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  • I hate EDC?

    Hey! I used to have an account on here but can't remember my password so I made a new one.

    A friend and I are about to book Vegas for June 17-21 and I just wanted to get some info on EDC....I know there's a separate area all those people go to for the outside concerts etc... but I see there's also a lot of guest DJ's scheduled for the clubs?
    I'm not a fan of the whole festival thing/people/outfits so I'm just wondering if EDC is going to affect my trip at all? Will the clubs be stupid packed and will the crowds be different than usual?

    I've been to Vegas 6 or 7 times before with my girlfriends, just never during this time.

    Thanks all!
    PS - How do I add a profile picture?!

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    ​edc is at las vegas motor speedway with around 135,000+ people attending each night

    ​there are also regular nightclub / pool parties


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      It will affect your trip for sure. There's a few of us going that week, Tues-Sat.....The dayclubs will be stupid packed and the nights not as much. Things like cab lines, resturants will drive you insane with the wait times! If you are not into the raver scene, good luck developing patience for the shit show that is EDC.


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        Dangggg, we're all booked! Guess I'll have to suck it up


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          I'm in town this week as well but not attending EDC. PM me if you need an extra to split bottle service.
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