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Give me your best craps advice for a noob

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  • Give me your best craps advice for a noob

    I learned how to play craps about a decade ago.

    Then, by the next time I had a chance to play, I forgot everything.

    I'd like to get back into it, and I'd say consider me someone who knows nothing. Advice for a beginner?

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    Easiest way to play is just put money on the pass line and then back it up with odds once a point number is established. If you want to venture out from there I usually throw money on 6 and 8, and then play the hardways sometimes. that article was actually how I learned to play about 4 years ago. It was extremely helpful.


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      I agree. Expect I bet the "Do Not Pass" line instead. You are basically making the opposite bet as everyone else. Great way to either win or lose a little bit of money and get a lot of free drinks.
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        Don't play.




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