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  • Best clubs for pop music

    Going to be out in Vegas on July 2nd for a few days. Going with a crowd that prefers more top 40 dance music than just edm. Any suggestions on any clubs that play a mix of pop/edm/hip hop on a Sun thru Thurs?
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    Depends on what you consider "pop". I think most of us that listen to a lot of electronic music consider most EDM as "pop" (don't get me started on sub-genres of electronic music, its a whole other discussion). If I were you I would ask for some EDM DJ recommendations that have a pop flare. Its not likely you are going to find many places playing Rihanna, Bieber, etc. if its not heavily remixed with an electronic twist. You may have more luck at some lounge options, but the clubs are pretty regularly electronic or hip hop with a few pop remixes. There are definitely DJs your group will likely want to avoid, to those that arent familiar with electronic music dubstep Djs (i.e. Skrillex) are usually a tough way to transition, but pretty easy to find some music samples on Spotify or Soundcloud these days.


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      Drais had a more "Hip-Hop" vibe, but the dj will blend in some Trap EDM to the mix


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        nightclub recommendations
        ​7/2 marshmello xs nightswim
        7/3 steve aoki jewel
        7/4 kaskade Omnia
        ​you can buy a combo ticket for jewel/Omnia
        ​nightclubs open around 11pm with headline dj on around 1am open till around 5am
        ​the opening/closing dj will be a local that usually plays a high energy mix

        ​in terms of nightclub sound
        ​1. calvin harris/david Guetta/the chainsmokers have a lot of songs on the radio - neither has a show in vegas for your dates
        ​2. drais focuses on hip hop lil wayne is there on 7/2
        3. open format djs are dj vice, eric dlux, dj five- don't think they have a show your dates
        ​4. djs with a more bass/trap sound- rl grime, dillion francis have a harder sound- rl grime is @ surrender 7/5 dillion is @ intrique 7/6

        ​diplo at xs on Monday plays a mix and he has some radio songs- if you want to go to xs on monday
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          If they have a DJ, Carnaval Court. Gold Diggers at the Golden Nugget at Fremont played everything when we strolled in there on a Saturday night and ended up staying until closing..
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            Thanks for all your advice! looking into it now ☺