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  • Tropical House EDM

    Would like to get a Cabana at a pool that has a DJ spinning Tropical House EDM... (ie Thomas Jack) does this exist in Vegas? Thanks in advance for your responses! First time in Vegas for pure pleasure not just business.😊

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    Marquee Day Club has been doing Beatwave Sundays all summer with a lot of trop house djs. Pretty sure Thomas Jack has even been the DJ at least once this summer!


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      marquee pool has jack booked on 9/16


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        Nora en Pure also plays a Beatwave Sundays at MDC September 9. Daylight has a few upcoming shows in the deep house genre (Duke Dumont). And there is always Kygo! Unfortunately for us deep house/melodic trance fans, big room house still dominates!


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          MikeK32, artedm and fromBtoD thanks for the feedback! Would love to be in Vegas when Jack plays but we are rolling in 8.16-8.20 Nora en Pure, Kygo and Duke Dumont are all top notch but not in the line up while in town. Wasn’t sure if there was a smaller, maybe fav among locals, where deep house is played.


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            Marquee on Sunday (Beatwave Sunday) is probably your best bet. I don't recognize the dj playing on 8/19, but the music style is consistent as deep house/downtempo. Contact Cliff Orr if that's what you decide to do, his info is on the Host page of this site.


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              You could also try Artisian but that's off the strip. I haven't been but I hear it's more a deep trance than bpm.