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Venetian pools

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  • Venetian pools

    Five girls looking to book the Bella suite at Venetian. What are the pools like? Aside from Tao, are there pools with music that are lively? Iím worried this resort isnít geared toward our age (28). Help please!

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    Hey, I stayed at Venetian last summer. Not much of a pool scene there, even Tao beach isnít very good. They have bars and the pools are nice but thereís not many people your age at the pools. If you like the rooms you can still go to the pool parties at Encore Beach and Wet Republic. As far as hotel pools with people your age your best bet is Cosmo or MGM Grand. Encore is another option and I heard Flamingo is ok but have never been.


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      Venetian is out of the price range of most people in your age group. It attracts an older crowd. Cosmo and Encore are a similar price but more hip so the people in your age range that can afford it are likely to opt for that property. As Mike said above MGM good option as are some of the pool parties at the cheaper places. I would also check out The Park. I haven't been there since the remodel but I could see the pool from the Tram last time I was there and it looked poppin!
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