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Chainsmokers EBC Memorial Day Weekend

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  • Chainsmokers EBC Memorial Day Weekend

    I'm trying to decide on presale vs expedited entry for the Chainsmokers on Monday at EBC. Do you think we could arrive as late as 2 or 2:30 and still get in? We aren't doing guestlist because I don't want to chance not getting in. Is there a big difference between regular presale and expedited? I've previously arrived much earlier, but my husband tends to get tired of waiting around for the headliner (especially when there is a lot of splashing in the pool-he hates that).
    We are staying at Wynn, but their tickets cost twice what they are on the website.

    Thanks for any advice!
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    They will likely come on around 130AM/2AM. Table is a better bet without a wait. Guestlist you will definately need to be there by 11PM.
    Expedited is a slightly faster line.

    PM me


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      Its the biggest show in town on one of the biggest weekends of the year... You will want to be there by 12pm if you have pre sale tickets. Guest list will likely be limited if at all since I guarantee this sells out fast. Expedited doesn't save you much time over the pre sale line IMHO. If you make it you should come say hi. My crew will be there!