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Anyone done the Tao V.I.We?

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    Originally posted by donniejay View Post
    So I didn't purchase the V.I.WE deal at Tao, but our table was right next to the "group table" for those who purchased the deal.

    We had a Skybox table, and next to us were some of the booths reserved for the V.I.WE customers, they definitely did bring out lots of bottles and drinks...wasn't sure what type of vodka or champagne it was. Definitely wasn't Grey Goose, Belvedere, Ciroc, etc.

    There were only a handful of people (less then 10) who purchased it on a Thursday night but my guess is that this deal isn't very well known yet.

    I see potential in it...especially if you can put out a lot of liquor! lol..
    Curious, was it all guys at the table or a good mix? I'm guessing you can't bring girls back to the table which I assume is the biggest problem with this option for guys not out with a girl already.
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      Tried it out last night for the Dreamstate event. Definitely worth it. No designated line but I just went to the front told the guy I'm here for Vi/We, he checked my tickets and escorted me in. Vi/We area was on the second floor "skyboxes" all the way in the corner, 3 booths total. There was about 30 people there but the server said it's way busier than normal due to edc. Absolut elyx vodka, Avion tequila and champagne. The standard mixers plus Voss waters (which are $8 at the bar). It's essentially open bar, they'll bring out a new bottle as needed. Great experience and super cheap, perfect if you're a couple or small group. Servers and bussers treated you as if it was a regular table. Definitely recommend it, hopefully Marquee gets a Vi/We area in the future as I'm not a fan of Tao's music outside of edc week.