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Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

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  • Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

    8/26 Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor

    8/25 dj snake
    8/26 the chainsmokers
    8/27 dj snake

    8/25 dj snake
    8/26 The Chainsmokers
    8/27 yellowclaw (nightswim)
    8/28 edx

    Surrender ebc @ night
    8/23 dj snake (nightswim)
    8/25 ookay (nightswim)
    8/26 getter (nightswim)

    8/24 ?
    8/25 ?
    8/26 rl grime

    8/25 hot 100 dj shift
    8/26 kaskade
    8/27 nervo

    8/25 Calvin Harris
    8/26 Kaskade

    8/24 deorro
    8/25 steve aoki
    8/26 ?
    8/27 borgeous

    8/25 ?
    8/26 nervo

    marquee day
    8/25 dj ruckus
    8/26 dj mustard
    8/27 michael calfan

    marquee night
    8/25 dj vice
    8/26 carnage
    8/28 carnage

    tao beach
    8/24 chuck fader
    8/25 cla
    8/26 eric d lux
    8/27 mark rodriguez

    tao night
    8/24 ?
    8/25 ?
    8/26 eric d lux

    8/23 dj five
    8/25 jerzy
    8/26 rick ross

    Caesars colosseum
    8/25 steve martin and martin short
    8/26 rod stewart
    8/27 rod stewart

    axis planet hollywood
    8/23 Britney Spears
    8/25 Britney Spears
    8/26 Britney Spears

    a few sites are reporting a date of June 10th at T Mobile Arena
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    I hope not! That's the weekend of our annual trip.

    It happened to us for the MayPac fight - we booked prior to the announcement and couldn't change it and it looks like it may happen again. Really didn't like being there at the same time as a big fight weekend. Prices through the roof, huge concentration of some undesirable people, couldn't get a taxi for love nor money etc


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      it looks like Conor ​has to get a NV boxing license
      and the Nevada Athletic Commission said it would place McGregor’s request for a re-hearing on the agenda of its next meeting, March 22.


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        I heard this too! Strange thing is that Connor is expected to have a baby in June... Doesn't mean the fight still can't happen but he sure would be distracted if the fight did happen then.


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          I don't see it happening in June. Mcgregor's wife is due in May based on a few articles. Plus he has also stated his goal was later in 2017 or early 2018 to meet Mayweather.

          It's a great way to start the hype train. My thought is Labor day weekend at the earliest. Baby is born and settled in so he can get back to training and such.
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            I would agree with the later date assessment too. They haven't even worked out terms and McGregor doesn't have a license yet. It's already almost April as well. Not saying it can't happen quickly, but there are a lot of moving parts (including the UFC signing off) to have it happen in 2 months...
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              Once McGregor pays the $25,000 fine, he will be eligible to apply for a boxing license in Nevada.




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                Don't want to be anywhere near this mess.


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                  Originally posted by artedm View Post
                  Once McGregor pays the $25,000 fine, he will be eligible to apply for a boxing license in Nevada.



                  i thought it was reduced to 25 hours community service recently

                  I agree ccc -- it shouldnt be anything new at the venues as far as capacity goes but outside on the strip and in the hotels is probably gonna draw some bad characters out
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                    now supposedly August 26th


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                      Originally posted by artedm View Post
                      If you like boxing, watch the GGG vs Canelo fight.

                      If you like circus acts, Mayweather vs McGregor will be your thing.

                      Both should be great Vegas weekends!


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                            Need a table for that Friday. Might have to look at more of a tier 2. With the fight now announced I am thinking XS, Omnia, Hakk, will probably be a little more inflated than some in my group will want to spend. Thoughts?


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                              Ya I would expect outrageous table prices at the tier 1s that weekend. Its gonna draw the boxing and ufc crowds, and there will be plenty of money in town. On a positive note, I would bet even the tier 2s will feel like 1s on that weekend