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Thurs 16 & Fri 17 May - looking for advice, help & recommendations

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  • Thurs 16 & Fri 17 May - looking for advice, help & recommendations

    So overwhelmed with how to go about planning our Vegas trip! 3 of us (2 x girls, 1 x guy) are travelling from NZ so have no idea how all this works! We could like to hit up a pool party on the Friday and probably a club on Thurs night and a diff club on Fri night night. We haven't booked accommodation yet, looking at Wynn, is it worth booking here to try and get access to the clubs and pool parties through their concierge? Or is it better to try find a promoter? Any recommendations of where to go and how to go about it would be very much appreciated!

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    Going to assume you donít want to get bottle service as there are only 3 of you!

    The best options are:

    1 get on a guest list you can see this site allows you to contact hosts who can get you on the guest list. Just means you will spend the whole night in GA

    2. Try and link up with people from this site who have tables and split with them. This way you can get express entry and you own spot. People from here are pretty cool I personally have never had a problem with anyone and now some I consider my friends.

    Use the info here and feel free to ask questions.


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      1st be aware your going to vegas during EDC weekend If your not familiar EDC attracts around 150,000 people its a concert event at the racetrack. So hotel rooms are a lot higher then normal. EDC weekend is probably in top 3 of vegas events with New Years Eve and Memorial Day weekend which is the following weekend.

      2nd pool parties open around 11am with headline dj on around 3pm open till around 6pm. Nightclubs open around 11pm with headline dj on around 1am open till around 5am. All pools and nightclubs have websites who list the dj and ticket prices.
      simple list will be updated as they are announced

      You can stay anywhere in vegas and buy tickets to get into pools or nightclubs.
      A guestlist or free entry will require early arrival and it might not be offered at the most in demand places.




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