almost zero free time to myself. So I just wanted to do nothing. Veg out in the sun, read a book, skip the pool parties and maybe possibly go to a club if I was feeling up to it. However, when I told my girls this, I heard things like, “Who the fuck are you right now?” “What did you do with our friend?” “Didn’t realize that becoming a mom means that you become boring!” “Are you sick? Is something wrong with you?”. No bitches. There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m just TIRED AF. Anyway, thank god for girlfriends, cuz they shut that shit down right away and made sure that we had our usual, wild and crazy Vegas-shenanigan, grand old time.

    Friday: MDC, Hak
    Saturday: Wet, Omnia
    Sunday: EBC, Drai’s

    I was certain that there was no way I was gonna make it through the days ahead, but why do I doubt myself? Cuz I rallied the champ I was born and raised to be. Owwwwwww!


    Arrived at McCarran with no delays out of NYC at around 11am. A car was sent for us from Encore and the driving was waiting for us at arrivals. We were riding my husband’s coattails. He booked us a two-bedroom apartment through his host. Wow! What a gorgeous place to stay. Way too big for us. It was a shame that we didn’t get to enjoy the room more. It really was just a place to nap for the three days we were there. No wait for check in as we were taken to a separate check in area.

    It was my first time staying at Encore. I’m a Cosmo and Wynn type of girl, myself. But I really was impressed with Encore. They’re attention to detail is phenomenal. Our apartment was well appointed and didn’t really show signs of wear and tear. I would say though, the décor is a little tiny bit dated, but really who am I to complain?

    Prior to arriving, my husband had put me in contact with his host to arrange guest list for the pool parties and clubs we wanted to go to and any dinners. I felt a little uneasy about doing this as my husband wasn’t travelling with us. First of all, I don’t really gamble. At most I’ll drop $20 in a slot machine while killing time. I felt a bit bad about using my husband’s perks without him. I didn’t blow things or decrease his “status” but he assured me that it would be fine. I think he just wanted to make sure that I was well taken care of by so I didn’t have to rely on anyone else… if you know what I mean

    Side note, as you may remember from my previous TRs, he and I have had an understanding in the past about Vegas. Enough said. Having kids has changed the way we feel about that understanding and we always said that when it stops working for one or both of us, then it’s done. Needless to say, it’s done. Which means, that I had to figure out how I was going to have more PG-rated fun. Cool. I’m always up for a challenge.

    Anyway, we oohed and ahhed at the apartment and changed into bikinis and headed down to be chauffeured to Cosmo. Holy, I could get used to this life.

    So Marquee Dayclub… overall it was a fun party. I forget who the DJ was. Just a local guy. It was a little more chill than usual because it was a Friday. We got a daybed with no minimum spend and a comped bottle of goose. The only think I love more than vodka is free vodka. So we were feeling a little happier after a few drinks. I was hanging out in the main pool and made friends with some girls from the midwest. They were in town for a bachelorette… with 16 girls! Jeez. Most of them hadn’t arrived yet but were due to fly in that night. I asked what they had planned for the weekend. They were going to play mini golf later that day at the Rio and were going to Red Rock Canyon and to see the Seven Magic Mountains. The following day they wanted to see Titanic artifact museum (didn’t even know that was a thing) and possibly go see a neon bone yard.

    I did my best not laugh at them because 1) I had no idea that any of those things existed. 2) It wasn't my particular cup of tea and 3) they were in town for a sober bachelorette. A SOBER BACHELORETTE PARTY IN LAS VEGAS.

    ***BLANK STARE*** (from me).

    Alyssa swam by me and whispered, “Hey Mommy, looks like you might’ve found the right group of boring girls to spend the weekend with”. Yeah right.

    Now, I’m all for whatever floats your boat, and the amazing thing about Vegas is there’s something for everyone. But really, I was flabbergasted. Anyway, tried not to judge as I sipped politely on my too strong vodka cranberry.

    We ordered some food and I used it’s arrival as an excuse to get away from the good girls. As sweet as they were, I’m in Vegas to get wild and meet some people who were down for the same, not to play mini golf.

    We ended up leaving MDC at around 4pm-ish. I grabbed a super chocolatey alcoholic milkshake from Holstein’s and took a uber back to Encore for a nap.

    Showered and woke up at around 9pm to Alyssa shaking me furiously. Apparently one of the boys she had hooked up with last time knew we were in town, messaged her and wanted to come meet us. They’re from LA, so not very far away at all.

    “What happened, to your good morals?! And why didn’t you tell me that you told those guys we’re in Vegas?!”

    It took a few seconds for what she was saying to process. I hadn’t told those guys anything. I haven’t spoken to my friend in over a year. Trying to be a good wife! And that’s kind of hard around him.

    I’d been posting our antics to my IG story. I hate and love that you can see who watches it because I don’t like people knowing when I creep on them, but I like being able to see who’s clocking me. I saw that a few of those guys I’d befriended in Vegas and partied with on multiple occasions had seen that we were in town and had a few shots in their honour. But that’s it. I swear!

    I snapped at her a bit because I’m not the nicest when I wake up from a nap lol. And told her, “What fucking good morals? They’re questionable at best. And for your information I didn’t tell those guys anything about our trip. Haven’t spoken to them in forever. Thank you very much!”

    She looked taken aback by it all and was super sorry as I explained the IG story stuff. They must have known because of that. A little creepy and stalkerish, but can’t say I didn’t love it a bit. I snickered as I thought to myself, “I guess Mama’s still got it”.

    I told her to relax. Nothing would probably come of it all.

    I got up to get ready, looked at my phone and saw an IG DM from my friend. “I’m going to come and see you. Keep your phone on, I’ll message you when I’m there.”

    Well shiiiiiiiittttt.
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    Ummmm.... I dunno how my post became one giant paragraph. I'll fix it. My bad.

    Edited: paragraphs fixed!
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      Damn, sounds like you were setup with great accomodations! Can't wait to hear more


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        Keep it coming!!!


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          Yessssss a new trip report


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            Got the popcorn ready, do carry on


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              Yesssss.....TR season might finally be back!!!!! Please....give us....more.
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                Friday night: Hakkasan, Drai’s (sort of), my second “are you fucking kidding me” moment, new friends & eating feelings

                I realize a lot of what I’'ve written and will write are ramblings of my self-inflicted drama, that you some of you probably won’t want to read. Therefore, if you wanna skip those deets, please feel free. I will start them with < RAMBLE > and end it with </RAMBLE>. Lol. Then you can just read the Vegas stuff.

                Ok, so I was having a bit of an existential crisis in regards to my friend. What the hell do I do?! I knew what I should do, and I knew what I wanted to do. Unfortunately, they are not the same thing. And history tends to repeat itself, so I knew that meeting up with him was a lot of trouble waiting to happen. However, I was in Vegas and I love trouble. Smh. Someone needs to help me make better decisions with my life.

                I literally felt like I had an angel on one shoulder (holding a photo of my husband and twins) pleading with me and a vixen wearing a hot vegas dress on the other goading me into being bad.

                I decided to hold off with telling my girls about the DM until at least after we were showered and ready for Hak. Because those bitches swear they’re private investigators and it’s too much sometimes. Too many damn questions.

                We were on guestlist for Hakkasan and were told to be there early, like before 10pm. Omg! That’s ridiculously early. We left Encore at around 11:30 after taking several rounds of shots of patron (which I’'ve developed a new-found love for). It'’s really important for me to be a little wavy and tipsy in Vegas. Otherwise, I’'m not friendly enough and can’t tolerate much. My resting bitch face really precedes me. Which makes it hard to make friends. So a little booze goes a long way to loosen things up.

                We got outside Hak by 12ish. Oh man, what a shitshow. That situation outside is a disaster! It really is outrageous. Jumbled up lines everywhere, packs of people vying for the doormen’s attention, hordes of dudes corralled in the table line, looking desperate to get in. Ummmmmm… if you have a table booked, you really shouldn't have to wait. So word to the wise, don’t book with one of those outside VIP hosting companies. They seemed to be the people that were waiting.

                The guest list line was PACKED with women. All different shapes, sizes, nationalities. I could almost taste the rainbow. It would be a cold day in hell before we waited in a line that long. It must have been at least 200 women deep.

                Alanna texted our guy and told him we were outside. He was a little peeved that we were so late and said that he''’s busy walking tables in, but he’'d pass word to the guys at the door in a bit. Our fault really, we didn’t follow the rules. But fuck, rules are made to be broken!

                So we did what we do best, and worked our charm on the doorman. There is a science and method to this ladies, so take note. Haha. Well, not really. All you have to do is be real and be nice and be grateful when shit goes your way.

                I walked up to doorman at the invited guest line and said, "Excuse me sir (smile). My girlfriends and I are on the guest list and we don’t want to wait in line (smile). Is there anything that you could possibly do for us please? (extra big smile)". He looked us up and down and asked how many of us there were and I told him just us four. He looked at his clipboard (I dunno why) and then asked us to follow him. He walked us all the way down the hall past all the other women in the guest list line and through the ropes. Really it wasn’t necessary for us to do that long walk, but I couldn’t help but gloat a little inside as the other women stared at us resentfully.

                Gave him a kiss on the cheek and a tip and thanked him profusely. And we were in!

                Now Hak is not my favourite. It's so squishy and the walkways are always so crowded. But who am I to complain, it’s not like we’d be stuck in there.

                As we got off the elevator, a gentleman in a pretty nice suit (yum, guys wear more suits, you’ll get more ladies) was standing in front of the doors waiting for us. The doorman had radioed up to him to tell him we were on our way up. He pulled us aside from the rest of the pack of people and asked us if we wanted to join his clients at their table. Uh, hellz yes please! See, it does pay to have good manners and to be grateful!

                He walked us down around the walkway in the main room to a table on the dancefloor, facing the DJ booth but sort of to the left. Pretty good real estate. There were about 10 guys just sitting around the back of the booth on the banquette. Never understood this. What’s up with that, guys? Why sit on the back and not the couch?

                Anyway, smiles and flirting all around and the drinks started flowing. The guys were here for a divorce party (oh lordy) from Chicago. Oooooh, love the windy city. They were pretty cool guys, not too handsy or in our faces. The girls and I climbed up onto the banquettes and started dancing. The opening DJ was pretty good and kept the crowd vibing until a DJ I'd never heard of came on. He was trap and was pretty dope. Which is saying something bc I haaaaate trap normally except for in the club. He really got the crowd moving.

                So I had been checking my phone pretty regularly because, well, I was nervously anticipating what was going to happen when my friend arrived. So much so that my girls noticed and asked me what the hell was up. I told them that my friend, who we’'ll call Nate had seen my IG story and DM’ed me to say he was coming to see me. I’'ve never seen those girls get so stone-faced and silent. Being the nosy bitches they are, they promptly excused ourselves from the table and dragged me to the ladies room.

                I told them about Nate messaging me and how I didn’'t message him back. I didn'’t tell him that I would meet him but I also didn’'t stop him from coming. By that time it was after 2am and I hadn’'t heard anything from him yet. I was really excited about the thought of seeing him. But I made my girls promise me that they wouldn’'t let me leave with him. No matter what devious shit I tried to pull to get my way, because let’'s face it, I make bad decisions in Vegas, especially when those decisions are fueled by booze and adrenaline.

                So we went back to the table and danced with the divorcee. He got a pretty raunchy lap dance from some other girls that were at the table. Thank god, didn’'t want to have to be the ones to entertain him because he was pretty wasted and sloppy and not the hottest guy at the table. Sorry, but it'’s true.

                They boys ended up ordering champagne and they brought out the sparklers and lights. And on the screen it flashed, "Fuck Brenda”. – LOL, his ex-wife’s name. Hilarious. Best moment of the night. We left shortly after, not before wishing the divorcee well. I gave him a hug and whispered, “fuck bitches, get money” in his ear and we bounced.

                We ended up leaving because our friends from LA had arrived and were at Drai’'s and invited/summoned us over. And like the thirsty hoes we were at that point, we complied. Alyssa was dyinggggg to see her guy. And I was pretty squirmy myself. I haven'’t seen my friend since my last trip and haven’t talked to him in over a year.

                We were really drunk by that time in the night. Not disgusting messes, but definitely lacking inhibitions.

                We got outside Drai’'s around 3ish and there was a line. Messaged Paul and he got us in quickly and walked us to their table. I swear, I felt like I was going to have a heart attack. I was so nervous! It was like my heart was pounding louder than the baseline. I actually thought I may pass out.

                I really like Drai’'s. I like the fact that they play “hip hop”. I use quotation marks because nothing “hip hop” today compares to what hip hop really is. Sorry not sorry. I’'m from the birthplace of hip hop and came up during the 90's. So I'’m a music snob. This is how I’'ve come to realize that I’'m officially old. I say things like “"kids these days don’t know what good music is"”. Mumble, rap? FML. But anyway, I can appreciate a little bit of trap in the club.

                All the tables were sold and I would say the man to woman ratio was split about 60/40. I personally feel like the women that we saw at hak were better looking and better dressed than those at Drai’'s. I could be wrong, but that was my observation.

                We walked up to Nate’s table which wasn't on the dancefloor, but the next row back facing the stage but to the right. And I just stared at Nate and he stared back at me.
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                  I maxed out the number of words I can post LOL. Here's the continuation....

                  It’s like time stood still and everything around me faded into the background like I was in a cheesy romantic comedy movie. Damn, he looked good. Fuck, fuck, fuck! I couldn’t handle the situation and behave like a normal person. So I did what I thought made the most sense, I just turned around and ran away! LOL. I literally ran away, around the booth and hid behind the wall. LOL. I stood there hyperventilating with my face in my hands. All around me people were dancing, making out, basically having the time of lives. Random girls came up to me and were like “oh honey, are you ok?” I shooed them away and continued freaking out. Side note, drunk girls, I love you. You are the best!

                  I felt someone pull my waist and I looked up, expecting to see Nate, but it was his security guy, looking at me like a crazy person! WTF. So humiliating! He pulled me out of the traffic and Nate was standing behind him. Nate grabbed my hand and started walking towards the back of the club. I ripped my hand out of his and just stood there like an idiot staring at him all googly eyed and starstruck. I was afraid to touch him because ya know…

                  And so I ran away again. I literally ran away out of the club to the uber line. Balling my eyes out!!! Yes, at this point I was crying. What a fucking a mess. Honestly, what the hell?! People were gawking and staring and probably thought I was in trouble. Please keep in mind, at this point I’m crazy drunk and crazy horny, shoes off, hair all up in my face, power walking in tears. Thank god he didn’t follow me.

                  Anyway, an uber was going to take more than 15 mins to come, so I decided to walk to Encore. By myself, crying a little here and there, being accosted and hollered at by drunk guys. Not my finest moment.

                  My phone kept ringing. It was the girls, but I didn’t answer. Stupid, I know but I was irrational.

                  I was definitely one of the walking wounded. So I went to McDonald’s to have a McChicken and eat my feelings like a lonely loser. I brought my food outside and was sitting on a curb (LOL) and I made friends with an escort. Man talk about putting in hours. It was really late by then. She saw me looking forlorn and stuffing my face so we got to chatting. Holyyyyyyyyyy, she MAKES BANK. Been at it for a few years and as a result had her regulars that sometimes came to Vegas just to see her, her regulars that come for conventions and her regulars that just love contributing to the Vegas economy. Girlfriend charges $650 an hour with a two-hour minimum. Now, I wondered a little about how truthful she was being, because really what was someone so high end doing prowling the streets at nearly 4am? So, me being me, having no filter and totally straight up, I asked her. No shame. Apparently, she does open scouting on slow nights when she has no regular appointments booked. These “dates” are a steal at $250/hour. She also said nothing gets a bad taste out of her mouth like McDonald’s fries. EWWW! Shit, that was gross and hilarious. I finished up my food and she gave me her card, a hug and got on her way, not before offering to make me feel better. She winked and said she’d give me the ladies discount. Oh lord.

                  Then I walked home to Encore in my fast flats and called Nate, apologized for being a spazz and told him I was staying at Encore.

                  He was waiting for me in the lobby when I got there.

                  We ended up sitting in the casino at the slots for a few hours talking and catching up on everything. You know when you just vibe with someone? Like on all levels. That’s us. It’s scary and makes me feel really weird. Like really torn about the whole situation. I feel like maybe we were something together in a past life.

                  I ended up going up to my room at around 5am, without him. I’m impressed with myself really, it was hard but I persevered. What’s the female equivalent of blue balls by the way?

                  I stumbled into our room and Alanna was in the living room looking pretty pissed at me. I got the lecture I knew to expect, “Where the fuck were you? Why didn’t you answer your phone? We thought he killed you until he came back to the table without you.” She quit and became much nicer when she saw me start to get teary. I told her to STFU and walked into my room.

                  Whoa, shit. The room was occupied. My bad, it was so quiet. I had no idea lol. I stood in the doorway laughing a bit as Alyssa screamed at me to close the door. After giggling a bit more and catcalling, I reminded them to have the sheets changed and shut the door.

                  I turned towards the other bedroom but Alanna stopped me. Annabelle had the other bedroom. Goddamit. I guess it was a good thing we had that apartment.

                  So me and Alanna crashed on the couch together and I said that I told Nate that we’d party with him and the guys the next day at Wet. She called me stupid, I agreed and we passed out talking shit about the other girls getting theirs.

                  ...Next up, Saturday at Wet.
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                    ahhhhh shiiiit

                    welcome back, keep it coming!


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                      Wow.....the fact that you are being so open about what has happened so far...great TR.....Saturday please.....
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                        Best. TR. EVER!!! It's all here; the bad decisions, the feels, the open conversations with working girls (I've been there too!). But the honesty and inner thoughts you delt with are what set this apart from all our basic reports. And yes, rap is NOTHING like it used to be! Also remember we here are like a Vegas "family", so it's good to let out the frustrations here, we got your back.
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                          Haven't been on here in a while, but I love these TR's. Keep em coming.


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                            This is amazing. We're all at the office dying for Saturday!
                            We are happy to assist you with any questions you may have! Contact us at

                            Purchase your Pre-Sale Admission Tickets here!


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                              Muchos gracias for the love and thanks for reading It's nice to have a place to share all the dirty deets.

                              Saturday AM: War Stories at Wet

                              I woke up at around 11:00 am feeling pretty great internally. Greasy food and water go a long way in preventing hangovers. But fuck (I swear a lot), I felt disgusting having slept spooning on the couch with Alanna, unshowered with last night’s make up still. DIS-GUSTING.

                              I got up, ordered room service breakfast for us all and went to shower.

                              I creeped into my room and Alyssa and her dude were passed out still, cuddling and looking sweet. Aw. I was jealous lol. I dug through my suitcase for some clothes and hopped into the shower. Our room’s bathroom was stunning. The floor to ceiling windows and the view of the strip were incredible. I reminded myself to check it out at night when the strip was lit up.

                              I finished showering and put on my bikini and sundress, walked into our room and threw open the curtains. Alyssa and her dude weren’t happy but I informed them that it was almost noon. Breakfast and the other boys arrived within the next half hour and it was ok. It’s pretty hard to screw up bacon and eggs.

                              Annabelle and her guy still hadn’t come out of their room and the door was locked. We could hear a fun wake up call going on. Needless to say, they missed breakfast. No loss really. I saved Annabelle a muffin.

                              Once everyone was ready we went down to catch a limo to Wet.

                              We got to Wet and there was a bit of a hold up with their table because we were so late. They had originally booked the couch in front of the DJ booth to the side. It’s the one in front of the ramp up the bar. Because the boys hadn’t shown up on time, Wet had sold the table to another party. Holy fuck, they were livid. Nate called his host and the guy was there within minutes apologetic. I dunno how he let that slip because these guys are regulars and spend a lot. So instead they gave us two side by side daybeds that are along the little pool and dropped the minimum spend to I think $3k. It didn’t matter though cuz they bought us several bottles of champagne and blew well over the minimum. The guys were pissed though. Apparently a daybed is slumming it. Sorrrryyyyyyy! Personally, I liked it better because I could lie down and we were right by the pool and our security guy shooed people away from sitting around the edge in front of our day beds.

                              My girls were dying to find out what happened that night. But I couldn’t talk about it with Nate right there with his boys. So I just played it cool and acted like I wasn’t in hysterics in the club last night. It was early in the afternoon so the pool was still relatively clean, so we got in to have some privacy and walked to the middle.

                              I told them about what happened the night before. Me crying, running away and hiding, running away and eating my feelings and then running to Nate as he waited for me in the lobby. I feel embarrassed just writing it. They asked if anything happened, I said no. They asked if I wanted something to happen, I said yes. They asked if something was going to happen later, I said no. I was determined.

                              Then Alyssa and Annabelle started being stupid drunk hoes and playing devil’s advocate. They said things like, “Well, you might as well because what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas”, “It’s not like it means anything”, “He looks so hot”. What the fucking hell?! I had specifically made those girls promise that they’d support me and I told them. They saw how serious I was and apologized.

                              Wet used to be my favorite pool party hands down. It’s so ratchet and wild and I love that shit. But I just don’t love the sound system. I feel like because it’s such a large space, the sound just isn’t the best. Tiesto was Tiesto. Meh. Vodka haterade for one please. But again, I fed off everyone else’s energy and had a great time.

                              The boys ordered us champagne cuz we boujee like that now and the champagne showers ensued. God, I fucking hate that shit. It’s so sticky and stinging in the eyes. And it’s tacky. Woo hoo hoo, look at us, spending money on champagne. So the boys instructed the girls to spray other people, not us.

                              I counted 10 bachelorette parties in our general vicinity. So much fun! I made friends with a lot of really cute girls. The girls and I played wing men for the boys and brought over some ladies from Florida. They were so fun to hang out with! Totally cool chicks that were hilarious and not stuck up. We were shooting the shit when this stupid idiot decided to jump off of one of the couches and do a cannon ball into the little pool.

                              Now, if you’ve been to Wet and you’ve been in the little pool, then you know that it’s not deep. The dude was a pretty hefty guy, so he displaced a lot of water, soaking all of us and a lot of our belongings on the bed. He ended up getting a bit hurt, probably from hitting the bottom of the pool. Security met him as he limped out of the pool. Pretty sure they kicked him out. Good riddance. My hair got wet, which meant I would have to wash, blow dry and then style it again and lose at least 45 minutes of nap time.

                              I was doggy paddling around the little pool, butting into people’s conversations, adding in my opinions and two cents. Luckily no one seemed to mind. Love that about Vegas. It’s just so fun to meet people that I would’ve never met under any other circumstances.

                              I met a couple from Toledo that had never been to Vegas before. This was their first pool party and they were awestruck with the craziness. I met a West Point grad that was going to be deployed the following week. Sir, I salute you! I met sisters that look like twins but aren’t. So strange. I met a guy a couple of years younger than me who had moved to Arizona from NYC several years back and get this, went to the same elementary school as me and had the same 6th grade teacher. What are the odds?! So weird.

                              Anyway, I was getting tired and it was getting close to pool exit time. I don’t go in the pool after 2:30pm unless I am shit faced drunk. Because I’ve watched the water go from blue to brown at every party. Yuck. So I pulled myself out, toweled off and lay down on our bed to get a tan.

                              I heard Annabelle squawking but didn’t pay it no mind, until I heard a woman yell, “who the hell do you think you are, bitch!” Whoa, those are fighting words. I sat up and saw a cake face brunette getting into Annabelle’s face, looking pretty heated. She was sitting on the edge of the pool and Annabelle had politely asked her to move but the girl refused.

                              Now Annabelle is one of those delicate, doe-eyed, girly looking women. She’s petite, barely 5’2”. She doesn’t look like much, but girlfriend can front squat more than her body weight for reps and trains capoeira. She is pretty athletic and strong and also hotheaded. So I was laughing to myself, eating chicken fingers, getting ready for the show to start. (Aside: gentlemen, we refer to girls who wear too much makeup as cake faces. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s gross).

                              Annabelle hopped into the pool and turned towards us and said, “I can’t fucking stand these basic bitches who swear they’re the shit” and laughed. Cake face and her friends were so offended and shocked, “Oh my god, like we’re so not basic. We are like literally not basic. Literally”. I was dying of laughter. Tears were streaming down my face… like literally. Who the fuck talks like that over the age of 16?! Dear God! Annabelle walked right up to those women and put her face inches away from the brunette’s.

                              “You’re rocking a Michael Kors watch at a pool party and full face of make up. It doesn’t get more fucking basic than that. Your mother must be proud.”

                              The brunette raised her arm to slap Annabelle, the cheesy watch glimmering in the sun and just as she started to swing, Annabelle grabbed her wrist to block, ripped off her watch and threw it into the middle of the little pool. It hit a guy on the back of the head. Luckily the watch is made of plastic and he was wearing a hat. But he still yelled, “My fucking head!”
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