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Need a better shelter for my Bike!!

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  • Need a better shelter for my Bike!!

    I love travelling!

    My bike is my baby. I love to go for trekking on my bike. It really makes me complete. I do really care for my bike. But something is bothering me since the past week. Last time when I returned after trekking I kept my bike in the open garage in my house. I noticed that my bike was not in the place where I had placed it before. I also came to know that someone has used it in the past night. I'm really worried now. I was thinking of building a storage shed for my bike. Can someone please suggest me any ideas for that.

    It was one of my friends who suggested me about a service provider who builds storage sheds in Toronto. I have given the details below. Has anyone over here heard about them? Feel free to share your suggestion!! Thanks in advance!

    In The Back Yard offers a number of various sheds including Single Slope, Cottage Garden, Highlands Gable Storage & Muskoka Barn Storage Sheds. Here is a look at all the varieties. Call us now for more details.



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