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Thread: Going to clubs/bars/lounges by yourself in Vegas

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    Default Going to clubs/bars/lounges by yourself in Vegas

    Is it considered weird or creepy?Do you guys consider it weird or creepy? I'm going to Vegas tomorrow with my parents and I'm feeling a little adventurous and would like to get some advice/help. I've lost almost 40lbs from when I started hitting the weights and running at 265. I'm getting a little confidence back and I'm deciding to hit up the clubs/bars and lounges in Vegas on my own.I loved clubbing and going to lounges with friends in NYC before I got fat. I just hope its not considered creepy or weird. Any advice/suggestions/hotspots/opinion/hate is appreciated.-KEVIN

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    Depends on the solo person's attitude, but i don't think it's weird/creepy in Vegas, especially cause a lot of people go there solo for work trips, or whatever reason. Just try to look confident, and don't even think about appearing creepy/weird.

    honestly, when it comes down to it, no one gives a shit about other people, they're too busy thinking about themselves to be thinking if someone seems weird/lame/awkward. Unless the solo guy is standing at the bar with hands in pocket, wearing weird clothes, staring at people or doing the thousand yard stare..

    good for your for losing 40 lbs. you should get on the thousnad page long fitness thread on this forum for extra mtoivation and advice.

    have fun, and sin safely.

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    Wow! well done on losing the weight!
    I think Kori is right. Don't act like you're on your own and you'll do fine.
    As in, don't stand in one spot for too long, pretend like you're with a friend who's in the loo, or got lucky. I'm sure it happens all the time that someone ends up solo unintentionally.

    I think it's ok for a guy.

    I may end up there solo in June...I'm clearly just going to look like a sad hooker if I go to a club on my own!
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    No worries. Party solo or meet new people. It's all good. Just enjoy yourself and focus on having fun.

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    I don't think there's anything wrong with going solo. You'll be surprised how easy it is to meet people in a group and hang with them. Do it and report back with a TR.

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    barrelo went solo............oh wait........never mind

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    The best thing to do is just be yourself and you'll meet people like crazy!! Every time I walk down the strip I meet some of the coolest people and we always end up meeting at the clubs.... Also do your best to meet a group of girl's!!! This will get you into the club's 20 times faster!
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    Half the time I go to Vegas I am on business and go out by myself. Everyone is looking to have a good time at the club and if you don't come off as creepy and look akward it is no big deal. Make friends with someone in the line, or at the blackjack table, or go it alone it doesn't make a difference if you have confidence in yourself.

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    I agree with everyone above. I actually have met a few guys who were solo on their trip to Vegas or just solo for the night. I also was solo a bit my last trip since my friend had her boyfriend in town and I met some cool guys just walking the strip or hanging at the hotel bars.

    Congrats as well on losing the weight! that is awesome!
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    You will be perfectly fine solo. Everyone in Vegas is there to have a good time, just fall in line!

    My first trip to Vegas I was solo quite a few nights and I had the best/craziest times...anyone remember the bull at Gilley's before they tore down the Frontier?!?!
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