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Best Thursday Club and Saturday activities

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  • Best Thursday Club and Saturday activities

    Hey guys - Its been awhile since I've posted here. I hope some of the GOATs are still around. Anyways I've got a spur of the moment trip coming up for wildcard weekend, going to be in town thursday - sunday. Friday and Saturday night the group and I are going to Aoki @ hakk and diplo @ xs but are looking for things to do on Thursday night and Satuday during the day. We are not looking for bottles, just going GA or guest list/tickets. We have a strong ratio of women / men.

    So far it seems like our only real options are Tao on Thursday night and Lavo brunch during the day. Are these are best two choices?

    What would be some alternative clubs for thursday and maybe some lighter options on Saturday, meaning alternative fun places we can go that maynot be as balls to the wall to ensure we make it to diplio. Im thinking more fun bars on the strip with games and/or good music things of that nature.

    Thanks in advance for the help, I am available to reply to any questions.
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    Tao or Drais Thursday night... tough without bottle Imo.


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      Go to Tao 100%. Just get a dinner table reservation for 11ish ( I think you can get one as late as 11:30). Have a light dinner and a drink or two. Ask the server for a stamp to go up stairs. No entry fee, no waiting in line.
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        Agree with Sh_


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          You should check out the new venue On The Record. It's sort of a speakeasy and im sure a great alternative to a full blown nightclub
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            Agree with Dex too




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