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Vegas Labor Day Weekend need host info

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  • Vegas Labor Day Weekend need host info

    Going to be in Vegas over Labor Day weekend and I have contacts for most of the pools but Wet and Tao beach. I have tried the links above but got no response from these 2. Anyone have host contact info for these two places? We are looking to hit up 2 pools between Friday, Sat, Sun, so might do a lower budget Friday, and a cabana somewhere else Saturday or Sunday. Just need to start checking prices all around

    Also being almost a month out, Any idea when the rest of the pools will finish announcing lineups if they haven't already?

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    Cliff Orr known for Marquee but has helped out for Tao also (Same management group). Darren Berg for Wet 330-221-8327. Been a few years since I used him so not sure if he's still there but was really quick with responses.


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      I have Cliffs number, guess I didn't realize that they can help out at other venues under same management. Do like doing that, or do they just pass you off to someone else? Guess I'll see what he has to say.


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        Lookin for an extra guy to help split the costs? I'm ridin solo this trip and need a crew to party w lol - let me know!