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Replacement venue for Hyde

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  • Replacement venue for Hyde

    Hi As hyde is closing soon in July, and not reopening later on the year, I just wanted to see what other clubs running in the meantime would have the same kind of crowd. Hyde attracted more of an older crowd I would say as been there many times especially during the week like Tues and Wed.

    I am coming to vegas end of Sept, and had plan to go Hyde on wed and Fri but as its closing look at other alternatives for those days for an older crowd. Was thinking on wed , 'on the record' or maybe be 'light' and on thursday maybe Apex social or Tao.

    Any other suggestions.

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    Good question. Apex is certainly a possibility, though the location isn't ideal. I doubt Light will be a replacement, and I don't know Tao and On the Record so I can't comment. I wonder if LAVO may end up becoming the destination for those crowds.


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        Tier 2s are dying... found this out first hand. Stick with the big clubs... the older crowd just doesnt do vegas clubs like it used to...


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          I'm bummed about Hyde too. As an older crowder, that place used to be my midweek fav. However I understand why its closing. The last couple of trips I've been there is been fairly dead.

          I would stay clear of Light. That place is already dead. I'm not sure how its still open.

          Only been to On the Record once but it seemed pretty decent but not amazing. The crowd was okay for a Wednesday. Tao is still good on Thursdays, always seem to have a good time on Thursdays. Book a 11pm dinner res with Open Table, have a dinner and appitizer and then just ask for a stamp to walk in for free. Still one of the best things to do on Thursday.

          If you don't want bottle service, I recommend giving one of the club crawls a try on Friday. I've been doing them pretty regularly on Fri/Sats. They are a little hit and miss and it depends on the group and night but I think they are well worth the money (esp Groupon deals). The can be great with a good group of people. Worse case you pick one with a club you want to go to and you just ditch the group when you get there. If you look up my user name, I review a few a while back.
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            Thanks Sh...I came in April, and went to hyde on the week tues and wed, and it had nice older crowd and was busy. Coming again end of sept from wed to mon, so looking at alternative venues. Would have been easier if hyde was still open.

            I am plan to stay away from light and chateau, ................for wed thinking of on the record and then on thurs possibly tao or apex social. Also vodoo lounge in rio i heard is good. Have u been to any of these.

            I tend to stay away from tier 1 clubs, too big, expensive and feel old

            Also maybe hit some lounge bars like chandaliers in cosmo, unless any one else has good recommendations


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              If you're dead set on a club Wednesday, OTR. Nobody will be at Rio in 2019.

              Barbershop at Cosmo has live bands Thursday, Friday, and Saturday that would prob attract the right crowd. Chandelier and Clique are great lounges. Tao would be the Thursday club option.


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                Thanks. I think OTR for wed and then Tao for thurs

                I have heard good things about the barbershop is it worth going there maybe thurs or fri. Itís near chandeliers as well.


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                  Chateau isn't awful on a friday. I wouldn't cross it off your list completely, especially if you are looking for an older crowd with a random mix of drunk tourists sprinkled. It is def not a place I would do bottle service but if you find a way to get in cheap it might be worth checking out. I've been in there a few times. There usually seems to be a good ratios of girls to guys on the dance floor.
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