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Valentine's plan

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  • Valentine's plan

    I'm planning to celebrate our first valentine's day in Vancouver. I also want to take part in Bright Nights, in Stanley Park with my girlfriend. It's mainly for the kids, but the elder ones can also enter the park and enjoy all the events.

    Actually, we are about 500 km away from the park, so planning to stay in a hotel. Then we are planning to have a visit to the Grouse mountain. We have got many other plans, the list is big. We are planning to stay for 3 weeks in Vancouver. But the problem is almost all hotels are already filled due to the festivals and valentine's celebration that will start from the end of this month. I searched through many online sites and found out that there is an option of budget rooms for rent in Vancouver. We don't have any ideas regarding the rent of rooms.
    I have never stayed in these types of hostel rooms before. So, I would like to know what are your takes on staying in a hostel? Have you ever stayed in a hostel? How was your experience? Would you recommend it to someone who has never stayed in a hostel?
    UBC's shared rooms and suites provide affordable accommodation. Book a room to experience Vancouver's picturesque scenery without breaking the bank.



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