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  • Mlife gold/platinum

    Just wanted to report that the mlife gold and above tier has gotten a lot better with their access to nightclubs perk they advertise. My past two trips I've shown my card to the guy working the gate saying "the lady at the mlife desk said to show this to you and you'd let me in." Every time they either let me right in for free with no wait or look confused, ask someone and come back to let me in. Sometimes they say 'that isn't exactly how it works' but let me in anyway. Worked my last three visits to Hyde, twice at Hak, twice at 1Oak and once at Jewel.
    Stayed at: Aria, Treasure Island (x2), Trop, Mirage (x2), MGM (x2), Harrah's, Monte Carlo (x3), Luxor (x2), Mandalay Bay, Balley's, Vdara (x4)

    Next trips: June 13-20

  • #2
    Sorry to hijack but wondering if Ceasers diamond status does anything for our group?