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Help plan my Vegas day life/night life.

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  • Help plan my Vegas day life/night life.

    Hey all. This is my first post on the forum. I have been t Vegas once before and this will be my second time. We are traveling with 6 guys in total and staying at the Cosmopolitan Penthouse Suite. 2 of us are arriving July 13 and staying in a normal room. We will get there at night so we will do dinner and a show and then I was looking for some recommendations for maybe a cigar bar/high end bar with good looking girls/etc. July 14- moving to the penthouse (yessss!). Looking for some day club recommendation and now we can maybe get good deals even with 6 guys for a table or admission. Also we are looking for night recommendations for this day. July 15- also looking for day/night and late night recommendations We are pumped about the penthouse. We dropped s lot of money on this one! Maybe someone here can hook me up with a good host for the trip that can get us into top clubs and looking for your guys recommendations. Thanks!!!

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    ​nightclubs open around 11pm with headline dj on around 1am open till around 5am
    pool parties open around 11am with headline dj on around 3pm open till around 6pm

    ​Have a look at club websites so you see the lineup or who the djs are

    ​the marquee events are
    7/14 friday ghastly/dj vice
    7/15 saturday dj mustard/ ?

    some of the bigger name events that weekend 7/13 night marshmello intrigue
    7/14 night chainsmokers xs, calvin harris omnia
    7/15 day calvin harris wet, diplo ebc
    7/15 night zedd Omnia

    ​If your doing pool party and nightclub you will be away from the room a lot.


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      Like artedm said, if you guys plan on doing the day/night club double 2 days on the bounce yoI'll be spending minimal time in your hotel room. If you consider what you'll be paying for it 'a lot of money' then maybe think about staying in the original room and put the saving toward tables at the clubs.

      If you are really looking forward to the penthouse and you think it will make you're weekend then go for it! Just saying that in my experience the room, to a point, becomes inconsequential if you're doing day & nightclubs.


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        To me, the room is a glorified locker for my crap. And maybe a shower sometimes.


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          +1 what was said above. Those several thousands of dollars could be out towards tables. As someone who always does double headers (pool party and night club), I would recommend switching rooms. I spend at the very most, 6 hours in the room at a time and that's being generous. 4ish hours sleeping, the rest of the time getting ready. In terms of partying, for pool parties I recommend MDC on Friday (it will be a little quieter than Sat Sun) and Wet on Sat (soooooo wild). For night clubs I would recommend Chainsmokers at XS on Fri and Zedd at Omnia on Sat. Those parties will pull the ladies and from my experience, guys are often looking to go where the ladies are at Consider opting out of the penthouse, go for a regular room and put the money towards bottles. Your chances of having more fun and pulling the ladies are higher if you get a good table rather than a budget tier 3-4 table or going GA. Just this girl's opinion and experience!


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            I went through the same debate with myself over my upcoming Vegas trip the end of this month. I started off with a 2 bedroom Wraparound Terrace at Cosmo, thought it would suffice and my host hooked up an awesome deal with how much I actually gamble. Then I started looking at where we were going to party, EBC most of the time, and started questioning how much I would be in the room and downgraded to a regular room with some freeplay. Right now I have that room booked and 3 other reservations for Wynn, since I am going to be at EBC, booked in case I change my mind at all.

            First reservation is just Friday night, next reservation is Fri and Sat, and then I have all three nights booked there. No idea still what I am going to do, as I would have to pay for the Wynn room, and thinking about just throwing it at the bottle service we are getting and using Uber. This is also mainly dependent on the fact that I f**king love Cosmo and would likely go back there all nights anyways. Tough call, as I would like a nice room, but would never use it enough to make it worth it. My last Vegas trip consisted of me partying from 10am to 11am the next day, going into the room to shower, change and wake up my buddy just to keep partying until 4pm that day, finally crashing for maybe 6 hours and going back out...

            I would say leave your options open, you can book as many rooms as you like and cancel a few days prior easily and decide what is really important to everyone in the group. With 6 of you, you can keep the costs manageable on a nice room, but maybe that money can buy you a sick table at the club instead and go the route of wdreamgirl.


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              Been posting a while but can't find my login info... D55, will be in Vegas the same weekend, here's our schedule:

              Friday July 14th - MDC/EBC
              Friday July 14th - Chainsmokers @ XS
              Saturday July 15th - Diplo @ EBC
              Saturday July 15th - Zedd @ Omnia
              Sunday July 15th - Alesso @ EBC
              Sunday July 15th - Dillon Francis @ XS

              We tend to hit day and night parties every day and eat/sleep only if we can fit it in. Makes for a painful flight home but don't get to Vegas as much as we used to and want to jam in as much fun as possible. As you can tell, I'm partial to EBC, still my favourite day club, plus we always stay at the Wynn so easy to just stumble over.

              Also, would defintiely recommend you use a host to arrange everything, makes life much easier. We have been using the same host for years and everything is always taken care of with no waiting or surprises. And as everyone else said, its nice to have an insane penthouse, but you won't be spending much time there.
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