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March 24-28 Table Splits

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  • March 24-28 Table Splits

    Whatís up JCers! Itís been a minute! Iíve been away from the boards for a while but not away from my favorite home away from home, Vegas!

    A bit early but thought Iíd throw this out there as the boards pick up and Spring gets closer... Iíll be in town solo for a work conference the week of March 24. Single, early 30s, professional, male. Iíve done many splits with JCers over the years and mostly had incredible experiences. I have a flexible budget and prioritize prime table locations at tier 1 venues.

    If youíre like mined and interested in adding to your table/group during these dates, PM me and leave your number/email or comment below. As most will attest, I am dependable and NEVER bail on table commitments. Once the date gets closer if thereís enough interest, we can start a GroupMe. Looking forward to hangin with some of you this Vegas season!

    - Ray



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