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October 17-20 Mid-Week Questions

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  • October 17-20 Mid-Week Questions

    So far looking at the following ideas:

    Tues Hyde/Omnia GA/GL(Have meetings the next morning, so this is the early night)

    Wed Surrender A possible table night
    Is the EBC at Night an actual swim party in October or more of a club environment that time of year?

    Thurs Intrigue/HK A possible table night

    The table nights are based upon if I end up going solo one of those nights and if I can get people to throw down at least one of those nights. So have to pick one for certain so I know I am covered. Leaning Intrigue since I have a late 7:50 flight on Fri and it seems more like what I am covered on. I am assuming table cost on the two nights are basically the same.

    Any and all ideas/suggestions welcomed. Thanks.

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    Anyone have a good contact for Tues night for a walk-in admission at Omina or Hyde?


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      omnia is much bigger nightclub with two rooms
      you will be fine with presale

      Wednesday- 1oak is open
      thursday- hakkasan is the bigger nightclub drais/tao also open