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May 2019 Bachelor Party Table Advice

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  • May 2019 Bachelor Party Table Advice

    We have a group of about 10-12 guys going to Vegas during the first or second weekend in May for a bachelor party. I think the group wants to do one pool party and one nightclub table. We have previously done EBC but with less people (just got one couch) and a few nightclubs (only had bottle service at XS and Marquee).

    For EBC, would you recommend two couches or one lower cabana? Two couches is more in the price range the group was looking for, but if we can get a decent price on the lower cabana, then people will be down to throw in the extra money. Do you guys think itís worth it? Having our own space and being able to bring in people we want seems nice, but we donít want to be too disconnected from the action.

    For a club at night, our spend budget would probably be around $5-6k (before taxes, fees, and tips). Would you say that itís better to do XS or Hakkasan vs the balcony (or maybe second tier) at Omnia? Thanks for your help!
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    Hey just did my bachelor party. We did a dance floor at hak and a dance floor at marquee and a grand cabana at marquee. I wouldn’t change a single place we went as everywhere was a blast.

    My advice is XS or hak to be in the action vs balcony at Omnia. But just a heads up it seems like XS is holding super strict on minimums these days. No tip seems to bring a min down no matter the night.

    Another note. Kaos will be open and they have kaskade both weekends you are thinking so that would be on my list for a day or night.
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      Thanks for the input, Jmil. Unfortunately, the group has decided they donít want to get a table at a club. We are still getting bottle service at EBC at least. Currently choosing between two beach couches or one L-couch. An L-couch has a lower minimum per person versus two beach couches, but most maps do not show the locations well. Has anyone gone recently and gotten one of the L-couches? How was it for space and location? Thanks!


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        first weekend is fight weekend / cinco de mayo
        also nightswim parties at kaos /xs




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