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Are Jewel or Intrigue worth checking out?

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  • Are Jewel or Intrigue worth checking out?

    Haven't been in town since last May. Are any of these newish clubs worth checking out? Or should I stick to my known commodities? Yesterday brought some questionable news as I am booked for the weekend that Mayweather fight will now take place. Could be interesting, definitely just got more expensive though... oh well you dont go to Vegas to save money!

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    Ha, the same thing happened to me. Be there Friday-Monday. As far as clubs, Intrigue is still solid and has some bigger names pretty regularly, as well as attracts a good crowd. Not positive on Jewel, and never been there, so interested to hear about that as well. My group isn't changing much besides probably going to a lower tier dayclub Saturday (Tao, Drais, etc.) instead of one of the larger ones. We'll still hit EBC or maybe Marquee Sunday, and then XS Sunday night for Nightswim. As it gets closer PM me and maybe we can share some costs somewhere.


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      Very interested in Jewel info. The next weekend I'm going, Kaskade is playing there Saturday night, which sounds interesting, but I'm not sure what the crowd would be like.

      Luckily I'm not there the fight weekend. That sounds awful.


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        jewel is nice
        its the newest nightclub in vegas opened about a year ago
        it is lot smaller maybe a third the size of omnia


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          Went to Jewel for the first time 2 weeks ago. If you like the massively large superclubs, this is not your place. It is nice, I didnt see many bad tables as they are all main room, its just much smaller. I was a little underwhelmed as it is essentially the newest place out there and I really didnt see anything new or unique about it. Table prices are definitely more reasonable, but its such a small venue that when they bring in big names you are likely to see tier 1 prices. We ended up 3rd tier main floor for a $1500 min and $200 shake. Bear in mind this was for Lil Jon, so not the biggest draw out there by any means. The shake kept us out of tables in the 40s, which are setup more like Marquee back wall tables. We had table 71, which has a decent view but not a lot of foot traffic as you have to be escorted by someone at the table to have access. Hope that helps.