Monte Carlo - renovation into "Park MGM" - initial reviews?

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  • Monte Carlo - renovation into "Park MGM" - initial reviews?

    Hey gang! Long time "lurker" first time poster. Planning the annual boys trip over Cinco de Mayo weekend, traditionally we've stayed at Aria. Looking to change it up and I'm curious about the renovations happening at Monte Carlo turning it into the "Park MGM". Have any of you been through the Monte Carlo recently, any thoughts on the changes? I'm seeing that the renovated pool will open next week so that's a big positive step in my book but I'd love your thoughts. Thanks in advance!

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    Havent heard anything.. but well overdue. I had a friend who stayed there mid renovations... and had to leave because it was just horrible! Make sure you get a renovated room!


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      Go to and you will see tons of intel on where things are at regarding MC.


      Hope this helps.
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        Dude just stay at the PH middle of action close to everything decent rooms and well priced!