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  • Vegas in Jan

    Hey, I'm an average guy. This kind of shit doesn't happen to me.

    So I thought I would write about it, after letting my head clear (for about 2 weeks).

    First boys trip to Vegas. 3 man team. Totally psyched the night before and didn't even sleep. Come to think of it, slept total of 8 hours over four nights. Felt awesome.

    Drove for 2 hours through a snowstorm, took a 5 am flight, rolled into the city early Thu morning. Cab to the Venetian, got charged $40, realized that we got ripped off after the fact but whatever. Caught a nap after check in and got ready for the night. First night we (thought) we had reservations at Tryst, but it fell through at the last minute cuz our host flaked. All tables sold out too, so we're fucked. No worries, we are still feeling pretty good having pre-gamed solid (Vodka RB all day) and so we stood with the other ugly dudes in line for an hour. Buddy greases the door man and soon we are in the club.

    Now remember I said I'm an average guy. Haven't been to a club in like years (school, work, life all caught up). I get in there and I'm culture shocked. A fuse goes off in my head and all of a sudden, I think I hate it. I chug a couple of beers and actually LEAVE! WTF first night in Vegas and life sucks ass. Anyway walking back through the casino floor in a daze and then end up at the Casino bar. Chat with the bartender and in full-retard mode, I ask him "you still serving?" and he says "vegas, dude". Anyway, grab a stool and start chatting with the girl sitting next to me. Beth (names changed). From Georgia. Now lives in Vegas cuz she works here. we chat about Georgia. We chat about Canada. We chat about hip hop from Canada. She knows Drake. She doesn't know Maestro Fresh Wes (oh fuck I'm old). We chat about food. Oh, btw, what kind of work do you do? She says she dances. I'm like "Oh like with a dance company?" Ummmm, no..... she is a stripper. Oh I see. Well that's just fine.

    Anyway we have a good rapport so I ask her what she's doing today. Says it's her day off and she was thinking of going out. I say, well my buddies at at Tryst so why not head back (Hey, I got the hand stamp). She's cool and now that I have a hand stamp, I'm back in in no time. Now I'm dancing with a stripper. Buddies are nowhere to be found so I suggest we head back to the room where they're probably crashed out. So we cab back to Venetian and as I'm walking through the labyrinth that is the Venetian, my buddy is walking in with two girls he randomly met. So here we are in a room, 3 guys, 3 girls and some gin and juice and other pleasant items to smoke. The girls all meet, one girl takes a liking to my new female friend and they're making out. That will do just fine. Buddy plays hip hop off his iphone and beth starts stripping. I send a few drunk texts to a female coworker and she sends me a picture of herself in new boots. Only the boots. I may be fired soon. Buddy wants to head back out to (***source edited) to get some Molly. Beth looks at me and says "you want me to go with him or you want me to stay babe"? I say I'm good, you go ahead. Dumbass.

    Day 2 starts with a good breakfast at Denny's. Tonight we are going to Tao. Warmup drills on the casino floor again, lots of people to chat with. My friends are too cheap for a table so we do the dinner and handstamp. Plus its in the same building as where we are staying. The sushi is really GOOD! Get in the club around midnight and it is awesome! Tonight I love it. Music, booze, girls, everyone having a GOOD time. I am actually having a great time dancing! Haven't felt this good in years. Random girl starts grinding with me, dances for a few, then I turn away. Fuck I just want to dance. She actually says "Thank you". What the hell? Another group of girls comes up to dance with us. Then they leave. Then a blonde girl backs into me (I think she must have fell). She turns around with a WTF?? look on her face and really angry. I ignore that shit cuz I'm having fun dancing. She stares at me, then turns around and slams her ass into me. I think she's drunk and I move back cuz I don't want to get beat down by a boyfriend. She backs up even more. I move back. She moves back. Slams me up against the DJ wall. We're grinding to Swedish House Mafia. Then Black Eyed Peas. Then a billion different songs. I'm in bizzarro world. Buddy sees my plight, hands me a red bull to help me out. Now there's a friend. Eventually I get her name. We hold hands a little bit, leave the club and back to the room (thank god it's in the same building). We ummmm .... hold hands some more.

    Day 3 starts with a coffee lineup and hangover at noon. I see this couple in front of me, dude gets his coffee first and goes to sit down. Girl is fiddling around with cream and sugar and I'm looking like a moron in last night's clothes. Figure I'd be polite and I say "Where you guys from"? And she looks me up and down and says "Actually I'm from San Fran ..... BUT oh we are not together." I always like hearing that from a girl. Turns out she's here for a conference (not CES) and we start talking. It's noon, I'm hungover, no shower, last night's clothes and fuck... sparks are flying. Exchange numbers and promise to meet up tonight.

    That was the first mistake.

    Today we warm up in the casino again. Feeling really good. Chatting with lots of random women and feeling the vibe. But I don't capitalize cuz I think I'm in love from this morning. My buddy needs a wing and I let him crash and burn multiple times. Text game all day. I knew that was a bad move. All of a sudden we realize it's 11 pm and we have not decided what to do on our last evening. Trust me, this can happen if you've been drunk for three straight days.

    Joey Orr (who is the man!!) comes through and gets us set up at 1OAK even on short notice. We get to the bottle service lineup where one buddy who is so drunk gets lost and nowhere to be found. Okay, so just the two of us, thank god for credit cards, I will have to hunt him down later to get my fair share back for the table. Get into the club and it's mainly hip hop at first. That's cool. Continue to text girl from this morning. I'm getting all kinds of mixed messages. Fuck she's gaming me now. I may be drunk but I can recognize this shit. Not cool. But I'm so lovesick I can't stop. Have a few drinks at our table (BTW gotta say, the service is amazing and spot on at that club). Then my second friend, gets so drunk that after hitting the restrooms can't find his way back to the table. Aaaah fuck I have a half bottle of vodka, big ass empty couch and i'm standing around like a fucktard wondering what just happened. Chat with some random girls but my game is super weak cuz I'm hoping girl from this morning is going to show. See random dudes doing solo approaches on a group of hotties and I know I can help him out but I don't. Groups of girls looking my way to see if they can pawn the friend to me so they can take off with some other dude, but I don't bite. I'm a fucking moron.

    Lessons were learned that night.

    Anyway, Sunday was the last day there, so we took it easy cuz we all had afternoon flights. Shopping mall, some souveniers then back to the airport. Turns out cabfare is really like $20. Who knew?

    Back to normal life now, can't wait to do it again. Can't beat the feeling of immortality.
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    Solid TR.


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      Great tr, and just think of all the learnings you'll take to your next Vegas trip
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        great tr! just makes me more excited for this summer
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          drugs and strippers? you got Vegas down your first trip
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            Enjoyed reading that. The highs and lows of Vegas
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              Great Report!


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                Thats awesome! And Yes, JOEY ORR is the man! He's my brother! LOL


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                  Sounds like a solid 1st trip
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                    Great TR bro.


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                      Great TR! Sounds like a pretty solid first trip


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                        Nice trip report!!


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                          Good stuff, but rule No. 37 - "NEVER fall in love in Vegas."


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                            Solid effort buddy!


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