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WWYD - 11/7 Club Options

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  • WWYD - 11/7 Club Options

    We are doing bottle service this Friday and I can't decide what to do since no one really has a big name headlining. These are the options:
    XS - Dillon Francis
    Marquee - Ruckus
    Omnia - Gryffin
    Hakkasan - Nicky Romero

    We do Vegas at least 6 times a year so we've done all of the clubs plenty of times and we usually go wherever the biggest crowd will be but this is the first time that there is not a clear favorite for where will be the busiest. Mainly what we care about is the "talent" and I don't mean the DJs, if you know what I mean.

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    I'll be in town this weekend and I picked Nicky Romero @ Hak (going GA, for now). I agree with the whole no clear favorite, but I would bet XS and Omnia would still be solid, for name brand alone. Plus I'm planning on XS on Sat and Sun nights. I usually don't like hitting the same club twice in one weekend, but it's kind of an off weekend for DJ talent (post Halloween). I'd be surprised if Vegas was more than slightly busy this whole weekend. Just my 2 cents...longtime Vegas vet here, had to make a new account, my original one was from so long ago I can't figure out how to retrieve/reset anything lol.


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      I would like to do XS Saturday but some of our group leaves early so there's only two of us left Saturday and I've already done several tables this year with only 2 so I don't really want to spend that kind of $$$ again, I always regret it the next day.


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        Hak is typically the better pull for me. Omnia a close second. XS is not what it I was used to the past couple of times there.




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