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Dillon Francis at Intrigue - Jan. 6 - bottle service question

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  • Dillon Francis at Intrigue - Jan. 6 - bottle service question

    Hi guys! I'm going to Vegas for my birthday weekend Jan. 5-8. I've never been to Intrigue but have been wanting to check it out for a while and I love Dillon Francis, who will be there Saturday, the 6th. I've seen mixed reviews of Intrigue on here, but I reached out to a host and was quoted $650 for two bottles of vodka for 4 people ($865 total with tax and gratuity) - 2 guys, 2 girls. Thoughts on this? ALSO, I've never gone through a host before, so would I also be expected to pay the host directly as well? How does this work? Thanks in advance! xo

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    That pricing is good. Ask your host about the table location. For a 100-200 handshake you could likely get a side skybox table. I am a big fan of intrigue. I recommend Eric Chine as a host


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      Thanks! I'll reach out to him.


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        Yes, share in advance your willingness to tip and that should help get you a solid location. If the host doesn't know you plan to tip them, they can't take care of you in advance!


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          Intrigue was a great time, when I was there back in Oct. It seemed like a smaller, more intimate XS. I said go for it but check on the table location, if that is important to you.