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surrender nightclub closing ?

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  • surrender nightclub closing ?

    what do you think ? will they continue ebc at night instead ?

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    I don't think this is really a story or big news
    winter is coming
    so they will not do encore beach club at night nightswim in the winter


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      well obviously there be no ebc at night during winter, but looks like surrender might turn ito something else,

      you also forgot to mention which clubs are open like you do in all of your posts


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        Intrigue might take over on Wednesday night.. as at the moment Wednesdau nihgjt is slim pickings


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          It seems they are doing EBC at Night without swimming till at least November 29th. I'd say this is more of a pivot or rebrand than a closure since Surrender was rarely Surrender lately and more often branded EBC Nightswim. It's still a bit unclear what's happening to the interior space but if anything I think this is an improvement, the few times I went to Surrender proper I felt it was small and packed in a pretty unpleasant way if you wanted a decent view of the DJ.


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            Agree, however, I was at Surrender in May just before MDW. It wasnt busy enough outside to warrant it to close inside. This was on a Wednesday mind you. This will affect any plans for me moving forward as i am usually there on a Wednewsday night