Wynn Nightlife in September? (EBC, Intrigue, XS)

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  • Wynn Nightlife in September? (EBC, Intrigue, XS)

    Have a return trip scheduled for the week/end of 9/12, but don't see any DJ lineups posted for any of the Wynn properties for all of the month (yet?), despite a few October events being posted already. Are we thinking it's just a matter of time (still too early at this point) or do they generally have weak (no headline) Septembers? (post-LDW)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Kinda early. Those October events were announced early af.


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      In previous years david guetta is usually back from ibiza in september but I saw a social media post guetta staying in ibiza this september

      That weekend is mexican independence weekend possible canelo fight weekend

      Omnia/wet have calvin / tiesto

      I would expect wynn to maybe have diplo chainsmokers marshmello kygo

      Those october announced dates are a different sound


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        Awesome - figured it was kind of early, but got thrown off a bit by the Calvin/Tiesto/Kaskade listings in tandem with the October events.. appreciate the feedback.
        Marshmello would be Amazing.. though it feels like Calvin & Mello are ever very rarely there at the same time (bar holidays..).

        Are the pools still pretty active during that time you think? I know things sort of begin to slow down just a little post-LDW.

        Thanks again,


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          You should see something on the schedule closer to the mid part of July I would think. For what my opinion is worth, Mexican Independence Weekend is a hell of a good time in Vegas.


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            Pools are open usually until columbus day weekend in october but the big headline djs usually stop around mexican independence weekend


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              9/13 ebc at night marshmello
              9/14 xs chainsmokers
              9/15 xs marshmello
              9/15 ebc chainsmokers
              9/15 intrique diplo
              9/16 ebc marshmello
              9/16 xs major lazer


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                Thanks artedm ! Appreciate the follow up

                Now that we're getting closer to September, I've started receiving quotes (mainly --> HAK/WET/EBC/XS..) on the events we're going to check out and have two questions:

                1) I've heard from two different property hosts that I should "lock in" my reservation now vs waiting until closer to the date, with their reasoning being that pricing will likely RISE as we get closer (Mexican Independence Day/ Fight Weekend) - for those with experience, is this their way of pressuring me to commit or should I genuinely be concerned about pricing rising from this point on? Full disclosure - We will be seeing major DJs that weekend: Calvin, Tiesto, Marshmello, Kaskade.. all opinions welcome

                2) One of the hosts asked for a deposit for my reservation (20%), is this typical? This was in order to again "lock in" pricing, in order to avoid surge.. Is this overboard or common?

                3) Calvin prices are absolutely absurd.. They're basically pricing each section at about ~ $600 per person (based on max occupancy*) - $3,000 for a daybed for 6 people, I guess everyone's having their own bottle.. lol.

                - Anyhow, I have a large group and am toying with the idea of getting a day bed for the max we can fit and having the other half of the group go in under tickets.. is this a stupid idea? Anyone have experience attempting this? Apologies if this is frowned upon in advance! Have to ask though, given these prices.

                Thanks again.


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                  always a lot of hype and buzz with fight weekends

                  will mention from some previous big fights
                  maypac- was more of a hip hop compared to edm crowd- kaskade was at xs fight night- calvin harris did wet and hakkasan saturday and sunday night
                  mayweather mcgregor- was in august with about 6,000 empty seats in the arena
                  canelo/ggg was mexican independence last year and been waiting a year because of the cinco de mayo postpone- diplo was at xs fight night

                  looks like your looking at kaskade friday night, calvin saturday afternoon, marshmello saturday night, tiesto sunday afternoon
                  of the parties I would say calvin saturday will be the most expensive-
                  calvin harris is a huge draw, the highest paid dj in the world, and wet is maybe half capacity of omnia.
                  in terms of daybeds at wet I would say 437,438 are best. the 111-144's are far off to side

                  If your "locking" see if you can lock table number

                  you can always send others in with presale just keep in mind real estate space-