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nightclub recommendations and bottle service

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  • nightclub recommendations and bottle service

    Hello, seven of us girls will be in Vegas on Frid 10/27. We want to go to a nightclub and have bottle service but none of us have done this before. I think I understand how it works but I'm hoping you can provide some guidance. So you get a certain area/table and have to spend at least the amount listed in alcohol throughout the night correct? Proper etiquette is to tip the host, security, and waitress. Am I missing anything? How do I know how prices of what I'm consuming, do they tell you as you order?

    We are looking at Tao, Marquee and XS. Any input is appreciated. Also, how do I find these hosts and once I have their contact information, do I just call or text? One more question, if we have dinner at Tao, would that guarantee entrance to the nightclub?

    Thank you so much in advance!

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    Hey...I will also be there for Halloween Weekend. We are doing bottle service at INTRIGUE costumes and all! I have dealt with **** *****, best guy in the biz in my opinion.

    God Bless Everyone in LV.
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      Welcome to the board. Is this just a girls' night out or a bachelorette party? I only ask because all 3 do packages for bachelorette parties.

      You are correct in regards to the minimum and tips. The pricing of the bottles and such will be on the menu they give you when you arrive at your table. Some clubs will do auto gratuity for the waitress in your final total. Remember the minimum they quote you does not include tax, auto gratuity if it is done, which is usually 20%. Our group's rule of thumb is 37-40% on top of the minimum spend is what will cover the taxes and such.

      Contact the hosts via text messaging is the best way. Let them know the group size, all females and what you are budgeting for the night.

      For Marquee I would contact Cliff Orr who is a direct host for them and one of the best. Last number I have is 586-489-4531

      For XS we used David Chan in the past and the last number I have for him is 586-872-7208

      Can't help you regarding Tao. You may want to ask about the dinner/Nightlife party package they have

      Hope this helps.

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