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    Some advice please members. I am from uk and we are in Vegas for a long weekend in Aug. Have had local hosts sort me 2 pool party tables and a club table for decent minimums compared to on line. What is a decent shake for this? Want to be generous, but not silly as on a budget but obviously appreciate the way the hosts have gone out of their way. Tables are about $2k minimum each for 7 of us.

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    $200-$300 is solid.


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      do they work for the nightclub directly- direct host or independent host?
      don't forget about tip to waitress etc.


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        Cheers guys. I thought the waitress tip was added to the tax on payment? The hosts I am using are direct hosts to the club found on here and not independent.


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          I was thinking about this question the other day myself. How do others determine how much they'll shake/tip their host if it's not a pre-agreed upon amount?

          A percentage of the minimum spend?

          An specific amount per person in the group?
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