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Scottsdale Bachelor Party Itinerary Help!

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  • Scottsdale Bachelor Party Itinerary Help!

    Hi Guys,

    I did not know where to post this topic, hopefully people see it and can offer their 2 cents.

    I am looking for help planning a bachelor party in Scottsdale. Details below:

    *Arrive: Thur, April 4
    *Depart: Sun, April 7
    *Group of around +/- 20 guys
    *Looking to rent a house with a pool to accommodate our group size
    *Looking to watch the Final 4 games on Saturday at bar

    Everything else is pretty much up on the air. I know people are going to suggest golf, however with our group I think this is probably not a priority. Are there other cool activities you suggest? Good food spots and bars to hit up?

    I appreciate the help.




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