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    Having a hard time choosing, was set on EBC but ive read a few things here that may imply its not very good anymore, is that accurate? I did WET last yr and it was decent at best (it was a sunday). Is EBC still the best sat/sun...or better to look elsewhere. Appreciate any and all feedback!

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    Something definitely felt off when i was there a month ago ( didnt do a table). But my go to has been marquee. I know you said tier 1 but i always just have the most fun when i go there and im a huge fan of getting a better spot for the cash.

    Ive read mixed reviews about Kaos. If your going with a group of mixed guys and girls, i think Kaos would be a blast for you, if your going to pull, ive read its not the spot. I went with a group of guys and girls and had an amazing time but that experience could have been totally different with a group of only guys.


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      What sort of music is Marquee on Saturdays and Sundays?


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        Originally posted by CobraKai View Post
        What sort of music is Marquee on Saturdays and Sundays?
        Sunday they do Beatwave Sundays, which is EDM, often times trop house style.
        Saturday's it depends on what weekend you're looking at. Sometimes they have EDM DJs and other times its hip hop (DJ Mustard, for example)


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          Id also like to point out that i despise hip hop and the crowd it attracts.


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            Tier 1 choices:

            Encore Beach Club

            Check dj schedule. I’m going in June and had to choose between Marshmello, Diplo and Calvin Harris. Chose Marshmello because I wanted to see what Kaos is all about and will see Calvin at Omnia the night before... just choose one and book more trips and go to all of them.
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              Was at Kaos and EBC last weekend. EBC by far is the best. Kaos was cool but surprisingly dead on a sunday.


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                Crunch time, two weeks out...ive got ebc and xs booked both sat and sunday. Still the best option? Plenty of time to book elsewhere.


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                  Who is DJing? I think so much of this comes down to what you want and the personalities of the people in your group. If you have a relatively outgoing group, and arenít entirely hideous, youíll be fine wherever you go, particularly if you have good real estate and/or good host support.

                  Honestly, if itís between an upper cabana or L couch at EBC for a huge act or a grand cabana at Marquee, I think itís a push and maybe even a slight edge to Marquee.

                  In my experience, if girls are your priority, there are lots and lots of girls who do GA at Wet and Marquee. Lots of 21-30 year olds stay at or near those hotels. Itís convenient. Promoters are actively recruiting around there. It is very easy for both of those venues to get a good flow of traffic in, even when they donít have great DJs.

                  Whenís the last time you saw a lot of 21-30 year old girls staying at Wynncore? Theyíll turn out in droves for big acts, but itís sometimes a struggle otherwise. Thatís just what Iíve heard and experienced, and it makes sense to me.




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