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  • Quick club & hotel recommendations

    Going 10/6 to 10/8 weekend with 5 guys total.

    Hotels - looking at Aria. Palazzo has a good rate but I've stayed there. Or it worth staying off strip to have a better room?

    Night clubs - Friday was thinking table for $1-2000 either Intrigue, Marquee, Omnia, or maybe Hakasan. Done XS twice. We just want a good party and vibes. Or is a tier 2 venue worth it to get a better table?
    Saturday looking for general admission anywhere

    Day clubs - best for general admission?


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    Aria is a very nice hotel, decent enough vibe there. I wouldn't recommend staying away from the strip as you want to be where the action is.

    GA for dayclubs, I would recommend EBC or Wet Republic.

    I think Surrender or Intrigue would be fun and you might be able to get a deal for bottles if you speak to a host there.
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      Aria for us has always been very solid and we're about the strip as a group. I'm only basing my next statement on other peep's input since I still have not stayed there but room wise Palazzo's basic room/suite sounds and looks like is better than Aria's.

      Agree with xAmrit as I am EBC then Wet for GA in that order. I base that on the service we have received at each, EBC seems quicker. You don't lose going to either.

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        Aria is one of my favorite locations with the vibe and food choices.

        I stay at Vdara, great rooms for a great price, and it gives me a bit of an escape for the morning after while recovering. It's a quick 3-4 min walk door to door from Vdara to Aria.